Bars in Laganas

Carly Hughes          10/10

Amigos is absolutely the best bar we have ever been.... anywhere! The atmosphere is amazing, really warm with love and lots and lots of fun. Thanos is the best bar man ever, he is so laid back and kind:D You'll never have any problems in this bar, apart from what is next in line to have a shot of. The bar really made mine and my fiances holiday, twice. And as soon as we got engaged we celebrated it here. It's really something a bit different, and a fantastic night out. <3

Maxine Q          10/10

Thannos, Stellios, Jimmy.....One day I will return my three Amigos. Much love to my boys, Maxine xxxx

Damian N          10/10

fantastic nights in your company you made us feel welcome,your black sambuca did what it says on the tin p.s is allan still annoying you lol

Geraldine L          10/10

Just back to the cold and rain of Ireland had a great time with you all the past your music and gin's & tonic.See you again in sept. for more. George & Ger, PS dont forger to try & get radio Nova from Dublin.

Tanja M          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Alohaaaaa !!! You're the best thing of Laganas and i hope you know that ;) Thank you AMIGOS for the wonderful time,music, you fellas :) Greetings !!!

Maureen C          10/10

hi annette and thanos was great to meet you and thanks so much for the great time we had with you wish we were still there with you , great bar and really friendly will recommand to every one. please annette can you still send me the drawing fore tone as i know he would love it he was over the moon with the statue thanos gave him , give our love to jo and staffy was sorry we missed him on are last night couldnt find your email address so heres mine add me hope rest of season gos well for you both and we will see you again next time were in mo and tone englandxxxx

Andrew E          10/10

   What a nice guy , not just there to take your money a very warm & sincere man Thanos was most concerned when a mutual friend had a fall during a storm and had to go to hospital ,he even came to see how he was at the hotel and came to see us off on our departure. The drinks flowed freely and the atmosphere was very relaxed if at times somewhat crazy .Was the place to be every night  AAA+++ 
  All the best Thanos,Annette.             
                                                  Andy & Cath XXXX

Sandraflange C          10/10

BOO  Anette and Thanos thanks for giving me alcohol dependency [haha] i am writing from the Betty Ford clinic. thanks again for an excellent 2 weeks again it was lush miss the madness so much .Get on fb Annette speak soon love you both loads flange and tony xx

Robbie W          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Thank you thanos and Annette......miss you guys....what a fantastic couple they both made our so many others no doubt...this is a must see...must visit bar.....absolutely fantastic...we need a bar and couple like this here back home......and a thanos and Annette...............thank you both....and hello Gavin and Ritchie...the fantastic entertainers....and most talented singers........most definitely a fantastic holiday was made just by being to you all Robbie,  Katerina,  Jackie and big chief.who is now in ya.............and yia masssssssssssssss....

Dan W          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeBeen meaning to post on here since we got back. Thanos, Annette, thanks again for an amazing time. Glad you remembered us from our first visit!

Well what else can i say apart from this is THE best bar i have ever been to, had an amazing time every night, with live music until the early hours (accoustic after 12am) and drinking all night. (Annette - Sorry again about that one night.....)

We'll be back for a fortnight in May 2010 and looking forward to it already. See you guys next year!! :)

(Pat & Clive will be there in October so i hope you remember my Bandana Thanos!)

Hope you have a great Summer!

Dan & Karen x x x

Mark S


Thanks for you help with that info.  We will be in touch.

Andrea J

MARK STEVENS!!! Their email address is: and their number is: 0030269053101 xx

Kevin O

Best Bar in the whole of Greece........Cheeeeeeeers Thanos  

Tommy R          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargebeen fora week and spent most of our time in amigo's bar had a great time and we are goin back next year thanos and marcus is a wicked laugh

Mark S          10/10

Loved the atmosphere at the bar.  Great live music and the bartender and waitress were amazing.  Just wondering if anyone knows how to get in touch with them?  Had their email and lost it.  Any help would be appreciated.

Alan R          10/10

 If you go to Zante on holiday you must visit this bar, nice relaxed atmosphere, good music and the best barman & waitress in Zante (Thanos & Annette).

Must not forget the musicians who provide the live music every night especially The Raindogs (Ziggy & Deec).
Good laid back music a bit of blues a bit of rock & roll, something for everyone, not the madness of the main strip in Zante, be sure to seek out this bar, just a little warning it could turn out to be a heavy night as you relax to the music,the drinks go down faster and the the tequila starts to flow.
Hello to every one there.
Alan & Gemma (Edinburgh)

John W          10/10

I could write all night on reasons why to go to Amgio's... its just the greatest bar and run by the greatest two people, Thanos and Antenette... For two summers running it made our holiday... Cant speak Highly enough of the Bar. The craic, the booze, the music, the fires, mattress (you need to visit to see it)... the characters in it, ah its just the best....
Oh and Becca is great and Brendan aint too bad either!!

Counting down the days to next years visit!!

Rock and Booze... He does the Rock, we do the Booze!!

Love from Ireland and the Dublin lads!! xx

Gail B          10/10

Go and look at Rebecca the best bar person in Zante

Marie H          10/10

Amigos Bar is the best in Lagana! The unforgettable live music from the Sideshow Bob Experince and Shahram, sparkling cocktails and shouting YAMAS (and downing Tequila) with the best bartender ever, Thanos! This place made our holiday! I would recommend anyone to go there!click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Stu C          10/10

Just returned,very cool bar we went there most night to listen to the live music most of the bars on the main strip are nightclub type this one (on the quieter strip) is more pub like with good live music,after midnight they turn the guitar amps off and just play acoustic guitar very very cool...........

Gareth S          10/10

My first time in Laganas.  Amigos bar is quality. The sideshow bob experience(Mick) and andy were both excellent

Jayne the waitress was brilliant every night me and my girlfriend went in and we had a great time.  Se  you next year

Johan K           

click to enlarge

been to laganas for one week. we were there late in the season but amigos was still rocking. thanos aka jack daniels is the best f**king bartender i've ever seen, and believe me i've seen a lot. if he reads this, my girlfriend was the one who thought your cocktails could use more alcohol and after that she got hammered by the rest of your mixing and i'm the guy who sang angels with mick and then got hammered cause of all the shots we had together. you've got my picturecard hanging on your bar.

for mick, the singer, way to go man, you were the greatest. it was a shame you were sick the second evening. see you all soon!!!!!
for anyone else. go to laganas and go to amigo's. you won't regret it!!!!!!!

Dan W           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargejust come back from a 2 week holiday, spent every single night in amigos bar. Thanos made the holiday unforgettable. The first night we arrived we thought we'd go in amigos bar as my auntie visits the island every year and recommended amigos bar. When we turned up we thought we'd try the cocktails he immediately 'ordered' me behind the bar to make it myself. He was a wicked laugh and it was like that for the entire 2 weeks. Definitely be back next year

Darren C           

Hey! Amigos is still rockin after 10 years. I left the island in '95 and Amigos was my place then. I really loved seeing those latest pictures. Rock on to you Thanos.  ZZ Top should make you think of me - Darren from Macherado

Lisa W           

loved this bar wiv stelios and thenos!  let my mate get behind the bar and serve us shots!! great blokes!

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