Solomos Museum

Places to Visit in Zante

Alan C           

The Solomos museum was okay as museums go, but I think it's really aimed at Greek visitors. Almost all the captions are in Greek and a lot of the paintings and artefacts (from what I could gather) seem to relate to Greek politics and politicians, whom I suspect most non-Greek visitors wouldn't really know about. Still, it's worth a look if you're in Zakynthos town and it does contain the grave of Dionysos Solomos. To their credit, both this and the Zakynthos/Byzantine museum seem to be aimed at preserving history and have very little in the way of merchandise -maybe just a few postcards and a couple of books. Similar things in Britain would have a whole shop full of souvenirs.

Lesley B           

spent a pleasant hour or so here this year, didnt understand the cabinets full of writings as they were in greek, but the pictures and antique furniture were well worth seeing

Hillary B           

Very cool,quiet museum in Solomos square. If you are not particularly interested in this famous poet, the icons displayed are beautiful and there is a clean toilet to use!

Zante Tourist Map

Zante Tourist Map