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Juliet Jones          10/10

came to zante last year ate in rubys a few time exceptional staff fantastic food

 value for money will be seeing you in September xx

Bobbies Goode          10/10

your comment here Great place to chill out breakfast fantastic staff exceptional prices reasonable my last port of call for my nightcap good banter & a good supper to boot been there many times over the years. be there again in May 2015. The oldest serving tourist in Zante since ( 1983 ) Bobbies the name.

Lis J

click to enlargehi hows it going ? we had the best time ever (again ) staying at the katerina palace (again) and people watching from ruby's (again) great weather, great company great beer (and bailey's) what more could you want. see you guys soon take good care xxxx

Paul K          10/10

hope the legendary uncle ronnie is still cookin those amazing breakfasts here i.ll be there in 4 weeks and lookin 4ward 2 sum gr8 food here rubs is a fantastic eatin place great food and prices

Marius E          10/10

Thank you to Ruby's and Robbo's (the owner) for the best food for the absolute lowest prices,best quality and so tasty..! Went for 2 glorious weeks with my wife to Zante and made a point of going to Ruby's daily to enjoy the best breakfasts on the island, awesome crepes, tasty burgers..Great atmosphere and staff are really friendly! Go and see/taste for yourself!!!

Panos K          10/10


Me and my friends ate there a couple of times and the food was great, especially the Ruby burger and the sufflé!
The staff was great, this is the best place in argassi 10/10.
Greetings from the greek who lives in sweden

Boz C          10/10

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Hi all we were in argassi last year[2007]and spent alot of time in Rubys, we had breakfast most days & sometimes lunch, all were excellent, the staff were brill couldnt do enough for us and our 2yr old Annie-sue. Alas wont be there this year as the wife doesnt want to fly so are saving for next year to get there by car . Long drive i know but well worth it

Paul K          10/10

well what a legend our favourite uncle ron is a total dude and  his breakfasts are fantastic rock on uncle ron c u this summer

Chris B          10/10

the only place for breakfast,hope you've got the sat nav fixed by now ronnie,
behave yourself over the winter steffano,see you all next year

Ian B          10/10

What a superb place Steff great guy, Ron super chef (watch out Gordon f*****g Ramsey), all in all the best place to eat, especially if you want a mongolian omlette.

All the best to you guys from Gengist Khan (you know who I am) LOL

Allain M          10/10

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24h opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when u feel hungry, go to rubys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when u feel happy, go to rubys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when u feel like this, go to rubys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rubys place offers hospitality too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Athens A          10/10

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All greek singer stars used to eat in Ruby s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most famous place for healthy n' delicious snacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly M          10/10

Hello everyone at Rubys.The staff are great. The food always excellent. Always good atmoshere.Always good for snacks. As well waves as i went to party back in may at the start of season. Alays be back as you know koukourouk. Holly.

Sue B          10/10

 The breakfasts here were great, the service from Steph was lovely - always happy smiling and cheerful - even when he had worked late the night before - and then gone out clubbing!

 He remembered us every time we went in and remembered our order - sign of a good waiter!!
See you next year Steph!
Sue and Tony Brandwood (2 full english and 2 teas!!)

Lisa T

Hi to all in Ruby's especially steph, what a cracking bloke he is.  think he will know who i am when i say 'i should be doing a 10-20 stretch' for my passport photo lol.

1st class service and i can certainly recommend the breakfast, best on the island.
Will deffo see ya next may, thanks again

Stu G          10/10

Without a doubt, 10 out of 10 for breakfast, service and value. Went here 6 times in our 7 days on the island and never once left disappointed. Breakfasts were just like back at home and the scrambled egg was just like moms....mmmmmmm . Steph always provided service with a smile and with a bit of cheek, whilst Ronnie, when not working away in the kitchen was always a pleasure to talk to.

Will be back in 2 years and will definitely be spending my mornings sat outside Ruby's, washing down a fry up with the best cup of coffee in town.
Keep up the good work guys.

Tom H          10/10

Steph, he knows the right places to go and the right things to see, and he'll serve you a cracking breakfast cooked by the nicest chef in Argassi. Went there most mornings and Ronnie, dont worry, Spurs will only get better!!!!! Thanks guys for a great breakfast everyday, the only thing I'd say is that one thing I didnt like about the place was the woman who stood in the one spot behind the counter, never smiled or didnt look like she contributed at all. All in all, I miss my Irish brekkie and cant get one like it at home!!! Thanks guys, for making our mornings so good!!!!
Tom and Elaine (Dublin)

Angela B          10/10

We ate here most morings, what a yummy bacon & egg roll our Uncle Ron does, & Steph the waiter is very easy on the eye girls

Just a pity the girl who works there finds it impossible to crack a smile
Will be back to see you real soon

Grace C          10/10

hello my love you still as crazy as ever.cant wait for myself and edel to come over in party on.anyway just to let everyone know the food at rubys cafe is top notch.wicked club sandwhices,luscious pancakes and mouthwatering pizzas and of course sexy dennis will cater to ur every i highly reccomend you give it a try.i seen a message from sam and nathan i wud lve to see them again.ok sublicks ill see you all soon.lve grace.limerick city.up the southside.. look me up on bebo ..

Donna J          7/10

Hi dennis remember me donna jones from wales we always came to visit you in beer academy. Congratulations and good luck with the new bussines. i did pop into rubys to see you but you wernt there that was october last year wont be coming to argassi till june next year now boring i no so i will try 1 of your lovely pancakes then i hope you read these cos i wrote you number down wrong when you were academy so couldnt keep in touch you keep havin fun and making everyone laugh and will see you next year  x x x x

Paul 3          10/10

is my favourite uncle ron still working here  wat a guy lol uncle ron is  the best is sue still here as well  all in all great grub here

Samantha K          10/10

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We went to Ruby's every day of our holiday last year either for something to eat or just for a drink and loved it each and every time.

We used to love going to the Beer Academy because Dennis was brilliant and now he has his own place which is here. He is still just as funny and friendly and his cooking skills are as good as his bar skills!

I can't not mention the lovely desserts which they have, and to name but a few the pancakes, brownies and chocolate cake were all absolutely delicious!  And so is everything else and we had our fair share of items off the menu both sweet and savoury.

Oh and I must mention Dennis's huge omelette he made which is the best omelette I have ever tasted.

Samantha K          10/10

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Just to clear things up about the posts below, these all relate to Big Boys fast food restaurant which did close down but Ruby's has now been opened it its old location

Ruby's is a different restaurant owned and run by different people to Big Boys and offers different food and drink to Big Boys.

Ruby's opened last summer and is run by Dennis (used to work at Beer Academy) and Dennis (who I think used to work at Waves).

Ruby's is open 24 hours so is great for a late night snack or early morning breakfast but we loved going in at any time of day. They also have a lot of locals and visiting Greeks here which is always a good sign and if you go at the right time you might get to meet some of Dennis's family who occasionally help out!

Andrea R           

Like macdonalds, good for lunch and freshly cooked. Chicken burger is nice.chips weird taste, but nice.

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