Bars in Laganas

Steph E

click to enlargeZante (L) 09 

Sizzle is well was the best night club until Bledi got moved from there it still is so cool just Bledi was some stuff :P

TBF i miss Zante but dont worry i will be back xx

Tarzan J          10/10

Best bar stuff Glen-sophy-Blediclick to enlarge

Danielle H

On behalf of the girls I can say that the beginning of our holiday Sizzles was our best friend!! haha a nice smiley loud hello to Garry, Joe, Emma and Sam who were especially great to me and my friends..

been back two days now and had a wicked time.. am shattered though and dont know how the workers keep up!! good work you guys!!! the pinkness of the club makes it a really babe trap so thats also a bonus!!
this ws a club with lounge at the front that wwe tended to stroll in at the beginning of the night.. classy though.. not much i can say for the lads though they seemed to be walking amneously across the strip!! lol zante was top ntch!!
mwah xxxx

Sarah           9/10

 sizzle, best bar on the island, really friendly staff and beautiful surroundings!! little bit more expensive but u pay it for the quality of the bar! really good!! recommend to all!!


Jo C           

Only went in this bar on my last couple of nights. Its a good place to start and it has so many classy cocktails to choose from!!

Megan K           

this place was a regular place on a night out for us!great fish bowls had some wicked experiences with them!loved it the place was just decorated pure pink it was great!

made great mates with claire the pr n her mate!wish we could of stayed n worked with u babes!maybe next year!
loveya meg n melXxX

Michelle M           

went in sizzle a few times why i was there lovely place n friendly staff

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