Agalas Art Gallery

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Antje S

click to enlargeclick to enlargeI have passed a small village nestled between the mountains of my first Grecian island. Where the pirates might have never been - not on a horseback as I would have preferred for myself, but by modern conveyance. But don't mistake me, cause all the magic still remained. Experiencing freedom and liberation as I whizzed along, in a cooling breeze and then, for some reason I had to stop in Agalas. Isn't it wonderful how some places feel familiar and comforting at once? Even by passing through? I couldn't park my two wheeler on my own, too heavy even for the strongest pirate, honestly! so I drove on to call for help, eventually walking back to 1796. I saw myself digging - excited by the fact that behind the effort lay heritage - exhausted by almost 40 degrees. But really chuffed. Story making. Really love doing this - imagining how on this very patch of soil which I am treading on, someone has been standing centuries ago. There! Exactly. But under such different circumstances. I get a glimpse, I think. It is so intriguing. I admire determination. A body taking the time and labour without questioning the outcome. An unusual and true soul who feels a connection to the past This soul has passion. And so I imagine that he will keep going, keeping it all alive. And so I imagine oil pastels and oil on canvas - again. Antje UK/Germany

Joanna           10/10

I walked into this gallery for the first time several years ago and I was immediately impressed.  The art truly spoke to me. I love the styles, and the artist was able to capture the colors of the Greek nature so perfectly.  I'm happy to say that I met the artist himself and  therefore, had the chance to tell him in person how much I love his work.  I totally recommend a visit!

Dionysisg G          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge      DIONYSIOS ART GALLERY

Agalas village is set in the green hills on the southwest coast of Zakynthos an ideal spot for local walks and to soak up the true Zakinthian culture.

DIONYSIOS ART GALLERY is located in the old ex-schoolhouse ( Museum of Zakynthian Nature ) of the village Agalas

Artist Dionysios Giatras has here an ongoing exhibition of  paintings, posters, post cards and bookmark paintings his work, during the Summer and  Autumn. Very fairly priced, with free admission to all.

Gallery Hours: Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 14.30 & 18.00 - 20.00  FREE ENTRANCE.

Orn A           

It was a pleasant surprise to discover an art gallery in such a small village. The artist showed paintings in several different styles. On one hand the paintings were modern, colourful and imaginative and on the other more traditional greek style with typical blue and white colours, but still a slightly different style to what we have seen elsewhere.
We recommend a visit to the gallery as it's well worth a small detour from the main road, we found our visit very enjoyable.

Orn and Denise Asbjarnarson

Panagiotis M           

Im very happy to see the work of my stundend and my friend Dionysios
Giatras in village Agalas, near my village Koiliomeno in Zakynthos island.
The painting work of Dionysios is something diference from all the painting works who i see until, isn't expencive, have nice spring agalas colors and strongs lines like dry wall of agalas.
I thing is really a good art, is an oasis of art in agalas village.
All the nigths before i sleep i thing a moment the art of Dionysios Giatras, after i have a nice sleep.
Thank you my friend,i thing with you painding the life is better for me now.
THANK YOU,,,,,,,,,,

Gerald D           

Agalas is well worth a detour. Venetian wells, Damianos Caves (where the ogre used to live and eat the local children), spectacular views of the West coast (great one from the Sunset Taverna), and then this art gallery/ museum. Beautiful art, low prices and a very friendly reception from Dionysios, the artist. Right next to the village church. Light a candle if you want.

Ann D           

Had a wonderful day which was made perfect by a visit to the museum and Art Gallery in Agalas. Where I viewed many evocative paintings which I found very sensual smooth, velvety feelings and sumptuous designs. The painter made himself known to me and we had a long conversation about his work. He also suggested other places that I may enjoy visiting. After my visit I toured the other local sites mentioned and rounded off my perfect day. A place well worth a second visit.

Angela N           

Went here on the Zakfari trip "Choppy Sea Day" and very nice it was too! The artist is very talented and his work if very fairly priced.


Hi, just to let you all know this is the Art Gallery in Agalas village, visited sometimes by the Zakfari trip.

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