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Glenn C          10/10

g spot bar is a banging bar to start off your nyt

lively nd good music

Stephanie C          10/10

G Spot was a good start off bar, very good music and the staff are mint ;)

Sean O          10/10

click to enlargeG spot was a very good start off bar. Cheap drinks and great service and great perfect sex fish bowls. I never had to go to the bar once as their was always a sexy barmaid straight at our service :) The best waitress by far was this lovely canadian lady. Wow :P I miss this place immensely :(

Lyndsey B          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeWhat a bar!  Absolutely loved Gspot possibly one of the best bars in Laganas, get yourself there if you can.  Cheap drinks, lots of free shots and fab people, we got looked after so well. 
Hi Zakis, Danny, Holly & Jamie-Lee miss you all already!!!!

Anna H          10/10

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click to enlargeWorked in G-Spot May - October 07 and had the best laugh!! It's not a glamerous as I thought it would be but still 100 times better than being in the UK

2008 will see me there again

Annelise, L          10/10

Us 4 geordie lasses came on the 27th sept & G Spot was our 1st stop every night out haha jus wanna shout 1 thing to Ben & the rest of you 'BLUE WICKED!!' haha was gutted wen it shut down! defo comin back next year so you hace all been warned haha!! miss everyone from all the clubs but G Spot was the best haha see you all next year!! xxx

Rebecca B          10/10

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Worked in gspot 2007 and I'm home now, I hate it and I'm missin' you guys loads!

See you all at the reunion!

Happy P          10/10

best bar in lagana!

bar staff are such a laugh, and the women workers, well absolutly stunning!! if you go to lagana go to gspot, you'll spend about 20 euros and come out w**kered!!

Paula S          10/10

Hey, I loved G Spot when I was in Laganas 05.  I tried to get  job there but it was mid-season so was fully staffed.

Anyway, I'm coming back this summer, one last summer of fun!  Can anybody tell me if there are jobs going at G spot or anywhere else?  I worked in Cherry Bay and Boozers so know how it works, unfortunatley my 05 season was cut short, but finish uni first week of May so can stay the whole season this time, got no commitments and ready for an amazing time!!

Any help would be much appreciated


Tony L           

it would help if i put the actual email. Tnyleech@aol.com

Tony L           

Helena for the last7yrs  you have made me laugh. And i have always known you as a blonde, but bloody hell what did you go dark for. Melikidas can you ask her her to go blonde again please. Let me know if you have had the baby aswell please. Hers my email i would love to see some pictures please.  Anyway take care for now and see you soon i hope,

Bryn J           

Finally im home now!!!!!
thanks to sakis and elena (and baby nicolas) for a geat summer and giving me the oppurtunity to work with them!!!!
Mikey,jo,chris,sergio,flick,lorren,lauren,emma,danny and even my little albanian freind yanis love you all and cant wait to see you all again!
easily the best bar on the island (might be because i worked there hahaha)
be back next year without a dobt!
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Kerry J           

Hi to everyone,just thought i'd write to say hi and that we all really enjoyed our nights out their even the kids loved it.

We would like to thank the lad behind the bar i think his name was Dan,the kids Tyler and Billy loved him ,Tyler really did when he kept putting Eminem and 50 Cent on for him.The man who owned the bar was really nice and he gave us quite afew fish bowls for spending that much time their.We came to this bar 2 years ago and it was still great them,keep up the good work boys and girls.****   

Gspot F           

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hey you lot!!

it's flick here, waitress from '05 & '06!!

just wanna say cheers for all the wkd things youve said about gspot- i love that place 2!! can't believe i'm home so early this year but i was sure at the time i wanted to go......prat!!! haha!!

anyway it's been wkd meeting you all, hope you all had amazing holidays an who knows, maybe i'll see you again for zante 2007??

loadsa lurve & stuff, gspot flick xx

Sara W           

G spot was class, thanks to the bar man who made me a ring from straws (i still have it)

Mikey was lovely and very fit!!!
The PR man was crazy - i kept seeing him everywhere in laganas

Tony L           

  i remember you jess who wouldn't  i still a pic of you and i from  2004 when you started working at Gspot. Do you remember tony from liverpool well thats me the are you going back ?

Tony L           

Bobo's  is 1 hell of a DJ


loved it loads in here.

the fishbowls were 'top draw'!! lovin the zebra theme aswell!!
the staff were nice and friendly, flic was like our best mate!
would deffo retuen to this bar!!


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Emma M

me and my mate are wanting to return to zante in october for a week about the 8th of october and i am wondering what the nighlife like and is the nightlife still lively and is everything still open at this time of year. if any one knows could you please let me know. emmamartland@hotmail.co.uk. emma xxx


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Zeros and G-Spot were the ledgest places in Zante! I loved it here... the people working there were so nice and always asking if you were ok.. Nice chilled out place to go before ur out on the pop! hehe.. Gonna be even better when we go back next year! cant waaaaait


Rose D           

Chris is back out.

Suzi 7           

can anyone tell me if the sexy p.r chris (christerphwoor) is going back this year. i am going with the girlies on july 2nd. i really fancied him but am very shy, however after 7 shots.........................!!! look for me il have this written on a vest top.after 7 shots i will also look like this

Michelle B           

She was a worker but she only was there towards the end of the season 03 worked in g spot for a while. I know she was mates with shane pr from cherry bay. I met her while on holiday n kept in touch ever since. Very sad loss miss her loads.

Michelle B           

If you were there 2 years ago do you remember a girl called Liz she was out there at the end of the season 2003 just heard she recently died after a sudden illness. Just like to pay my respects such a shame for someone so young especially as she had a 19 month son and as i understand it the father isnt around. R.I.P

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