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Pam W          9/10

If you're travelling around Zante, be sure to make a stop for a lovely lunch and to have a look at the beautiful scenic views.  Amoudi is a quiet resort but one that I would recommend for anyone wanting peace and quiet, a relaxing holiday and value for money.  Alikanas is only a 30 mins walk and you'll enjoy the difference between both resorts. 

Jacqui B           

amoudi is the perfect location for a peaceful holiday, away from the crowds of brits abroad & noisy nightlife. still unspoilt by tourism, it consisits of small apartment blocks, a handful of tavernas, a couple of quiet bars, 2 small supermarkets and a small tourist shop.

if you want to sample some hustle and bustle alykanas and alykes are a 20/25 minute walk away (or a quick 9 euro taxi ride). taxi's are availble at the rank in alykanas to bring you home, or if there aren't any there you will find the taxi number to call, they speak good english. we never had to wait longer than 15 mins for a taxi.
amoudi beaches are small but perfectly formed, with soft sand underfoot. the sea is shallow for a good way out and calm, making it ideal for children. you won't find watersports here, thank goodness.
if you do venture out on foot you will find lush surroundings with almost everything growing in abundance...lemons, olives, figs, p***kly pears and so on. the locals and their farm animals are so friendly so give them a wave as you go by.
while we were there someone told us that amoudi seems to have a spell cast upon it & eveyone who goes there returns. looks like weve fallen under that spell too....we will be going back.
anthony, jacqui, josef (age 9) & kara(age 7) bloomfield

Sophie D           

We visited Amoudi for 2 weeks, between 12 and 26 June 2005.

The people are all really friendly and it's a really beautiful resort, but I'm afraid that's about it.  There just isn't anything to do in the resort itself, and nightlife is almost non-existent.  There are only 2 bars in Amoudi itself, and both are very quiet.  A couple of times, we went down to Alykanas for a night out.  Andreas at the Clear Horizon Hotel was happy to order us a taxi to take us there, which was very nice of him, but we couldn't get one back from Alykanas to Amoudi, and were forced to do the 30 minute walk in the dark, drunk, and with no comfy shoes!
We tried the "Fish and Grill" taverna one night (the rep said it was nice), but they said we couldn't have souvlaki because it would take too long for the grill to warm up....a grill restaurant with no grilled food!  We had to have meatballs in grease instead.

Ildi B           

We stayed at the Clear Horizon Apartment whilst in Amoudi on a business trip. Well what can I say.......Andy who owns the Clear Horizons could not do enough for his guests. He knew the guest by first name and treated them as part of his extended family. The rooms were basic and large, twin beds, wardrobe and chest of drawers and spotlessly clean. He has a restaurant and bar and we all gathered in his bar for a drink in the evening. You did not have to be up at the crak of dawn to get a sunbed as they were always available. Prices in Amoudi arebasic prices and not hyped up as they are in the main resorts. Amoudi itself is a hidden resort with the charm of a true Greek village. If you want the hustle and bustle Alikanas and Alikes are only are 20 minute walk and there you will find the typical bars and restaurants. I cannot thank Andy enough for his hospitality which is second to none. I will be returning.

Leigh A           

An absolutely beautiful, peaceful 'get away from it all' place to stay. Amoudi is tiny with a couple of small hotels but mainly apartments in which to stay, a handful of restaurants/tavernas and a couple of supermarkets. We stayed at the Clear Horizon Apartments (which has its own restaurant, bar and pool) and had a truly wonderful holiday.
Amoudi is very tranquil with quiet beaches, stunning views and is surrounded by olive groves, lemon trees and local homes so you feel part of a real Greek village rather than a tourist resort.
The nightlife was excellent as there isn't any! If you are after a quiet meal and good company then Amoudi is for you, the hospitailty we experienced was second to none. The resort of Alykanes is, however, only about a 20 min walk away for a good selection of shops and restaurants whilst still retaining a nice atmosphere.
Amoudi really is a place you want to keep a secret but if you like the sound of it, go, you will love it.

Andy B           



Martin F           

Amoudi is the gem of Zante. If you want a peaceful get away from it all holiday. Me and my wife have been every year since we arrived there on an alocation on arrival 5 years ago. Going for a relax from the 26th May for 2 weeks at the Clear Horizon. Took my eldest daughter, her fella and their son. They loved it so much they are getting married there this September.

Paul N           

my wife ,two boys and myself stayed at the panorama apartments from the 29th of september till the 6th of october it was the best holiday we`ve ever had.amoudi was beautiful,the people we`re friendly,we ate at the achillion every day the food was first class,sperrous and young sperrous{forgive my spelling}we`re a pleasure to meet. for 6 euros you can get a taxi into alikes or you can walk there in 45 minutes the walk has some beautiful views,while there i recommend busters,an english run bar, their buster breakfast leaves the big eater quaking in their shoes all for just 8 euros, nice people also .for anyone worried about amoudi don`t be its great we can`t wait to go back, the week we went the temp was 26-30c, we even had two earth tremors. if anyone would like to contact me with any questions pleaso on

Ruth C           

Amoudi is wonderful. Quiet and peaceful with friendly people. I have said that the nightlife is good, thats because I didnt want any and there wasnt any, 100% perfect. You can see my other comments about where I liked in Amoudi. I liked the fact that it was quiet with a couple of nice bars for socialising but no discos. I stayed in the Pelagos Studios across the road from the Kozanos II where you have use of their nice clean pool. I went with JMC but they are pulling out of Amoudi, but dont worry, they were useless! You are better off doing a flight only and staying somewhere like the Kozanos, Pelagos, Clear Horizon, Villa Amoudi [which is owned by and is next to, the Camelot Bar.] One thing Id say, have your insect repellant ready in your hand luggage and put it on just before you get off the plane. Four flights arrived at the same time and with only one man unloading [!] it took two hours for the suitcases to come through and I got eaten alive]. I loved Amoudi and hope to go back. Best food and atmosphere, Amoudi taverna, great cocktails and a good laugh, both Clear Horizon and Last resort bars. Clear Horizon also did one of the better English breakfasts [dont have one in the Kozanos II- Tassia does great omelettes but a terrible English breakfast.Blue Dolphin does a good breakfast too and if youre into it [Im not, I eat Greek when im in Greece] they have a Curry night on wednesdays and sunday roast on sundays!] Id say that apart from the Amoudi Taverna, the best food I had was the clear Horizon. They have a great quiz on Tuesday nights and for about 8 euros you get greek salad, bread, and a good plateful of kebabs,barbecue chicken and village sausage, a couple of glasses of wine and entry into the quiz, excellent value and a fun night out. There are some real characters, Derek [Boyo], Yvonne [Derek's wife], Dennis and of course Andreas who's hotel it is. Was told that the accommodation at Clear Horizon was good but never actually saw it myself. I loved the beach, gently shelving and not too crowded. Feel free to email me if you want to know more about Amoudi. I cant fit it all on here!

Charles D           

I am writing this as a self confessed anti "Brits Abroad" anal retentive, we don't go on holiday to sit around a swimming pool drinking all day have no interest in East Enders and prefer a Greek holiday to be ..well Greek.We stayed at Kozanos 2 in the last week of May with our 20 month old toddler.The aparments were OK but the non appearance of the requested cot threw us, apparently the apartments do not have any cots so if you need one take a travel cot, this probably applies to all JMC apartments in Amoudi. Amoudi itself is a gem, a handfull of tavernas 2 supermarkets, a souveneir/ newsagent type shop, 2 tour offices and a car/bike hire outfit. The locals couldn't be nicer and the food at the 3 places we tried very good and reasonably priced (meal for 2 with a couple of beers around 30 euros,20). No buses and the taxis on strike meant hiring a car, once again reasonable at 45 for 3 days. If your walking there are plenty of lanes to meander down and a nice quiet beach with fine gently sloping sand. The beach is a bit narrow but the most people we saw on a 100 metre stretch of it was about 8. I am not usually given to going to the same place twice (all the islands deserve to be investigated) but I would consider going back to Zante and Amoudi, it was certainly the pick of the resorts if you want the quiet life. The only other place I would consider from the places we visited was the village at the southern tip (sorry the name escapes me). On the whole I would highly recommend Amoudi.

Nick E           

i visited amoudi during half term week with a fifteen year old kevin and perry wannabe step daughter and was completly knocked out by its charm and hospitality. we stayed at kozanos ii which is a nice apartment block with a pool and snack bar. however tassia the owner has not really got a grasp of englsih (although better than my greek!) she is yet to get it together to make the best of her facilities. amoudi is not a place to go larging it if you want raucous night life. it has a few very good tavernas, my favourites being the achillion where the food was superb, a mixture of some english and mainly greek cuisine; and the clear horizon where the owners andy & denise take the trouble to ask (and remember) your name - a nice touch! the highlight of amoudi is the people and the scenery. sakis who runs the camelot bar is a very laid backed fella who serves blinding cocktails with a ready wit and eagerness to please.on a couple of occasions whilst catching up on the world cup - he has sky tv, he popped off for a shower, told us to help ourselves, leave the money on the bar and close up when we went. the atmosphere in the bar is always friendly and he fosters the holiday spirit. however he does have a dodgy taste in music - bob the builder accompanied by a whistle !! be warned. the beach in amoudi is quite small but very clean and with fantastic views of kefalonia, the sunbeds are 3 euros for the day. if you have kids the small friendly village atmosphere is ideal to let them do thier own thing for a while without going grey with worry. we travelled with jmc and although the transfers are a nightmare the rep jo, a geordie lass, is a diamond. nothing is too much trouble to her and she actively goes out of her way to seek you out to make sure all is ok. one word of advice if you have an early morning departure. as the rooms have to be vacated by 12 noon it is advisable to arrange a room privately for a shower etc for the last evening. the best person to do this through is jo as tassia at kozanos becomes increasingly confused when you try and discuss departures. all in all i would recommend amoudi as a quite, friendly, relatively cheap and still unspoilt resort. it's hospitality is overwhelming and i am still missing my late afternoon cocktails whilst dicussing the merits of a**enal's chances in europe next season with sakis at the camelot as i write this... one note of caution; beware billy !! he has mutv on sky and will insist that you watch the mancs in some garbage match with him as you try to buy a paper. i didn't have the heart to burst his bubble!

Ala D           

Lovely resort if you want a quiet holiday. No public transport though so you need to hire a car/scooter if you want to get out and about. Excursions through local operators are good and a lot heaper than the tour operators.


John - You can change t/cheques at many places in Amoudi, and you usually get a better exchange in resort than you do in the UK. Local transport is rare in Amoudi, so i would recommend either car hire or excursions if you want to get out and about.

John B

Looking forward to our holiday in Amoudi. Is it better to obtain Euros in UK before we go or in Amoudi? Can Travellers' Cheques be cashed in Amoudi? Is it easy to visit other places by public transport? Be most obliged for information. John.

Rachel C

We'll be staying at Clear Horizon Apartments during the last week of September 2001. It sounds perfect as we want a peaceful, relaxing week and from the comments on this site it seems ideal. But I have four questions: 1) does anyone know what the weather might be like at this time of year? I'm hoping it's still warm enough to get a tan! 2) Do all Clear Horizon studios and apartments have balconies or terraces overlooking the sea? We'll be in an apartment... 3) Is there somewhere in Amoudi or nearby Alykanas/Alykes where you can hire mopeds/bikes for a good price? We'd like to visit villages in the centre and the north coast. 3) How easy is it to get from Amoudi to the north east tip where the ferry goes to Keffalonia? We're thinking of doing a day trip there if that's possible. If anyone can help me with my queries before 21st September that'd be great! (email: or post answer up on this website)


amoudi is very peaceful, very traditionally greek.beautiful unspoilt beaches safe for children.wonderful food.great veiws of kefalonia.friendliest locals in greece here.if this appeals to you ,you will not be disappointed.i will be going back as soon as i can.