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Ashleigh M           

hey,zante is the best place in the world!!! it was my 4th year there and it gets better every year. you do need quite alot of money tho. took 900 euros n ran out by the end a the 1st week. defo visit rescue and x paradiso. the bar men...........WOW .  there is alot of nice restaurants to eat in if you dont jus go for a mcds or kfc .  hope everryone going enjoys thereselfs. soooooooo jelous. ha ha xx

James C           

The nightlife was quality, loved rescue, zeros, wild coyote and Mad Murphys the Irish bar. Didnt go much on the hotel (the fantasy although I think it may really be called Divo or something. They love taking our money for alcohol but dont give an inch when the inevitable consequences of pissed up lads  occur! The food werent great and Laganas was a bit of a dump really but the beach was nice. To be fair I didnt go for nice hotel or food I went to have loads of drinks, dance my tits off and meet new people which Zante is quality for! I wouldnt go back and Id say Kavos is better but Id definately recommend it if u wanna do what I did, having 20 odd mates wiv ya helps enall! I was out there fri 28th august till 4th august and yeah I wanna go back! Crocky!

Ilson G           

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We had an amazin time in Zante!!! Didnt wanna go home and will definatly be going back again, we met some amazing people out there, bernhard, nick, ally and all the others :)! The night life was well good, our fave club was zeros!! It was such a laugh!

Joe M           

got back on weds 2nd august,   had a wicked time at the bluebell with cookie and mouth, the bar cruels were wicked and the foam parties, the fancy dress was funny we all dressed up as girls in dresses lol, the night life out there was so good, must 2 was the best bar there, all thanks to iain. 

were all goin back in november at butlins cant wait to see everyone again, those gorgie girls lol
thanks for a wicked time reps.
joe x  

Neil F           

zante one of the best places  to visit in the world to party

this was my second time here and it was even better than the last.
met some sound people out there :
steveo, c**k head, lil jim, chris, cash, matt day, luke, dave, denya, andy,daz, stef, al, baxter, the nicholator, ollie, atley, lee, laura, heather, fran, yvette, emma, sarah, connie, helen, sexy nix, and samy.
yeah mate amigos!!!!!!!
oh ma dayz!!!!!!!!
buff ting!!!!!!!!!
zante poo!!!!!!
fruit salad!!!!!!!!!
if u want a good laff and get smashed go zante (laganas)!!!!!!!
(and hire a quad)
fisher & beau (liverpool)

Sara L

hi i am going to laganas on the 24th aug can any one recomend a bar or to that i can take my 14yr old daughter or has any one got any good ideas where i can take her thanks


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Guys what dates are the reunions at Butlins? Need the dates and to book it. amazing holiday.

Rachel S           

Just back from Laganas on Thursday miss it so much already met some amazin' people especially Al the crazy barman & blondie (chris) & all the guys tht stand outside and persuade you to go in - got me everytime lol (The Three Lions). Best places to go ; Relax, The Three Lions, Ghetto, Rescue, Waikiki, Chevy's (think thats wat its called?), Mad Murphy's =] Defo goin' back next year, can't wait!!

Mike V           

click to enlargeYou'll have a banging time mate, zante is everythink people say it is!! ive just got back last week n i wish i was back there!! nearly as big group as mine (31) thou after 2 days its hard to keep every1 together hahaha

Jr W           

Me n my 25 odd other mates from Pompey r heading out to Laganas in a weeks time n I cant wait, went to Kavos which was amazing, tenerife - not so good and Magaluf last year - banging! So Im hoping Laganas lives up to what Ive heard. Sounds like the bars n clubs r pretty good, shame about the watersports but I suppose raphael, leonardo, michaelangelo and donatello need to come first! Cant wait to get out there! Gonna b quality!

Kate H           

We stayed in Argassi but visited Laganas twice during the day time.

The beach is great and if you walk past the port area where alot of tour boats go from you get to a wooden bridge which leads over to an island with two small bars on it. It's really lovely.

There's an endless choice of restaurants and bars along the front for sun loungers, drinks and food. Totem is a small bar about half way down which serves really nice cocktails.

The sea is really shallow and warm too.

We didn't venture out there at night as it's a bit too 18-30's for me. (been there, done that in Magaluff in `99). Prefer a more relaxed pace these days but for a day out I couldn't knock it.

Phil S           

Just got home yesterday. thought lagans was absolutley amazin, couldnt have asked for more out of our holiday would definatley go back again maybe not next year but defo some time in the future, best two weeks of me life.............. Phil

Leah M           


I have just got back from Zante Laganas - It was mint!!! Best holiday in ages. I took 700 euros for 1 week and came back with 250 euros. I was drinking and eating out EVERY day - We were getting a free shot in every bar so make sure when a rep asks you go in a bar - say you will if u get a free shot and they give it you. BE FIRM!
Try Zeros, Pink, Three lions and avoid Baywatch!!!!! Leah xx

Paul S           

Lagana 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul S           

     irish xxxxxx
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Paul S           

 LAGANA 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul S           


LAGANA 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul S           

LAGANA 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul S           

 LAGANA 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul S           

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Jeannie & David           

This is a Message to everybody returning to Laganas 2006

THE SIROCCO RESTAURANT formerly on the beach in front of the Hotel Australia.
Is in New Location 2006
Pando, Valli, Cristos, Babbi & All
Look forward to welcoming you to their NEW SIROCCO RESTAURANT
Location:   On the Main Street near Cosy Corner & Right Next Door to THE HOTEL VICTORIA
To see you back is our hope  -  To serve you is our pleasure
        Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Our Menu's & High Standard of Food & Service are all for your pleasure.
   See you All This Summer We Hope
  Valli, Pando & All  


Visited Laganas for the first time in May 2005 with my partner and two children..absolutley loved it,something for everyone..loved walking down the main strip at night as the atmosphere was fantastic,if i didnt have the kids with me i would of been straight in those lively at night but our hotel(The Maragrita) was far enough out of the way so that we did get quiet times

   Hoped to go back this year but everyone in our family has decided to get married this year so its a no go..but definatley going back in May 2007...cant wait

John H           

this is 1 ov the best places i have eva been the first time i went i was 10 years old! since then i have been out there with so many ov my friends! n they all loved it 2!  this will b about my 26th time visiting the island n all ov r friends we have made there! we cant wait 2 get back there n c everyone again especially everyone at the new sirocco n the parrpts bar! we so miss the sambuca its not as good as rs ova eya! wht not try this beautiful island & resort n c 4 urselfs! lagana is the best place on the island ov zante if your aged between 18 n 25 the nightlife is fab! its also good 4 the older generation aswell there r some nice relaxing bars n tavernas! 
we will c everyone very soon
bex, jodie, claire, katie, nicky, chris, jo, josh, jamie n baby g!xxxxx

Lyn G           

hey, me n the girlies went zante last july, its was wicked never drunk so much in my life!! the best club was by far cherry bay- the baywatch bar- ill be ready............anyway the weather was great and so were the people i loved it.

Liza J           

went to lagana on 21st october everything was shuting down,it was lovely though plenty to do,loads of excursions still running weather was lovely too.stayed at the zante park hotel nice and clean and lovely pool area.Only bad thing was we had an earthquake followed by a couple of tremors scary.met a gang of scottish lads and gals had a brill couple of nights out with them,great place to eat hot lips and a great bar is relax.

Karen F           

Laganas is just the ultimate holiday, we loved it so much we are getting married there this year. Do any of you Lagana fans have photos of the town hall at Lagana that you could possibly e-mail, we would really appreciate it.   Have fun...............!! 

Nicola D           

Went last August for 2 weeks with partner and on first night we were a bit shocked by the nightlife!!! after first day tho we began to love it, yes there are lots of bars and clubs but thats not all! If you go towards Kalamaki Road, (Situated off main strip on the right hand side as you walk away from the beach) the bars get quieter and there are some lovely restaurants, more suited to people who don't want clubbing every night!

As a young couple we enjoyed this variety, either a clubbing night or a nice meal?? We enjoyed Zante, the place, people and beach were excellent and would recommend to anyone! I would definetly like to go back their soon!
Fave places-  Summertime Bar, L Fratelli, and the Dallas Greek Restaurant.

Lyndsey H           

got back from laganas on 17th october. we were there on honeymoon.we loved it. weather was

gorgeous all week and there were still 3 or 4 clubs open.we stayed at the tassia studios run by kostas and his family. they really made us welcome. definitely going back next year with the kids. a beautiful island.

Becky H           

We go there every year and every year its the same..........................Fantastic!   There is loads to do, its always sunny and there is an excuess to have an ice-cream every day!    The only problems are the people bugging you to go into clubs and to buy stuff  though....................

Lelsey H           

we just got back from laganas - stayed in laganas hotel (freestyle hotel) accomodation was basic with no fridge in room and non sunny balcony (we are 40 but at this time of year everyone there is older really) - no good going there if you're young and want loads of nightlife because by the time we left on 17th october nearly everything apart from tavernas were closed and anyone there under 30 were bored.  having said that if you went in season there would be no better place to party and everyone seems really friendly.  loads of fab places to eat - try fatso's run by a canadian family where you can eat as much as you like dead cheap.  zante itself has not really anything to see in spite of having a car for 3 days and doing the whole island - it looks like they haven't done much to put the island right since the 50's earthquake (that bad!!).  however, the weather was fab and it was a lovely break.  neil was our rep and if he s**gged 400 women it musta been the 400 pissed one cos i swear he does not have any like sex appeal or anything (sorry neil - but you dont like).

Faye A           

laganas was amazing. weather was ok but only because we went at da end of september. da clubs were wicked especially rescue club, the atmosphere was wicked and da tunes were fat! the best bar on laganas has to be without fail. legends!!! da place to be if u either wanna get wrecked on cheap cocktails our your feeling peckish and have some gorgeous english food for cheap as chips!!! da bar is run by an english family and they are all friendly and mad for it! me and a couple of our mates either went there before da nite started or at da end of our nite. either way u go in soba and c*m out pissed! the prices in there are un believable! only 2 euros for a cocktail and they taste fantastic! my favourite one is penny lane and the funny cocktail is all you need is love! so if you go to laganas in zante make sure you go to legends bar its not worth missing for anything!!! go! go! go! go! go!  love faye.xxxx

Rachel W           

Just got back from Zante (Lagana hotel) and what a week- to say i went with the most boring crowd i still had fun! Pitty i didnt get to know everyone a little better! We went with Thompson and was brill- bar crawl game called Jailbreak and a boat trip and sat nite live was all good! I tell you something girls watch out for a rep called Neil (or has his friends call him the Cherry Bay Virus!!!) he was a laugh but has slept with over 400 women!!!!!

Am taking my girls back next year so hopefully will have more fun!!!
I wanna be a holiday rep now cause the night life is fab!!!

Rae P           

>DERBY LADS<.......nice photo's
bondgirls xxxx

Rae P           

OH MY GOD had the most memorable and amazing week in laganas !! i agree that lads outnumbered girls but that didn't cause a problem for us bond girls. i'm feeling desperatley zante sick and wish i was still there. i actually believe i have never laughed or drank so much continuously in 1 week. got some fantastic photo's met some fantastic people and had some unforgettable experiences.

the derby cretins may have expected more out of the bond girls but to be frank we were generaly too battered and having too much of a laugh to allocate any one group of people our pleasurable company. nice to meet you though!
the bond girls xxxx

Amy B           

hey hey pple!!

how amazing is laganas can i just say! Cherry bay best club by miles, cherry bay all the way!!! and cocktails and dreams rock on, top qulaity stuff! talking of top quality how hot is the totty in zante!! particularly a lad called warren from kent  "make us a cup of coffee darlin!!!" if u read this then make sure u get in contact and write ur opinion on Laganas cos i'll make u a cup of coffee anyday!!!
gutted to b home
anyway b back next year for longer and for an even bigger party!!!
amy of newcastle xx

Debbie W           

hi just reading some of the comments about lagans. i must say that i was dissapointed last year when we spent a day and night there. never again. we stayed in kalamki which isnt far from laganas. i love the night life and been to ibiza a few times but laganas it a nice place but spoilt by all the drunks that p**s on the beach and spu in the street with no respect for other holiday makers and familys, and especially the logcals. even some of the reps came to kalamaki and said they hated the place cus of all the trouble the brits cause when they are drunk. i know we brits love a damn good time but there is toliets to p**s in and spu in. maybe this is the why there is always trouble between the locals and the holiday makers. come on you brits have a damn good p**s up but please dont ruin the reputation of laganas and zante itself

Gail B           

Thought it was alot quieter this season (last two weeks in August) could be something to do with the bad press regarding sex party's on the beach.


Marc A           

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here are some pics of my holiday

Marc A           

here is some pics

Marc A           

this place is the bollox, it was perfect for a p**s up holiday, only one incident where the locals attacked us but we we're pissed up so much we didn't really notice!!!

foam party at black and whites is the nuts, 25 euros for a free bar!!!
best place this year, better than ibiza and ayia napa!!! everywhere is so good, got wrecked!!!
we stayed at yakinthos apts really nice people, but 20 mins walk to the strip, but all totally worth it, would defo go back next year!!!
i'd like to shout out to jenna, lisa, sarah and lisa, top chuffin northern girls!!!!
laters people

Dirk D           

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Just got back from zante, and although its not the best place Id ever been to it was still better than being in this country!!

Thought lads outnumbered girls but hey wheres different! Also thought we'd get more out of you bond girls! he he!! your loss.
dont think i'll be back iminently but for anyone thats going (lads) sharpen up your pulling tactics before jetting off!
peace out ....A-town.


Charlie, Lucy, Dale and Kitch you made my holiday fab, u looked after us guy cheers

Francine H           

Wish I was still out there enjoying the night life, this time last week I was dancing in CherryBay till 8 in the morning - it was great!

Brummie L           

brummie lads  just got back from a 2 week p**s up wot a f**kin blast if any1 remembers us drop a line

Bobbles B           

Oi scopey, just sort of assimilating and re assimilating...whats the vibe with this place? never been..

were three lads average to poor appearance, even worse banter..from Notts basically looking for beach, birds and loads of lash !!
I am massive
whatever smell you later  


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hey bella! hows g*y boy!!!

check out
glad ya had a fab time - u guys were fab!
see ya soon
dj lady bex

Buddy L           

Just got back from the place, can say ive been to better, it was abit

of a dump, the beach was awful. OK nightlife but i think sex is illegal.
U may even get looked at funny if u talk to the opposite sex.
Never again for me.

Bella M           

We got back form Zante last thursday and I am missing it loads!!!! I had the most amazing time and hope everyone else does who is going soon. Althought you may be hung over, i highly reccomend to get a pedalo (try and get one with a slide), it provides hours of entertainment.

Zeros is the place to go!!
Hi to anyone that we met out there, we are the 9 girls and 1 boy (gay boy) from london.

Nikki M           

Just got back from Zante on Friday, never again.

The place has really changed in the last 2 years and is an absolute dump. Noisy, Rowdy, Dirty and smelly.
We stayed at the Alkyonis in Laganas - dont, this is a complete tip, the rooms were never cleaned and we had to ask for towels and bedding to be changed cus they didn;t bother. Staff were rude and unpleasant. 

Blondie *           

It was awful!!

some of the locals were lovely and relax bar cocktails were ok but everything else... just horrific!! I your looking for sun see and sex, perfect place for you. We stayed in the alexander appartments...don't they are old fasioned dirty and noisy 247. We nwon't be going back!!

Saira F           


Off to Zante on Oct 14th and can't wait! Gonna be hitting the beach by day and the bars, clubs by night!

Lesley C           

7 of us girlies have just got back and are not wanting to be here! we had the best time in zante met some fantastic people and cant wait to go back! everything everyone is saying about zante isnt true and you should go!

Ciaran A           

Yes Yes girlies.12 Bedford boys on the way out to zante on the 4th september, we will be wearin pink shirts so u cnt miss us.look out 4 these names and u wnt regret it gals, GIZMO, WAGGY, PUM , BINJER ,SMILER, BUNGLE, ANIMAL, WOBBLER, PARKS, RICKO, GROVESY AND FINALLY BREW STALLION.  Peace out Zante massive, u aint ready 4 the Bedford Boys

Buddy L           

7 Derby lads jet out early wednesday mornin so if any crazy ladies r up for a good time look out for the derby cretins; The Hoff, The Codfather, Penfold, Captain Reebok, Eugene and finally The main event. Hope to see you out there.

Fadgie B           


2 Lasses from Newcastle flyin out tomorro (28th) for 2 weeks!! COME ON!!!!!! 

Roy B           

click to enlarge

Bond Girls, where u from?? im flying out on the 28th in the morning fly at 5:15am from manchester!!!! will working over there from sunday night behind the Wackabout Bar!!!! so look out for RoyBoy and is crazy jokes and bar tricks!!!

Buddy L           

Hey there bond girls, you 4  lasses sound like you know how to hav a good time.

and so do us lads. 7 Derby lads (maybe 6, theyve been unconfirmed reports Jimmy Krankie
has broken his back) are jetin out on the 31st august.
So Bond girls look out for The cretins of Derby, they will even be a picture of our good
selves on our back so you dont hav to talk to us to see how fit we are.
Hope to see you all out there The Hoff , The Cod Father (aka Dirk Diddler) , The main Event, Penfold , Captain Reebok, Eugene  and finally Jimmy Krankie  (if we manage to prop him up for a week).

Jodie B           

oi oi boi's!, 4 mad for it girls heading out to laganas 28th august!!!

any fit lads fancy showing us a good time  we have our own tshirts now all we need is somehing to make us wet!!!! let the competiton begin!
look out for the bond girls!!
honey ryder= rampant rachael
octop***y=kinky cat
p***ygalour= juicy jodie
miss moneypenny=bootyful becky
anybody going to be out there thats counting on a mad time get in touch!!

Dirk D           

Going to Zante on the 31/08/05 for 1 week with buddy loves Derby crew. Anyone hot Females out there between the 31/08 and the 07/09?? Let us know...

Will be accompanied by the original Bareback rider,Chav south central, Chico pubino, jimmy cranky, Wee-wee, frank the tank,
Shall we get on it!!! Couple of cheeky tequillas!!

Phil C           

Off to Zanty on Sunday and I nanny wait!  One Essex lad with his 3 Gordie mates and we're gonna go crackers!  Out there for 2 weeks and i'm gonna sleep when i get home!  Come on, lets go wild! Remember the good die young!

Ian S           

6 lads going out on sept 8th, 1 brummie (moi), 2 mancs and 3 boston boys.

staying at plaza I for 2 weeks and im damn excited, all of us from sheffield hallam uni too.
ne-one know much about plaza I?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
neone else heading out at this time?

Jimmy S           

Whats the weather like over there?

I see on this sites homepage it says sunny pretty much all the time, if you look on bbc weather, it always seems to be cloudy!!! Is this true, or are the BBC getting it wrong, I want proper hot when im there end of August.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! 5 days until sum lovely geordie galls will be hittin Zante!!

CANNIT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gunna b mad!! hope us r ready 4 us!!!!!!ha!!

Marc A           

12 days to go, seems like that everyone who is going to zante is from up north!!! gordie girls acsents are well sexy, can't wait to get there, the southerners are coming!!!

sketch, 2 star, cocktail, bum, and keg!!!

Hayley C

Can anyone help me with what seems like a silly question BUT does anyone know if there are any shops in Laganas that sells English written books? Or even, as they have in Benidorm, a second hand bookstore? Saves having to take loads of books in your luggage!!! 3 Airdrie girls are heading to Laganas for 2 weeks next Thursday and wee canny wait!


Woo bit excited there r we!ha!

nar man where bouts u from lyk??

Buddy L           

Not been to the place yet but been hearin sum good reports. 7 Derby lads r jetin there on the 31st august for a week, altho short lived were in tendin to make the most of it. Any1 visitin about the same time reply.

Hope to see you out there
A.C Slater , Invertinip , Glitter Boots , RAW Bags , Jimmy Cranky , Eugene  and Kingpin (whos he?)

Michael D           

Got back from Zante two weex ago, went fo 3 weex and it was a holiday i'll never forget! went with 6 other mates and we all had the holiday of a lifetime exept one morngy b*****d! to anyone who is going you will not be disapointed I love gordies accent, they're soooooo sexy!!

Chaz C           

hey,me and 6 of my m8s went last year it as soooo gud didnt wnt 2 c*m home it was that gudcry,well 4 the girls wel if ur single wot can i say bout the lads wel if ur up 4 a laf its the place to b trust me i notongueembarrassed!the clubs n bar r g8 we all got hammered every nite it was such a laflaugh, we were all ill wen we all got bck homepissed.the best place we went was medousaclap,cherry bayclap,the irish bar clapwel they were all gud cnt memeberall the names really,im goin bck in bout 2weeks cant waitsmile. if any1 is goin round that time let me no kwink.luk out 4 kinki kev and rooney in medouse they r wel fitwink xxx

Paul O           

!GEORDIEZ!  Me and 6 lads are going on the 21st aswell, where abouts in NEWCASTLE you from?

Paul O           

Ryan. Yeah we proberley will where you flying from? You been to Zante before? Cant wait now.

Vicki S           

We've been back 2 days and wanna go back badly! it was the best time ever!cherry bay, plus bar, medusas, black an white r wicked!cant wait 2 go back!

Shar R           

Got back from Zante 2 weeks ago and still miss it!  You will have a great time!  Cocktails and dreams, Ghetto, G Spot, Rescues and Cherry Bay definately the best places.  Oceans is a club which stays open when the others close during the week( after 4), a lot of workers go there and is alright if you want to keep on partying!  Watch the toilet doors though-my friend nearly knocked herself out!  Its just off the main strip.  So jealous im not goign back!x


11 Days until 4 lovley ladies will be hitting Zante!!


Marc A           

Not long till the Guildford Boys are out - 28th August till 11th Sept.

been looking at the place on the interent looks well good.
can anyone recommend any good places to go!!!
laters people!!!

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