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Davey D          1/10

Went to Three Brothers 19-08-2010 stood & waited for one of staff to greet & seat us. About 2 other tables in resataurant the staff outnumbered the customers. Eventually order was taken, no drinks order taken before food order, waitress came over & put  dish in middle of table we thought was possibly coleslaw? Turned out to be crab salad starter.

Then came over with 4 of main courses, advised still missing two starters, so main courses dissapered & eventually 2 missing starters came out along with the same 4 main courses. 2 of the main courses had emaciated chips with them not rice & salad as stated on menu. Then 2 cats were sick under the table.
I can honestly say in the last 25 odd years of visiting Greece its the worst meal I've ever had

Moira E          10/10

dd your comment here The best fish restaurant in Argasi. It is the 1st place we visit every time  we are on holiday. We have eaten here for the past 10 years and the welcome from Nikos, Athina and the rest of the family is second to none. The food is fantastic, with the freshest fish we have ever tasted.  We have recommended it to many tourists from Sweden to America and none have been disappointed.  On holiday you should follow "Greek time", meaning you should relax and enjoy the atmosphere of this typical Greek restaurant  and go with the flow instead of rushing about.   Our fave. dish was the marinated mackerel. Go on ,try it, you know it makes sense!!

Neil P          6/10

Having found Ethnic nextdoor full, we decided to give 3 Brothers a try. We were the only non-Greek couple in the restaurant and there seemed to be something lacking in the service and no real enthusiasm towards the cooking, either. In fact, I can't remember what we ate there exactly. That's how memorable it was. I do remember a very sickly, sweet Moussaka..and a prawn cocktail which wasn't bad, but for a fish restaurant it was lacking a bit of pizazz and far too much sauce. Not the best.

John K          10/10

one of the best fishtaverns in argassi always fresh fish but the bad is that small kids share papers

Louise H          1/10

Visited three brothers early June,

Had mixed variety to start, I had swordfish for main and my boyfriend had lobster spaghetti.
Was not impressed with food or service, hardly any lobster with the spaghetti. Swordfish was ok but very plain. It took ages for them to take our order and in between courses. And we didnt get new cutlery in between courses either!
Would not recommend.

Dawn S          8/10

We ate here once and the food was fine no complaints but there are definitely better restaurants in argassi but if you like seafood you must try this place at least once.

Dot F           

Went here the first time this year what a mistake.We ordered sword fish it came to our table burnt round the edges we thought ok it is probably ok it wasnt it was like eating chicken that was over done it was horrible.When we asked for our bill we were given the first smile of the evening off the waitress who then gave us somebody elses very expensive bill when i questioned it she snatched it out of my hand with no explanation,brought us our bill which we paid then found she had given us 1euro 60 short in our change obviously she didnt get a tip.

Darren C           

Very nice restaurant.

Tried Saganakki (excuse spelling!) and sword fish here for first time. Both very nice!
Excellant all round. 

Old M           

Really really enjoyed eating here. The swordfish steak was just soooooo tasty!  Great service too, and they seemed delighted that I made an effort to talk to them in Greek. Thoroughly recommended.

Andrea S           

We found the staff to be extremely friendly, especially with our son, and the fresh fish and mixed starter were excellent and very reasonably priced.

Adam W           

this resturant was amazing the best in zante we are family of the people who own this resturant they are extremely nice people whoever this geoff wulff he doesnt no what he is talking about he obviously has mental health problems and needs to sort out his attitude towards this resturant.

Raymond P           

The three Brothers is an excellent restaurant, when i was there i saw ia guy walk up from the beach strait from his boat and we had the fish he had just caught for dinner, how fresh can you get? and it was delicious. the familly are really nice n helpful too , it was a joy to eat there and spend some time with the familly. if you like seafood this is the place to eat its EXCELLENT 

Evyeniar P           

YIASAS hi every one this is evyeniar, things are great here and mum, Laura and I cant wait to see you all in the summer. By the way Terry, since when do you have a wife and 4 kids? lol. Hello nu-na  I've sent you a letter in the post, I dont know whether you have got it yet but it should be there in a few days

all my love and hugs  Evyeniar(Jenny)  xxxx

Terry X           

The food was fantastic it was great i have never had such great fish in my life it was so fresh and well cooked my wife loved it and so did my 4 kids if i every go back to zakynthos i will for sure vist them again and the service was incredible i loved it very much and also enjoyed the great greek music

Terry D           

We ate here because we liked the idea of the same family catching and
cooking their own fish, we were not dissapointed the grilled octopus and
Gilthead Bream were cooked to perfection and they prepared small portions
of anything on the menu for children.

Adam W           

the food was exelent and so was the service, the price was good to with wery friendly people

Karen H           

i have just returned from my second visit to argassi and i cannot beleive the negative comments about this restaurant ,it's the best ,all fresh fish caught that morning ,my partner knows the brothers well and he has been fishing with them and beleive me they know there business . I had the best lobster,Shrimps (they are what we call langoustines ) fantastic local wine nice and dry (when in rome as they say ) the family all muck in brothers ,mothers cousins etc and they make the night exstremely relaxing ,the tzasiki and fried aubergines are exquisite as are there lamb chops . This was one of the first restaurants in argassi before it became this popular and we noticed during our fortnight how many people just came back night after night as did we ,why try others when the food is excellent "!!!! and a good price. go try and you wont eat anywhere else trust me !

Geoff W           

We visited this sorry restaurant 3 days ago This was the VERY WORST retaurant visited in 2 weeks spent at Argassi [and this is our third visit to the island].

Food My 2 daughters fish was good, my wife and I had to endure cold squid and spag bol even though we sent it back twice...they argued till I forced the woman to hold an ice cold piece of food.
Wine They recommended a dry rose wine then didn't have any..then brought a warm carafe..
Service Really shocking, Greek people got preference over Brits and not just us, another family walked out while we were there.Unhelpful staff..
Tip They actualy added 10% to the bill, I discovered this deception the next day because they never earned this! Cheek!
Unhelpful staff Hard faced and hard talking woman stone walled me when I complained..

Conclusion Real rubbish, unprofessional excuse for a restaurant compared to Venetsiana Zorbas Papillon Stars... AVOID!

TOP Restaurant Venetsiana away from traffic fumes, live [descreet] music, top service & food, very reasonable prices great service & atmosphere.

David F           

I am suprised by some of the negative comments for this restaurant, and can only assume those correspondents must have gone on a bad day?

We went 3 years ago (July 2000) but the memory is still vivid: Zakynthos was a wonderful Greek island and the 3 Brothers restaurant was unrivalled in all aspects. We asked if lobster was available and the restaurateurs fell over themselves to make us welcome. They simply could not do enough for us and we were made (almost) to feel like part of the family. Many Greeks were dining too, which is always a good sign. A 3-course meal (lobster) including beer, wine & brandies came to less than £30 for 2, probably more expensive now thanks to the €uro!

Mark C           

Excellent service, food the best had whilst in Argassi. Extremely cheap for the quality of the food. Highly recommended.

Claire S           

Disagree with previous comments...maybe it has improved this year. We had delicious lobster and snapper and they did a child size portion of fresh tuna for our son...rather than the usual nuggets and chips.


Not to be recommened. The fish was ok but expensive and every one seemed miserable. No thank you!!!!!!!

Jon & Kay           

Bad Service - the family run it - but all with sour faces! Food bland and uninteresting. We wouldn't eat there again, even if it was Free!!!

Alan C           

This place has to be one of the most disgusting places i have ever eaten in.It was dirty, smelly and the staff were down right arrogant.What made things even worse was i was bad for three days after.My advice is keep well away.They dont even deserve the 2/10 mark, they should be 0/ 100.

Juniper C           

An excellent place to eat which serves real greek food. It is family run and evryone is involved

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