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Dave Wright          9/10

was on hol in tsivili found the majestic became friends with jim and his family but have not been for about 6 years does he still own it food was always good and as a ex restaurant owner I can recommend the food would love to go back and see them all

Michele Milner          10/10

trying to find Mike on facebook,shant forget them kisses xxxx

Michele Milner          10/10

would like to say had a wonderful evening with Mike after eating at his restaurant ,sorry didnt get to say goodbye properly,but shall e back to see you more xxxMichele met you last week at jokers club xxxx

Jayne R          10/10

We were in Tsilivi from 15th May to 29th m May 2014. We have eaten in various Taverna's and Restaurants the last time we were here in 2012. This time however, we ended up eating at the Majestic every night bar 1. The food is "ABSOLUTELY FAB", which is why we kept on going back. Staff really friendly, good food and lovely puddings. What more can you ask for. So when you holiday in Tsilivi, PLEASE PLEASE do give this Restaurant a try and don't just walk on, Mike's not walking from one entrance to the other, ready to greet you for nothing!LOL. What's more, they do Sunday roasts!!<3 I know one thing, we will be back. Miss the food and the staff very much!!!XXX

Martyn P          10/10

visited Tsilivi twice this year (2012)once in June and again in September.Have been going there for 6 years now,in this time we have tried most of the restaurants,have to say far and away the best by far is the Majestic.Dimitri and his staff are very welcoming, never any pressure,and always happy to help.As for the food i have pretty much worked my way through the menu and enjoyed it all. My wife is a bit fussy,but this has never been a problem as the staff are happy to accomodate her requests.I am happy to recommend this restaurant to anyone and although,as with everything,you cant please all the people all of the time,i am sure the vast majority of people will enjoy the Majestic.

Rebekah B          10/10

Excellent all round!
Mike the owner was warm, polite, kind and welcoming. We ate there several times, last week of May 2012.
I'm a picky vegetarian, this was no problem! Mike tailor made every dish to suit my needs and tastes.
The menu is diverse, but the greek food in particular was excellent!
The desserts are the best selection on the island!

Thanks to Mike for all of his kindness and hospitality x

Emily & Bev          10/10

  My Mother and I visited Tsilivi in early June 2011...We visited the Majestic where we found delicous food, unintrusive friendly staff that catered to our very needs... We spent our last evening meal there with the owner who explained local history of Zankythos architecture, culture and religion..We sat and had a cofee with the chef and Dimitrios and we all engaged in deeply soulful spiritual conversation of life, hope and falth of love and a brighhter future fo the whole of humanity walking the earths rich fertile soil giving abundanc to all...

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Thank You the memory is allways with usclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Sara R          10/10

We stayed in Tsilivi for two weeks in august and went to Majestic several times. This restaurant became our favorite restaurant in the area because:  

1.  We were never forced in to the restaurant and if we had other plans for the evening the staff whished us a good evening!

2.  The food was always good.

3.   The staff was always happy and friendly!

Best regards

"Table 28" (The cute tan Swedish couple)


Petrina H          10/10

We recently returned from Tsilivi after a 2 week stay.We ate every night at the Majestic and never had a bad meal.Love to Jimmi,Yannis,Sakis,Mikey,Helena,Nickos and all other staff xx

Diane K          10/10

Fantastic resturant, best in Tisilvi.fantastic food great staff ,recommend Prawn and Mussel Saganaki ,chicken ,steaks and of course traditional greek food the guy on the door in the white trouses and pink shirt was very tasty to !!!!!!!!

Kevan H          8/10

Very similar menu and food quality to most of the resturants in Tsivili, we had a good meal here, staff pleasant, no freebies but as the resturant has its own creperie and ice cream parlour next door the variety of desserts is probably the best in Tsivili.

Doug B          1/10

Dreadful meal dreadful service two meals out of three were wrong no apology and most plates were going back with uneaten food on them one of only two bad restaurants I have sampled in Tsilivi plus was over charged will not be going back there again

Jim B          1/10

disgraceful! That seems to be a reasonable word to use to describe this restaurant. The man trying to draw us into the restaurant promised us 10% off our meal, with free wine and free ice cream. We didn't expect to receive the 10% when we payed for the bill as it seemed to good to be true! However we didn't expect to have 10% ADDED to our bill. It was lucky we checked the bill and when that mistake was adjusted it was still overpriced. The staff weren't overly friendly and the food wasn't great either. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Carl M          9/10

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Wendy L          1/10

Along the main stretch of Tsilvi you'll get alot of restaurant "touters" (as I like to call them) trying to give you free wine, free starters, etc to get them into their restaurant. Well - the Majestic was one of them - "free wine" the big guy - Demetrius I think his name was. Ok - said our party of seven. On the outlook - it looked a fab outdoor taverna. I order the Steak special (with a free smile) - thinking it should be delicious as it's on the specials menu. When it arrived - it was horrible - think a meat that is like the rubber of your shoe - that's what I got.....I didn't even finish it - ate about half of it....our other friend who ordered steak didn't fair any better - his steak coulda killed someone if you slapped them with it! When we complained - they just shrugged their shoulders and gave us the full bill....lucky we got free wine aye? To top it off - when we went to see our friends a few days later - they were sitting in there having a drink (just drink - no food) - I ordered a white wine spritzer - telling the waiter just to put a splash of lemonade - what I got was a lemonade with a splash of wine...and got charged flipping 6euros for that...tired of getting ripped off I'm now moaning on tripadvisor. If you want crap food - go to the majestic......If you want drinks...go to the majestic....just try not to get ripped off....

Paul C          10/10

First day we arrived.. and we decided to go for a walk in the town.. i was dyeing for a decent coffee and the wife wanted a drink.. so we stoped in this restraunt.. the best cappachino in tsvile.

and well the food and service were brillant.. i would recomend if any one is going to zante go and have a meal here

Kym S          10/10

by far the best best place to eat out  smile we went there last year (2009) and thought it was fab this year was double fab nothing is to much trouble for them, food brill dave loved the steaks and i loved the cottage pie!tongue dimetri,helena,yannnis,dennis and all the staff are brill wink see you all again next year same time as this year cant wait kym,dave,jack and billie xsmile

Mark T          10/10

Great Food And Great People There,You Can't Beat The Steaks,Didn't Have A bad Meal There,Definately The Best Place To Eat In Tsilivi,We Will See You Next Year, Thanks To Dimitri,Helena And The Rest Of The Staff. See Ya Next Year Mark, Paula Efkaristo xx

Neil F          10/10

Lovely warm friendly staff & management. Excellent value food, well served / presented. AND the best cakes and ice-creams on the island. (Who said "The older I get, the more I like ice-cream"? (S)He would never leave here!

Anne C          8/10

Our first visit to the Majestic was a lovely experience, good food, great service, needless to say we went back and will go back again next year.

Carolyn J          10/10

 My daughter loves the icecreams they do here!! great variety of flavours and not pricey!, try the cookies and cream its naughty but nice!,

Keri H          10/10

just got back from zante yesterday and had a fantastic time... cant wait to go back in october and again next year  

majestics was an excellent restaraunt with great food and even better staff who are very friendly an constantly make you feel welcome ... there chicken fillet is the best in zante!!
papa dennis we miss you loads, and jonny we cant wait to see you again soon... love you all loads keri and paige (from amarylis) xxxx

Sarah J          10/10

Can't wait to get back to Tsilivi a week tomorrow!!!

Majestic is the only place to eat in Tsilivi and has been since they were a small Souvlaki Pitta House near the Mavrikos over 15 years ago.
So looking forward to seeing all the friends we've made over the years and Darcey has no idea we're coming!!!
Must book a table for three!! Much love to all, Andy,Sarah and Darcey xx

Krystle J          10/10

Wow me and my fiancee tried this place out this year and it was well worth it!!

The food here is top notch and absoloutly beautiful, Try beef in a pot, their greek food is amazing!

Jackie R          9/10

Nice place the Majestic restaurant- friendly staff, p.r. man out front informative but not pushy, (Zeus take note!),and a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere inside the restaurant- they even had a big patio heater on for the cool October evenings!

The food was great value,with big portions- the steaks were especially good. My only complaint is finding a few bones in a chicken dish i had, but probably a one-off judging by the rest of the comments on here. A restaurant definitely worth a visit!

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