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Dawn S  (29 May 2007)        10/10

we used the mouse house a few times both for internet access and a relaxing drink.

having used internet access elsewhere in argassi i must say that the mouse house is by far the quick and cheapest.

oh and the strawberry slush puppies are great

Karon-anne S (17 May 2007)

The Mousehouse is up and running - business as usual (still with same management).  Look forward to seeing you over your holiday.

Simon P (05 May 2007)

I have heard that the Mouse House has closed down

Anyone have any info on this please?

Laura S  (23 October 2006)         

Friendly staff, helpful.  Well priced internet but don't go for choice of food... how can you stop doing sandwiches but still offer toasted sandwiches?!

Joan &  (18 September 2006)         

Excellent facilities and very friendly & helpful staff.  I checked my emails there most days for two weeks and was always surprised how little it cost, even with a cola or water.

Tony   (16 August 2006)         

 very good , cheap and relayable.  3 euro ((1.50)) for 1 hour  very good value for money.

polite and friendly staff  thankyou very much  excellenet     deffenatly recomened   

Emma K  (15 August 2006)         

I come in here alot as i work over here, the staff are VERY friendly and helpful, the prices are cheap and they help me out big time when i send photos home, ive recommended it to many people and they are all very impressed,

thanks guys!
Em x

Dawn W  (29 January 2006)         

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 hi yianna & yannis & denis rula & family, most of all lucy just everyone

this is what the greeks are,, friendly, caring and make life so uncomplicated and that was on my wedding day,, yianna is in the pink top blue jeans. hiding to the right. don't get shy.. ha ha 
    hey can't wait to come back and see you guys we are coming out on the 8th off june we need a holiday to get over the lastone who need all ya family out there when we got friends, what with the wedding, xmas hollies 6th birthday. we are totally knackered and cannot wait to get back home and spend some much needed time with some very nice friends. say hi to rula and family, denis and lucy, yianna go over and feed her for me. just say hi to all from us. the chess set has pride of place in the house, now before i come out did yannis want a man united shirt sighned or pete seems to think beckham.. let me know hun.. oh to anyone reading this, if you want some quality time out as well as a decent milky coffee orrrrrrr milk coffee as yianna says, but hey where all different, i like mine milky,, you greeks drink coffee that keeps my husband up all night if you need a quad bike or bike or even a scooter go to denis right across the road from mousehouse yianna will tell you, he is safe honest and looks after everyone and don't rip you off,, unlike someone just up the road.. no comment.. olymanyhow... can't wait to come home.. email me about the shirt.. loads of love to you both dawn pete ben & hollie. p.s you still got hollies barbie trainers lol.. xxx

Ianna   (12 October 2005)         

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Nathan Y  (04 July 2005)         

alright karen and yannis hope your both are ok just want to say thanks for last year you was like parents to me you helped alot if it wasnt for you i would not have a e mail address i hope i hear from you soon it would be nice say hi to tasha and the gang ive lost your numbers so please send an email would be nice love nath

Emma J  (24 October 2004)         

the internet was fast and they had the newest MSN which was good because thats the only reason i went there... some comps had webcam aswell which was good cos my mates could see me. its the only internet cafe i found there and couldnt fault it.

Simon P  (29 September 2004)         

Hey Nick...Are you sure you know how to spell?

Sexy N  (06 August 2004)         

hi goin zante on the 10th of aug 2004 i if i take the usb wire will this internet cafe put mi pics on a disc for me

Malc E  (13 June 2004)         

Loved the Mouse House - We went in May and the connection was 2 euros for 30 mins - who could complain at that?

Yianni is really helpful, I took my camera's USB lead with me and he downloaded my pics onto a CD for about 3 euros...what's more, he kept the disc session open so we could add more to the same disc, rather than charging me again for another disc which he easily could have done.

Those frosted beer glasses will remain in my memory for ever!

Leanne F  (16 October 2003)         

We liked this place, the girl behind the counter was lovely -so sweet, hubby used internet more than me, but mainly our 4yr-old used the ball pond facilities E2.50 for as long as you liked and this price included a bottle of coke for the babby.
Having Broadband at home spoils you a little when it comes to connect speed though.

Brian & Clare  (29 September 2003)         


Karon-anne S  (06 August 2003)         

In answer to Manny D, yes we do have AIM installed. Looking foward to seeing you over your holiday.

Manny D (05 August 2003)

Is there also AIMinstalled on your computers?
Just need to know that because my friends are only using AIM.
Thanks for help!

Julie A  (14 July 2003)         

It costs 1.50 euros for each 15 minutes but they charge for each minute used after that time. So if you use 25 minutes they only charge you for that time.

Nick P  (02 July 2003)         

A fun diversion and a chance to take a break from the sun! You get a tciket when you go in and pay at the end of your session. Currently charging 1.5 Euros (about 1.05p) for 15 mins it gives you a chance to check your mail and mail a few friends/family. Nice to have a quick glimpse (but only a quick glimpse) out into the world.

Whitny B  (05 May 2003)         

very nice speed 12 computers to choose from .very good coffee (cappuchino ) the best!!!!!!.helpfull staff

Richard A  (04 November 2002)         

i went to go on msn ikt was very useful to gut on my friends to say i was on holiday and thay were at school

Pauline C  (01 November 2002)         

Very expensive. If there are two of you, share a computer. Although as somebody else has mentioned the beer does come in nice frosty glasses and you get free nibbles.

Nigel M  (23 September 2002)         

I have to second the previous comment. My partner had coke and I always had the coffee. Best in the town!

Simon B  (21 September 2002)         

This was the highlight of our day. We went most evenings to make contact with our friends and family. The people there were very nice and helpful, especially Yianni who was delightful. They serve a great cup of coffee, and the Amstel beers come in a pre frozen glass, just to give that extra edge. The computer equipment is good, and access is easy for experts and novices alike.

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