Agios Sostis Resort

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Tina           10/10

Have just returned after our fourth visit to Zante, but this was the first time we visited Aghios Sostis.  It cost 1.20 and about 10/15 minutes on the bus from Kalamaki.  We couldn't believe how peaceful and relaxed it was, considering Laganas is just around the corner.  The sun loungers are free to use and there are a few beach front restaurants to choose from.  We decided to walk back, along the beach to Kalamaki.

For a really relaxed atmosphere, visit Aghios Sostis.

Carol P           

We have been coming to zante for many years and never knew this place existed.  Now we have found it we will definitely be back.  Visited twice and had two great lunches, so nice sitting there on the beach.  Still can't believe its so close to Laganas - seems a world away.

Melanie H           

I have been there twice and love everything there, I went with family first and it was great then with my partner. Im going again at the start of sept 05. I always stay at the arkadianos apartments they are perfect clean near everything you could want if you want loud then its a 15min walk away. I was very lucky I hired a speed boat out and saw 3turtles. The greeks are the most friendliest people I have ever met. Last june I was overed a job there at ole ole resrtuant but unfornunitily I couldnt take it due to work. And that girl culled neena or what ever should go to spain with all the other boring brits. GREEKS ARE GREAT!!!!

Tara P           

We are a family of four (children aged 8 & 4)and have just returned from aghios sostis in the arkadianos apartments.The place itself was very nice and clean and the cleaners were there all the time, but the apartments were very basic and we needed air con every night which cost 5 euros a night. The beach and swimming pools were very nice which he kids enjoyed. The only thing we didnt like about this place was that there was nothing for the kids to do apart from going to the beach and swimming pool. Wild rose bar we enjoyed and we ate at maestros where they were very friendly. We probably would not go back only because there's nothing for the kids.

Hugh W           


Kim N           

we went to zante 2 yrs ago, and are going back this year!!!!! cant wait!
we stayed in the arkadianos apartments and we are trying to find out if dan, aries, george and dimitri and becko are still there!!!
we recommend aghios sostis for ur relaxing day and laganas for the night life!
can u get back to us if u no about the above mentioned!!
much appreciated
kim n laurie! xxxx

Nina W           

I went to Agios sostis last august and stayed in the Arkadianos apartments, i thought it was a nice hotel n that but i got so pissed off wen i realised there was nothing to do cos i was wiv the family and there was only one pub next to the hotel and most nights it had cheesy disco dave doin karaoke or sumthin like that,there were no fit boys up for it, well there was a few nice waiters in the restuarant next door but being greek they all probably had hairy backs. I didnt have the chance to get propa wasted either which i was annoyed about cos thats wat holidays r for. Laganas was quite nearby which was where i really should of been, there was loads of clubs n pubs and it looked soo much fun,when im older im well goin on a club18-30 there! So im just warning u if u r over the age of 13 and under the age of 40 then dont go there! i am 15 (well 14 when i went) and it really stressed me out. Oh yeah and they make u pay to lie on the beach!! Its like 7 euros or sumthing for 2 people- daylight robbery if u ask me!!

Roy W           

Aghios Sostis is not for young people with an interest in binge drinking and partying all night. It is a more peaceful resort which will attract a more mature visitor or families with young children. The narrow beach is equiped with deck-chairs with shallow waters safe for children to play in. It offers a very good choice of tavernas range of food and prices.It is not a shopping centre, but you can buy all your essentials for light self catering, to newspapers and beach toys and wears. It was able to retain a little of the greek charm and lets hope that the mass tourist industry will leave it as it is!

Claire P           

We all went to aghios sostis for a family holiday last year, and then went to turkey 5 star hotel all in clusive this year. I have to say, as heaven as the luxury was, it didnt have a patch on Zante, Arkadianos. It was my favourite holiday and i'm right at this moment trying to persuade my partner to take us back there next year. All the staff were great, very tolerant with the children and so relaxed and laid back. I would reccommend this place to anyone, obviously basic, but clean and more then enough for what you need. Loved the place so much.Maestros restaurant is excellent food, amazing greek night and brilliant staff. Although the beach is small, the shallow, crystal clear waters are amazing and go on for miles.

Jan S           

Just on outskirts of Laganas, 7 euros in taxi away or 30min walk, if you dare in the 40+ degree heat. Fairly small place, mostly apartments and tavernas, only supermarkets and one real gift shop, but day to day needs ok, chemist and bank though you need to goto Laganas. Suited me being away from loud nightlife but not if your an owl looking for partying. Tavernas did stay open to early hours though but more low key.

Rachel M           

We stayed at Arkadianos. Best Resort I've been to so far. The best
food and service. Greek night was a giggle. Accomodation basic,
could be cleaned more often. Great for local shops near by. Book
boat trips with Arkadianos not Travel company, much more worth the the
money. Turtle Island is definately worth going to. Would definately
go a

Franco B           

matt the f**king barber here again ladies. r u all ready to see the white shaun goater prancing around zante in two weeks, and there is not a thing he can do to stop it. rest assured ladies all the plans and stratergies r in place, and we've even got a camcorder to record the momentus occasion

Sam B           

Just got back from staying at the arkadainos apartments, nice a warm friendly atmosphere - thanks to all Dimitri and his 'Essex girl' wife (sorry never got your name), Maria the the pool bar, a nice time, a lovely resort, nicest on the island really, small friendly, charming, and close to nightlife ir you want that sort of thing! We just loved the views from the tavernas, and really friendly people, would go again.

Gezzy M           

Aghios Sostis is heaven. we have stayed at the Arkadianos Apartments two yars running and have just returned home. The staff are friendly, the rooms are cleaned regularly and the food is excellent. If maria at the Arkadianos is reading this hello and we'll see you again soon. A big thankyou to George who we all misss dearly,thankyou for making our holiday so special.

Annette H           

We loved Agios Sostis, it is a good family resort. The beach is ok, only a narrow strip of sand though. We stayed at Arkadianos. Bit noisy but very friendly. Maestro was brilliant really lovely staff, in fact all the Tavernas we visited had friendly staff. Agios Sostis may be a bit quiet for some, but Laganas is within walking distance and that is much livelier if that is what you want.

Kathryn J           

We absolutely loved it. We wanted a holiday that was relaxing, fairly quiet, but not too quiet, but also with a bit of nightlife, and we got just that! Arkadianos Apartments were brilliant - obviously fairly basic as they all are in Greece, but very clean. Maestro Restaurant is brilliant -lovely food, good prices and service. The owner of the apartments and restaurant, Kostas, is lovely - we were treated like royalty!

Ged S           

Far enough away from Laganas to avoid the noise, close enough if you want it. Nice beach backed by some nice bars and restaurants. Beautiful clear sea with great views. LOVE IT. Going again next year.

Peter H           

The best place on earth!!!!