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Lawrence K          10/10

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Target Bar in Argassi has to have one of the most stunning views of any restaurant I've had the pleasure of eating. The atmosphere is extremely laid back and friendly and the food is great too. Its one of the few places that seems to do a greek night in the resort and its better than any I've been to in all the time I've been going to Greece. See you soon Nico  

Tom C          9/10

hello guys and i was with a party back in august this year 2007 i had the the bristol lot with me the group where we had granny velma who won the herbs and norman got all you 3 nationalities (rose club crowd) myself being from goerdie land. sorry never had chance to make coment about safari trip, but after reading many other coments and we had a family re-union again the other day and watched the dvd we got of you guys and we could;nt stop laughting about the when loui through the snake in the back of the jeep had a great time hope yous had a nice xmas and all the best  for 2008 Tom Collins p.s the octopus i ate was great too twins still cant believe i ate it hahaha. we have had problems with home pc and lost all our photos from hols even previous hols but soon as we get some of other folk we stick some on cheers.

Louise H          4/10

Was in the target bar back in June.

Unfortunatley we werent too impressed. There was a bbq on so we had that but the only meat there was was 3 pork skewers. So wish wed have gone for the normal menu.
The Greek Night wasnt as good as what I had read about.
Only  good thing I can say about Target Bar is the location as its got gorgeous views over argassi.
Maybe we went on a bad night as the other recent reviews seem good, maybe becuase it was in June, but it wasnt good anyway...
Lou and Lee

Tamzin L          10/10

The best night me,my husband and three kids had during our fortnight stay in argassi was at the greek night at Target.Situated on the top of a hill it has amazing views,the atmosphere was lovely,food was great and the free wine even better!My kids joined in the greek dancing and loved it.This place is so friendly,would definatly recommend a visit if you want to experience a traditional Greek night with Greek dancers,music and food!

Joolz I          10/10

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  No matter where we are staying on Zakynthos...we ALWAYS try and visit The Target Bar!! It has some of the BEST views of Zakynthos Town..The Peloponese and Kefalonia...and worth the bit of a climb to get up there!!! Theres nothing nicer than sitting up there...with a cold glass of something and some nice greek snacks..taking in the sights..sounds and smells that being half way up a mountain can give you!!
     Thankfully...wont have to spend a fortune in euros in taxis to get there this we are staying in be spending several....laid back afternoons up we are there for 3 weeks!!
    Cannot wait to be back there....see you all soon!!

Tina A           

in Argassi from 20/08/06 to 03/09/06.  We first went to the Target for the Greek night which was superb value for money at 14 euros each, altho they only charged us 7 euros for my 14 year old, 6ft tall son!!  We loved it so much that we went back a further 2 times, as the views are fantastic and you're not eating your dinner by the side of a road with all the diesel fumes and noisy people walking past watching you eat!!  The prices are also cheaper than in the main town.  If the van isn't there waiting to take you up the hill, just get your hotel to call them and they'll come and get you.
Their Roast Lamb is fantastic - it fell apart with just a fork, and you can have other things instead of chips - you just have to ask!!  We had roast potatoes, rice and even pasta!!
The owner, Nikos, really looks after you.  We had several shots on him, and suffered for it the next morning!! 
If you go nowhere else, you MUST go to the Target.  But don't just go for the Greek night!!

Alan R           

Totally agree with all previous comments. The greek night we went to was fantastic. The views stunning and prices are the best value in Argassi.

The B           

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Hi Nicos

This the best restaurant in argassi
Even a lift up the hill and back free of charge, the food is fantastic try the lamb
the greek dancing is brill
Our love to Nicos and staff

Caroline M           

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This place has the best views of Argassi as it is set up in the hills.  Between 7pm-9pm in the evenings you can get a free ride to this place.  A young lad stands, promoting the restaurant, under a tree just past the beer academy on the right hand side as you're walking towards the hill, he will arrange a lift for you. The waiter is lovely and friendly and the food is excellent. Very chilled out place to go to eat as they don't rush you.

David C           

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We have been twice now to Zante and have found the Target Taverna has the best view over Agassi and Zakynthos town by day and night accompanied by good food. It is a good climb up the hill but well worth the effort, but this year we cheated and hired a car.

Wyn O           

We ate here on their opening night of the summer in May 2006, and though they didn't have everything on the menu it was fantastic. We were given a lift to and from the restaurant, and a free bottle of wine with our meal. I had a sirloin steak and my fiance had a chicken dish. There was plenty of food on our plates - more than enough. The price was also very reasonable, and we would definitely recommend this bar to others.

Heike L           

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Dear Nikos!!

It is only January but I can't wait to see you this summer and spend fun nights with you and your familiy at the target bar. I miss you guys soooo much! See you soon! Heike

Brian W           

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This is the best spot in argassi to eat at no other bar will look after you like at the target bar no words can sum up this man & the target bar but the BEST

Alison L           

If your staying in Argassi, a great meal out is going to Target. We went on a Thursday when they do BBQs and got a free ride up to it and back when we'd finished, this was organised through our rep, but Target do this for all their customers. The BBQ cost us 14 euros each with drinks included which I think is good value for money. We had a greek salad starter with Tatziki and bread, which was more than enough to fill me up alone. We then had Kebabs straight off the BBQ, which were lovely. The only bad thing I would say about this restaurant was that the kebabs were served with chips as opposed to rice and unfortunately this is generally the case wherever you eat in Zante, looks like us Brits have influenced the food a bit too much, as I would have much preferred the more cultural choice of rice. The views are spectacular and make it worth the trip up there. The waiters/waitresses put on some Greek dancing for entertainment - but be warned you will be asked to join in! I would really recommend this place for a night out.

Aisling B           

It is a must. The views were beautiful and so peaceful. You have to go on the thursday and saturday greek night with greek cuisane and greek dancing. It great fun as they drag up to do trational greek dancing and to make a fool of yourself!!!!! I woz there for 2 weeks and it woz by far the best night out in ages.It woz a little pricey (its a set menu). So its a must do in argassi also go to blue blue a restaurant near it. It has great food and views too. Have Fun!

Julie S           

This is a real gem hidden high in the hills. This chap doesnt want to push his restaurant down your throat like the others, he wants you to visit if you want to come, and will give you  traditional Greek hospitality whilst you are there. ( They will pick you up and return you to you accommodation free of charge). The food is ok, but the views are stunning. We ate out on the terrace and watched the sunset looking over the bay, it was one of the prettiest sights on the island. I agree that you have to visit early in your stay, as you will definitely go back before you leave. Cant reccomend it highly enough.

Oonagh D           

SmileIf you love wonderful views, this is the place for you. This establishment is situated on the hill above Argassi, they will pick you up if you give them a ring, although it should be said the walk is fun and worth the effort. I found the food more than acceptable in both taste and quantity. The family who run Target are very polite and helpful.  At the moment they have the sweetest little puppy running around in the grounds.

 Target is the place for you if
  • you find Argassi noisy and hot
  • you enjoy large portions, cooked to suit the British palate
  • you love views of the town night or day
  • you find cute little puppies endearing- but be quick they grow up fast
What did I miss about Argassi- well the only thing I can think of is this restaurant.  I hope if you visit Target you will find it the same.

Michelle B           

We ate here a number of nights and although the menu is limited (after all it is a snack-bar) food very good, again a fine example of greek hospitality, free bottles of house white/red, free cocktails for the children, free puddings (mama we love you) and we especially love your pudding, this was made again for us on request. Fantastic views over the island, staff really friendly, obviously in the game because they want to be and not for the money.
Will definately return.

Iain K           

The food was mediocre (and a very limited menu), the service poor but the views across zante are excellent so worth a visit for that at least

Chris B           

An excellent taverna hidden high in the hills above Argassi with the most fantastic views of Zante town and the Penepolese. Run by people who really want you to enjoy the experience of traditional Greek food. The food was superb on both occassions and the price was unbelievably reasonable all with free transport to and from the restaurant provided. How they do it is beyond me but ensure that you visit Target early enough in your holidays as once you have been
there you will I am sure return as we did.
Definiately the best!!!!

Fred V           

dear nikos do you remember me?
how can i contact you because we want to visit you again
and like to have the good times like we have for many years.
like to hear from you

Terry D           

What more can you say... This is a genuine Taverna run by genuine greek
people, who seem to do the job because they love it and not because they
want your money, You can spend an entire evening just relaxing and
enjoying the incredible views over Zante town towards Kefalonia. Or why not
go up on a Greek night 12 / 6 for kids incredible value includes meal plenty
of wine and Greek dancers. You even get free transport there and back.
"If you stay in Argassi go here early in your visit - because you will want to go
back again".

Andy M           

just go up the hill just for the view .........have a drink and its the best around....5 star guy and say hi ...we will be back !!!

Heike T           

We went to see Nikos on his first Greek Nite at the beginning of the season on May 6th and it was awsome. It was packed the first night already. We took our 16 month old son and he had a blast. Nikos is very good with children. He loves them although he does not have any of his own. It was like coming home! We try to come back again this summer!!

Jeff B           

Was at the Target on our last night in Argassi,and had an absolute ball.Barbecue,free wine and traditional Greek entertainment and hospitality,all for 12 Euros each.These nights take place on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays,some customers reserved tables because it was so popular.If you want to watch movies,football and get pissed go to the Red Lion wearing your football tops,but if you want to get involved with real Greek hospitality,hit the Target and strike Bullseye.......


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