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Jimmy B

We have not been to Zante for about 10yrs now. We have lost touch with very good friends we made there and hoping someone cane help us. Their names are Cia ,Mike, Cathrine ,Mike and kostadinos. they had a boutique called SMILE near the Diana Palace in Argassi.

We would be very grateful for any info ie e-mail or phone number  
Jimmy Sandra & Steven  

Louise W          10/10

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thank you all for a great time really enjoyed working in the magic mushroom this year will c u all soon xx louise xxxx

John S          10/10

i love this place, even though i havent been for a couple of years, i still class it as my second home.

my best friend in the world lives at the family inn hotel and studios, hi karen lovey i love you loads, her mum and dad own the snack bar there, with great food and an even greater atmosphere, hi mike and theresa, love you both.
gina at ethnic flavours goes out of her way to make you feel welcome,

Boz C          10/10

Argassi we love it we were there in 2006 and 2007 and hope to be back in 2009. The people are so friendly and helpfull . Hi to all at rubys and castello beach bar hope to see you all again very soon.

Katrina J          8/10

Hi Catherine, we have been going to Argassi twice a year for over 4 years now, we usually stay in either the Katerina or Diana. However we have stayed in the Windmill once and we found no fault at all! A family member of mine go twice a year every single year and have always stayed here, they love it!

The staff are very friendly and the apartments are very clean!
Have a lovely holiday!

Catherine A

We are going to Argassi for the third time in Sept and staying at the Windmill Studios... Can anyone who has been there give any opinions on the place please.  Previously we have stayed in - The Diana Palace and The Admiral (that one never again)


Richard L          10/10

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My wife and I are going back to argassi on the 19th May We have been there before about 4 years ago but it was only for a week which was not long enough as we enjoyed it then this time for 2 weeks we know it will be well worth it. It's a wonderful resort one of click to enlargethe best in Zakinthos. If you are going there at anytime you cant go click to enlargewrong.

Gary B          10/10

 overall a really good resort was well impressed as 1st time in zante and wont be my last goin back again next year

Holly R          10/10

"yai su" kalispera Everyone that lives in argassi. I came back to crazy uk. I love zakynthos so much is a wonderful relaxing place. People always end up back there its like a magnet so something but i have met so many people that have been going as long as 23 years or more. The people that you meet when your over there so many and there so nice. I am working in london very soon just back in mank land but i dont particually like Manchester so i am moving in with a lodger should be fun. One day ill come on a holiday there when i am sorted maybe a next season just for a couple of days though as i want to go to kefalonia as its such a beautiful place a shame about fires.The food is fantastic so fresh i certainly wont be eating this plastic food back in the uk.

Hi gina,giuseppe,stathis,timo,chef,sakis,maria and many more

Love you all take care ill see you soon.

Andrew T          6/10

just come back from argassi stayed in the captains hotel the rooms r basic we stopped on the top floor the view was amazing.the staff were ignorent and didnt wont to know u unless u wereall inclusive. the pool was dirty the jacuzzie only came on twice a day for 1 hour and when it did all the kids jumped in . there were ants in the room told the receptionist 3 times told the maid would spray ant killer down so the ants was with us  for 2 weeks great. the resort was great the bars the restaurants great.spent a lot of time in legends bar great food  good entertainment friendly staff. the green frog was good internet access availabe in green frog . beer academy good bar lots pool tables. rented quad for 3 days excellent reccomend st andrew beach ,n laganas loads of bars shops  mac ds  kfc   pizza hut just like home.apart from hotel the holiday was good .the airport very small when returning home be prepared to sit on the floor in airport no seats . n very crowded.

Sam D          10/10

 its so sad to be home!!!!

Went to argassi for 2 weeks with one of my friends sarah and returned home last thursday reluctantly!!!!
We stayed in the commadore apartments which were okay but basic, the only good thing about staying there was that you got to use the facilities of the captains and admirals hotels!!!!
Didnt spend much time in the apartment as you wouldnt, the only bad things that i have to say is that we had drilling at 11am a couple of mornings and there was a very annoying van that drives past in the morning and it is very loud, the other only thing that we found was that the staff were not very helpful so we spent more time at the admirals!!!!
The town its self was amazing a couple of places i need to say about are the castaway resturant we got dragged into there on the first night and it was gorgeous the food was beautiful everytime we went there they made the best fajitas ever and the staff in there were so welcoming and friendly!!!
The second place were we spent everynight was Rossi's everyone in there were great the barman phill was great and so were rossi and his girlfriend carla and also can't forget about kenny we loved Rossi's place and wished we could of hid out and stayed there forever  
Ooooooooo i also want to say about the resturant Papillon we only found it towards the end of our holiday the food there was gorgeous shame about the toilets
and target bar which is at the top of the hill near the captains hotel, you have to visit there just for the views the food isnt really that great but its cheap and the sunsets from there are amazing  
There was only really one club but that was okay because there was so many bars we loved
  • Kiss Bar,
  • Avalon,
  • Magic Mushroom
  • The Factory!!!

Kiss bar was good as the cocktails were 2.50E each all night every night so that was a good place to start off the night in!!!

In the magic mushroom they would light the bar with fire and then blow fire it was amazing i would just go there to watch that the people are also very friendly again.
Avalon was really good and lively when DJ slim boy fat was there but if he wasnt there it isnt really that good, i wud also recommend doing the 10E all you can drink in an hour at least once on your holiday!!!
The factory was great and we always had a laugh in there dancing on the bar, but you have to be carefull because my friend had a miss hap and fell off the bar
The locals were very friendly too not like some places that you goto when they will be learing all over you!!!!
Overall we loved argassi and might be going back next summer to find work, want to go back sooner but cant afford it
We wouldnt really say that argassi is jus for couples as me and my friend sarah are 18 and found it lively enough for us and obviously for just the two of us being there it was a very safe place!!!!
Sam and Sarah from ESSEX

Phil E          10/10

i stayed in Argassi for 2 weeks and got home on Thursday. it is the nicest place i have ever been and i am definately going to go back again! all the people go out of there way to make sure you are ok and we did not see a grumpy person! oh actually our bus driver was never happy and never on time!

the beach is nice but most places you have 2 pay to have a sun lounger but well worth it if you like peace and quiet!if you are for romantic meals by the sea then i reccomend Cappricios at the quiet end of the town and it is also very very reasonable. me and my girlfriend had a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine for less than 40 euros. i would reccomend Argassi to anyone, it has everything.

Louise H          9/10

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We got back from Argassi on Sunday after 2 fantastic weeks. We loved it!

We will defo be going back, already been looking for another holiday there in october!
The people are so friendly and theres loads of choice of restaurants.
Argassi I would say is mainly for Couples and families. It has nightlife but its not too much.
One and only downfall to Argassi is the beach, there isnt really one there. Though a nice picturesque bridge sits in the sea. But you can soon travel to a nicer beach. 9/10 marking due to no beach.
Lou and Lee

Dave E          10/10

Argassi is a wonderful little island. Lots of quiet resorts, but even they have their places which are more lively than others. Argassi is a quiet but lovely resort. Excellent choice of restaurants and bars, and even british type places if you miss the feeling of the UK. A wide range of places to stay depending on whats required. Can highly recommend Dora Apartments for a quietish but very friendly family run complex. Another plus point is its literally a 2 min walk from the main bars and restaurants in the resort, and about 5 mins from the beach.

If you like a very lively resort, Laganas is the place for you. Very similar to Blackpool with sunshine, but fortunately no donkeys.
I have travelled the globe with work and on holiday, including France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Balearic Isles, Canary Isles, Malta, Italy, Middle East, just to name a few. Argassi comes out on top by a mile for a holiday.
Dont be shy, give Zakynthos a try.

Dawn S          10/10

First time in zante and absolutley loved argassi.  Theres a bit of everything for all ages but is meant to be geared towards couples and families.

We will definitely be back and can see what people say about them being home whne they get there.  This is the first place Ive felt safe enough to walk around on my own without my partner, so if your a single person you'll be fine here.

Having seen a bit of a few of the other resorts on the island - yes they are worth a visit but I wouldnt stay anywhere else but argassi.

Claire B          9/10

Just got back and loved it! stayed at captains and wasnt impressed by the dingy appartment we got, even though the resort was dead as start of season we werent able to change rooms as "they were FULL" ....okay then <rolls eyes>

Argassi fully made up it though wonderful place and will defo be back just not at Captains

Emma-jane B          10/10

Ive been to Argassi once and absolutly loved it....hoping to go back next year with my great family........we stayed in the Admiral and loved it...but the noise was getting annoying so we requsted to get to another hotel..we did , we went to the Commodore apts. and that was the best hotel ive been in....I would deffinetly recommend it 

Kirsty F           

ive been to argassi 3 times going for the 4th time in may and every time ive stayed at the commodore apts. would not stay anywhere else or go to a different part of the island its fantastic . 

Lisa P           

We took our 2 boys to the Danae Apartments last September and we all absolutely loved it there. So much so we are looking to go back and meet up with all the old friends we made.

M D           

Argassi does not have proper paths along both sides of the road, so you have to be very careful when walking along the two main streets. It is really one main street with a smaller side street. Both street's have plenty of bars and restaurants.

Nicky M           

we went to argassi on 2oth october to 27th....the weather was still warm and although it was nearing the end of the season alot of restaurants, shops and tours were still open... we stayed at the xenos kamara beach hotel and it was exactly how it was pictured in the brochure and on the website...lovely and it was clean!!! from the pool you just go down some steps and you are on the out for the people next door who charge for the use of the sun you are staying in the hotel you are able to just take the hotels cream coloured loungers on to the beach.After trying many places to eat in we found the best to be 'ethnics' where you have meat from the spit and great music and was always full in here as well, which to me meant it must do good food and it did! also we tried the famous peters place as he kept on at us every time we walked past to come in and we felt guilty not to!!!!!!!!taxis are a set price of 6 euros to go to zante town or it takes about half an hour to walk. we tried nanas horse was a bit of a shock when she picked us up in her truck and we all had to pile in the back...but the kids enjoyed it. thought it was a waste of money though as we were walked up a long road, round and round and round and round(get the picture?) a field bit ,then back down the road again.

whatever you do ....DO NOT GET THE FERRY OVER TO THE MAINLAND FROM HERE.....there is nothing there and we wasted a day doing this and we couldn;t get back untill the next ferry which was 5 hours later. i think it was called kalini. absoloutly nothing there.overall we had a lovely holiday and i was glad it wasn't at the height of the season where it gets really busy with tourists. its worth doing a coach trip of the island as well as they take you into the mountain areas.

Simon M           

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realy nice place to visit, bar, shop owners etc make you feel very welcome. lots of place to shop,eat and drink. we had a realy good time and would go again.
about 90% of place still open even when we went 5-19th october 2006, however most places were due to close around 28th.

places worth a visit in argassi
Red lion pub
Snack and Beer academy
Green frog resturant
Prince of asia
Fantasy golf bar

Heather B           

Zakynthos beautiful Zakynthos the place i long to be sat at the waves bar in Argassi i could do a shirley valentine

Laura S           

I couldn't comment on what it may be like in the summer as I know it will be very different to when we went right at the end of the season in October. 

We are a young couple but we wanted a peacefull holiday and that is what we got.  You will find a lot of places closed or closing at this time of year but there are still lots of fantastic places to eat.  Other than that you may be a bit stuck.  The only bar worth going to every night is The Beer Academy and although it does not sound very Greek it has great ambience and a great service.
If you enjoy chilling by the pool or beach to top up your tan and doing a little light souvenir shopping, having a few cocktails and great food along the way then you'll love Argassi. 

Martin C           

Argassi far the best.
Plenty to do but not too much. Not too noisy but noisy enough to feel like a holiday
Very friendly people and bars restaurants were superb

just watch out for the roads that tun out of pavements as there are a few trucks and VERY fast cars and bikes flying up and down

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