Sigouros Pottery

Places to Visit in Zante

Simon W           

Sigouros makes seriously good pottery - it's not the usual tourist souvenir junk that is quite likely to have been mass produced in Taiwan and have "Zante" or "Majorca" stamped on it! His designs are traditional and beautiful and the colours stunning. As well as the pottery itself, on the road to Macherado, there is a shop on Alessandro Roma Street next to the Olympic Airways office.

Simon W           

This is really good local pottery with attractive designs, not the usual souvenir tat. The pottery's on the road between Gaitani and Macherado and Sigouros's shop in town on Alessandros Roma, next to the Olympic Airways office.

Jonathan K           

if you are into this sort of thing it could be quite interesting;lovely pots/vases/everything. the gentleman will throw(?)a pot while you are there then sell you one that he made earlier.