Porto Vromi

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Sue F

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Enjoyed the drive down to Port Vromi and got some great pictures though didn't go past the car park. On the way down to Port Vromi the view on the bend on the right hand side is amazing. Have to stop and get out of the car to look. The colour of the turquoise sea was just unbelievable. Our favourite viewpoint as we came across it unexpectedly.

Sarah L           

went here as part of coach tour of island. water is clear but lots of weed and other floating debris. boat trip to caves disappointing


We got on a little boat and went to see the Shipwreck and supposedly the Blue Caves. After we went to see the wreck the captain started heading back the same way we came. I knew from a map that the Blue Caves were in the other direction so we asked the captain. He said "All caves are blue. I not lie to you. I tell you the truth. I'm not mafia". He then took us to see some caves which was fine and we didn't mind really, we thought it was quite funny and the trip was cheap only 10 euros for adults and nothing for children. All I'd say is don't get on this trip if you want to see the real Blue Caves or you will be disappointed.

Garry C           

In my opinion this is the only way to see the shipwreck.Not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way there but when you get there its uncrowded and really peaceful.The boats are small enough to go right into the blue caves and the captain encourages you to jump in and have a swim and this is just on the way there!It is only a short journey {20 mins}and when you get to the wreck you have no problem getting off the boat has it can get right up to the beach unlike the bigger tour boats that have to transfer you to smaller boats or sometimes cant even dock because of windy conditions.You stop for approx 1 hour then return to porto vromi where you can also sunbathe on the little beach,take a pedaloe around the rocks {recommended as they usually have glass bottomed view finders so you can see clearly all the way to the sea bed}.All in all to spend say 30 euros on a car for the day as opposed to 30 euros to be sat on a crowded noisy boat for 1 hour + theres no comparison and i should know because i've been 5 times to the wreck but only ist time by an organised tour.BRILLIANT! AND DOING IT ALL AGAIN THIS AUGUST!

Peter N           

Very pretty spot - hired a car and did the whole island in 3 days...(it's not that big!) Nice little beach for the kids and good snorkelling round the rocks.

Dave H           

wow.peacefull,tranquil,beautiful,clear water,wow.i wanna go back now!!!

Bernie M           


Natalie F           

Porto Vromi is a smart solution for those who want to avoid visiting "navagio" by spending the whole day on a ship. Make sure the weather is nice and not windy (rarely it is anyway)and hire a small boat over there instead of the port. You'll be in "Navagio" in no time. You can also have a dive over there. The water is crystall clear, amazing!Time to get there: about 1:15' hour from the main road of Laganas.

Pan M           

Porto vromi is a very nice place in Zakynthos,has very clear sea water,very easy position for relax,,, and nice food,,, in restaurant ALEXANDRA in village Maries
the villages before porto vromi, is all old and very beautyfool,,,
The most interest villages is Koiliomeno, Agios leontas, Louha, Kampi, Exohora, and maries.