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Mark D

Great bar but watch your drinks think we were spiked in there!

Amber S          10/10

ghetto club was f**king wicked!!! me & my mates started off here every night.. most nights we was too pissed to move on. lol. music wasnt always rnb and hip hop. there was a good mixture :) we loved the  barmen as they were a good laugh :d i have some wicked memories from this place & cant wait til i go back to zante next year! im definately gunna go ghetto again :) loveddd it!

Kerry & Dave          10/10

Great Bar,

Fantastic cocktails, great staff went in every night!

Hi to Sarah Louise, the PR/Waitress from Scarborough, great girl lots of fun and always welcoming!

2 for one on cocktails from 7 till midnight, can't knock it!

Sarah D          8/10

This place was good banter! We always sat on the seats outside so we could haras the people walking past and try and get them in - undercover PR's lol. Service was fast at the bar although the barmen always tried to fire ice cubes down our tops and refused to sell my friend a sprite one night as a windeup. hehe!

You would think it was all hip hop music but it was good mixture.
Would go back here if I ever went to Zante again.

* *          10/10

great bar...great music...different 2 most the dance trance places lol cant wait 2 go back nxt year!!

Jade n Nat xxx

Roxanne C          10/10

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wot a funny bar, every night we told the poor PR we would come back, n never did! felt so bad we went in one night and now we wish we woulda gone in earlier in the holiday!! funny stuff! very funny guy...never cought his name :( but hess in the photo!

roxii xxxx

Michelle B          10/10

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Great friendly bar... one of our favourites in Laganas!

Cara E          5/10

Really good PR's, Emma and Adam are lovely so stop and have a good chat with them. One really nice barman, Barney, he makes wicked cocktails and is such a genuine bloke..will miss comparing our stories with him!! lol. Worth a try anyway so pop in and see wat u think.

Emma           10/10

music was gd and cocktails were always nice

Donna & Jim           

Brilliant bar, the Shipwreck cocktails were lethal and lovely, the staff were great!! 

Vicky J

hi, i came to zante a couple of years ago and loved every minute of it, i would love to come back and be able to work there for a bit, was wondering if there were any jobs available for the season in 2007.

Gunvald K           

we f**king own it. we love ghetto (special kisses to elias, damien and the other bartender). we f**king love you, be back next season, be ready with tequila (blue lagoon and sex on the beach) but also shakira "hips don't lie"). we know you're missing us.

Sarah M           

Fab bar get great shots if the Greek bar man fancies you!!!! ahahahaha. watch out he always asks you to met him when he finishes work at 4am.

Good bar though and very friendly people
Sarah and Chell Barnsley

Michelle C           

Me and my Sister discovered Ghetto Bar on our first night. Hello Ilias we miss you! Oh and Dennis aswell! It's def. the place to go if you want a decent coctail as some places they were a bit watered down! Missing Laganas and the alcohol!

Sue B           

click to enlargeSpent every night in here - Nikos is the hottest barman in Laganas - great place, cheap cocktails (3.5 Euro) , friendly staff and top tunes Tongue

Kirsty B           

don't really remember much about this bar - a little drunk every time we went in here i think!! but what i do remember was good, good music and drinks

Lee C           

Loved it in here!!! Proper wicked music and we all got hammered on the fishbowls only  15!!!!

Holly B           

hey everyone!

worked at ghetto most of this season in zante. is a great place and i really enjoyed working here!
all the staff are great, big hi to dimitri, dennis, alex, and illias!!! and my 2 good friends jack and stu (the pr's), always a vodka redbull!!!
would recomend ghetto to anyone. cocktails are brilliant and probably the best menu on the island. mmmmm strawberry orgasm (though dennis did get sick of me asking him to make them!) if any of the staff are reading this email me
loadsa love holly xxxx
ghetto waitress 05


ghetto bar was amazing big hellp to alex fankz for all them shots an cocktails

Karen K           

Ghetto rocks always guarenteed a good nite and to get wasted.

amanda and karen


good fun ere gotta go there!!!!!!!!

Emma P           

Emma Naomi and Linzi frclick to enlargeom Torquay 09 August 2005!

Emma P           

Look at our picture. In Ghetto 09 August 2005!



hey again!! only gem & vic, we av just read all the posts from u guys, some of u gurls really seem 2 have got hooked up wif the barman and pr's and are wanting 2 stay in touch, we have just bin laughin at u all thinkin they will remember you and are going 2 stay in touch!! can u prove us wrong and tell us they have actually sent u 1 or more texts after you got bk!? lol!!

luv 'n' hugs
gem & vic
just doing what u asked and proving u wrong, in a nice way of course! jack, the pr, has rang me and texted me pretty much every week since i came home, didn't expect him too so it was nice that he did. hooked up with him last week of june-first week of july, love n hugs x

Genevieve H           


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