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Sue L  (20 September 2006)         

hi carrie how are you love . all is well here and yes they did get the pics thankyou .

 demi says hi and really missed your company too cant wait to see you guys next year ,only doing one night a week now as its been soooooo quiet since you went hahahah anyway love to you all bye x

Shona M  (15 August 2006)         

hi to all at roscos.

we have just returned from a fantastic fortnight in tsilivi and spent every night (apart from 1) in roscos bar. what a time we had. you have to give it a go.
to takis hope your leg is getting better and that along with the tablets the vodka and orange is doing you some good.  best d.j in tsilivi xxx love to soula and adonis xxx
to spiros a big thank-you from ian for the wonderful day you all spent eating fantastic traditional greek food in a special place on the island. he will never forget it. i know you two will be friends forever xxx
to fotis a big sorry for keeping you up late at nights and for you missing out on your day job. maybe now we've gone you will be able to spend more time with dianne making plans for your forthcoming wedding. best barman in tsilivi xxx
to tonia and dennis a big thank-you to you both for looking after us so well. dennis, logan will miss his footie games at night. thank-you also for keeping our sunbeds on the beach. you are both stars xxx
and finally to sue you are the karaoke queen of tsilivi with the patience of a saint (having to put up with our lot singing0 thank you for making us feel like superstars. hope demi made it back to you safely from albania. take care xxx
thank you all so much for making us all feel so welcome and we will definately be back next year. roll on.
from shona ian martyn robyn and logan xxxx simply the bestxxx

Kate H  (13 August 2006)         

Hi its kate im very sorry how the last comment sounded im very happy for him he is a good guy. Nothing happened between us anyway he was just a good mate glad hes well thank you for your reply, glad to see the old faces are still there.


Sue L  (13 August 2006)         

hi im sue i work in roscos have been here 3 yrs i can tell you fortis is still there so is everyone else . fortis is engagae to be marryed to my friend so id be very careful how you put your comments on here ok .be nice to see you so please do come and say hello

Kate H  (10 August 2006)         

i love it here so much im goin 2 work there in the level bar. Forty is great can any1 tell me if he is still there plz, illias was cool 2 love them ive still got my picture of forty around my neck in a locket. Only coz he was the first man on my first holiday abroard that ment somethin 2 me although i was taken in 2001 hahaha. Has any1 got a recent pic of him 2 show me plz we were just good mates n i wanna know hes ok thanks ya'll

love kate xx p.s arnt forty's cocktails the bomb la

Carrie C  (08 August 2006)         

we have jusy came back from our third visit to tsilivi, and once again had a terrific time.

Roscos bar is one of the best places to be at night. the karaoke is great fun for all ages, and sue who runs it makes everyone feel welcome and invites everyone to take part and have a laugh ( we love u sue ).
Takis, Spiros, Fotis and Tonia are all great at the bar and have great fun with everyone too. they keep the bar open as long as you want it to be open.
Ask to try their cherry sambouka......mmmmmmmmmm delicious.
hope your reading this sue...........ur SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!

Sue L  (25 July 2006)         

hi pete and barbs thanks alot for your comments glad you enjoyed it in roscoes ,

getting very busy now loads of kids everyone having great time thanks again ,
love all at roscoes

Pete M  (19 July 2006)         

Ello Sue....

Just got back... Hope you enjoyed my singing hee hee (Probably forgot who I am .. I was the one with the limp! lol)
Me and Barbs really enjoyed our time going to Roscos, everyone was friendly. 
Hope to see you again soon

Sue L  (10 July 2006)         

hi carrie , yes we are all still there and adonis knows you are coming i told them about your messaga on here cant wait to see you . its been a little quiet with the bloody football but now lets party yipeeeeeeeeee
love sue

Sue L  (05 July 2006)         

hi guys sue here from roscoes we are the same road as admirals and planos bay caravel hotels we are easy to find big red indian  sign outside cant wait to see all old and new friends

Carrie C  (02 July 2006)         

roscos bar is on the right hand side as you come out from planos bay apartments.

we had a brilliant time last year and cant wait to get back on july 23rd

Jill T (26 June 2006)

where abouts is this bar? i went to tsilivi last year so know my whereabouts a bit, coming back in 2 weeks and fancy trying it out.

Sue L  (30 August 2005)         


Carrie   (02 August 2005)         

what a place. we spent every night in roscos and had a brilliant time.

Takis, Fotis, Memis, and Spiros, you are all great guys.
Suzannah, you are Tsilivis number 1 karaoke queen, and sure know how
to make everyone have a good time.
see you all next year

Rachel J  (22 July 2005)         

hiya sue if you read this message please get in touch with mike, caroline and rachel hoping to visit you in augest cant wait luv caroline, mike and rachel x c u soon hopefully xx

Lisa M  (10 March 2005)         

we all loved roscos because of the entertainment but mainy because of dianne and sue!they were so nice and always had a good laugh!

get the drinks in for august the 5th hen!!
luv ya n leave ye!!!!
lisa,sam,aileen n liam   xx  

Carly S  (06 January 2005)         

does anyone no if sue still works at roscoes bar

Emma E  (19 July 2004)         


Big hello to all the friendly bar staff.

Special hello to Sue who is the best Karaoke entertainer in Tsilivi!! Hope you get this message.

See you next year.

Stewart and Emma xx

Sarah C  (30 May 2004)         

roscoes is the best!! there was not a place in zante i would rather have been than in there everynight. its friendly, fun, cosy....its just the best. big hugs to sue who does karaoke for being the lovliest person ever...and diane cuz i never said goodbye properly :)
i'll be back in july...see you then. lots of love sarah x

Sam .  (29 September 2003) 

Sam .  (29 September 2003)         

Went to Tsilivi about a month ago and we went to Roscos every night everyone in there was really nice especially diane, takhis and fortez(he was also very very very very good looking and really sweet, bit of a flirt) Roscos is the best bar on the island and il be back next year in june so you better all still be there. lookin foward to seeing you next year

Sharon J  (23 July 2003)         

Just back from a brilliant break in Tsilivi. The intention was to lie by the pool all day, have some nice food at night followed by a couple of drinks - very civilized. BUT on our first night we called into Roscos on the way back to the hotel, and while that was an early night, the rest of the holiday was spent happily staggering home in the early hours of the morning (very handy for getting your towels on the sunbed early!!)after lots of shooters, cocktails and Southern Comfort! Diane and all the guys were great - hope you get the postcard! Wayne/Stacey and Lesley/Andy - if any of you read this, get in touch as have some great photos!!

Leanne P  (18 July 2003)         

we went roscos loads last year, it was great the atmosphere was brilliant. went again this year and its just changed. the best thing about the bar was ilious, he made the place what it was. i think it caters for different people now and the mood has changed. fortez's cocktails are still to die for though!

Lesley D  (17 July 2003)         

We arrived in the area about 9.30 at night - dropped our bags and went for a drink - we tried a couple of other bars but loved Roscos - we went there every night during our holiday (24 June - 8 July) - we loved the atmosphere, the people, the laid back attitude and everything about it - we miss you guys - love to Spyros,Takhes, Fortis and Diane - will be back in September (hopefully less than 50 degrees centigrade next time)

Nicola C  (04 May 2003)         

Visited Zante in September last year for 10 days. Went to Roscos bar every night. Spiros was a really funny guy and made me feel exceptionally welcome. Fortez was also very nice and in more departments than you could ever imagine. Fortez and I fell in love and we travelled the island every night in his white Ford Escort. I am going to see him again this year and we plan to Marry thereafter.

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