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George B  (27 March 2005)         

Sadly the Pine Tree is no more. Christina and her family have returned to Athens. Angela who used to meet and greet can now be found selling day trips near the Caravel.

Caroline F  (24 August 2002)         

This restaurant served us delicious food. Cant understand the ratings on this site. I would have rated it much hirer than 3 out of 10. The only thing if I had to moan, was the time it took for the meal to arrive. But then in Greece, everything takes that little bit longer. It was well worth the wait.

Jacqueline A (27 May 2002)

first visited tsilivi in june 1993,been every year since,but no plans as yet to go back this year.was a bit puzzled as someone has wrote host's name is angela? does anyone know if christina,bill,jimmy,dennis(the twins)and aretay are still there? i would be greatful of any information.many thanks. ANNE,DERBYSHIRE.

Martin S  (13 September 2001)         

Meet Angela the Host, she is very welcoming and treets you all as a real friend. The food is excellent although the staff who are all the same family can be abit lousy and over the 3 years that I have been never seem to stop arguing. Give it a go and tell Angela that Martin and Julie sent you.

Judd M  (16 August 2001)         

It was a bit crap.

Dave G  (10 July 2001)         

Great restaurant with a most welcoming hostess(without being too pushy). It served excellent Greek food with friendly service in a pleasant atmosphere.This was the best restaurant we found for value for money.

Garry S  (05 July 2001)         

We had to pay $12 for 4 pancakes what a rip off!!!! and the staff are not that great either!!!!!!

Gill S  (03 May 2001)         

Excellent food and service. Try the lamb!!

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