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Rob R          9/10

 Yassou Tasos & Kostas - back "home" next week - need Mythos!!

Mick B          10/10

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well what can you say about this bar. been to tsilivi 3 times now but this year stayed at kalamaki. some friends of ours were staying at tsilivi so what an excuse for a night out in tsilivi.we headed straight for two bros and got the welcome we expected.they allways remember you and treat you like family. very suprised to hear alex has left he was a good lad and made you laugh. anyway the usual fun packed night just what british holidaymakers want. ps. who,s got black face. mick from leicester aug 2010

Eddie .          10/10

click to enlarge there's a new page now setup for the grill in the restaurants section

Davenkayburnley           10/10

Must agree with Eddie.  We've been going to Tsilivi for eight years now (twice a year for the last 4 I think!!).  Always stayed at Two Brothers and cannot fault them.  We've seen staff come and go but the place is still as friendly and the atmosphere still as good as it always was.
We're back again end of September and can't wait to see everyone.
Just a mention on the new bar and grill.  It looks as good as the food tastes!  ie Brilliant!!
It's a credit to the brothers that they took the Troc on and they've improved the whole area with their conversion of a tired looking building that was just deteriorating and making the area look depressed.
Well done to you all.
See you September 26th

Steve L          9/10

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John B          3/10

click to enlarge hi all i was there july 2010 i found it to be abit boring this year it was the same things as last year  and wasnt good without alex he made that bar  keep it going but we did meet up with alexs hes working in level bar just down from 2 brothers if anyone is looking for him hes a wee cutie dont get me wrong julian was a nice guy working for the 2 brothers hes very nice  but i enjoyed it but not as much as last year sorry to say this but true they need to learn more things

Mr B

Quite an astute observation there Eddie. I believe I've left 52 reviews so far on my experiences in Zante, and I hope that other readers find them useful. I certainly find it a big help to read other people's reviews of bars, restaurants etc, and am a big supporter of this website as you will have noticed.

Of the 52 reviews I've left on here, only two people have taken exception to my comments. One guy couldn't understand why I did not give the Paradise Bar a higher rating, and you seem to be hung about me mentioning peanuts at Two Brothers for some reason.
If that's the only criticisms of my posts, then I can live with that.
Perhaps if you leave reviews yourself, you will find that everyone has different opinions on what they regard as good bars, restaurants etc.
Try it and see...good luck !

Eddie .          10/10

aye ok ,

no personal insults made ,

but i'm sure more than one person on here has took issue with some of your posts about different bars ,

Mr B

Eddie, I can't understand why you've got such a chip on your shoulder. We both enjoy the Two Brothers Bar, so what's your problem ?

Anyway, let's not get personal about this, the point of Just Zante is to exchange views and comments about Tsilivi bars, restaurants etc. No need for the personal insults.
Let's just leave it at that.

Eddie .          10/10

aye ok , we'll look again

A nice, friendly bar.......fair enough

 Worth a visit.........fair enough

 Spot the brother who looks like Donny Osmond !.............poor sarcasm

 Alex has now left, so it will be interesting to see how they get on without him...............ridiculous comment

 If you like peanuts with your beer, this is the place to be...................again negative

enough said , your comments speak for themselves ,

Mr B

Eddie - Negative post ? I think it's you that's having a laugh my friend ! Try reading it again...I said it's a nice bar. Rated 7 out of 10. Sounds quite fair to me. It's all about opinions, isn't it ?


Couldnt of put it better myself eddie, been comimg here 5 years its like home from home , iv seen alot of faces come and go over the years and there will get on just fine, be back there in 3 days

Eddie .          10/10

with regard to mr banff's post about alex leaving , and how'll they'll get on without him , you must be having a laugh ,

if you've went to tsilivi for years you'll know that the brothers have been running this bar for years ,built it up from scratch , and many staff have came and went , none of which have impacted on their success ,

i'm sure they'll survive just fine , since i've been going to tsilivi i've seen nikos , big jim , dmitri and spiros all leaving   , everyone of them just as good as alex if not better ,

their also must be thousands of peanut fans in tsilivi because the two brothers bar is full every night , don't take my word for for it , try it yourself if you go , you wont regret it ,

see ye's in sept boys

pretty negative post mr banff

Natalie B          10/10

Just read that alex has left thats really sad was wanting him to be there when we came over in 3 weeeks bit gutted now hes not going to be there :( see yous on the 29th of july :D xxxx

Jade B          10/10

Best bar in Tsilivi, came back sunday 4th july, missing it already  staff were great! Kondi was brill hahaa miss him already, only been gone a day everyone is really nice and they all make sure you have a good laugh, best entertainment around hard to say goodbye as they become very good friends! We looked forward to going out at night  knowing that it would be great! If your off to Tsilivi, i would recommend you went there  going back next year, and will defo be going to this bar again  hopefully all the staff i've met this year will be there  will see you next year guys!! i can't wait!! 

Pamela A          10/10

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Best bar in Tsilivi, great music and cocktails, had a great laugh with the best bar staff every night there. Kondi  miss you allready. Just home and dying to go back! xx

Mr B          7/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge A nice, friendly bar. Worth a visit. Spot the brother who looks like Donny Osmond ! Alex has now left, so it will be interesting to see how they get on without him.

If you like peanuts with your beer, this is the place to be...
Good luck Kondi.

Jeanette S          9/10

click to enlarge.   just returned on 13th June. 2 brothers bar fantastic. My hubby bn on net b4 we went so recognised name. Went in every night and it was such a laugh. Bar staff and kondi were fab. They threw serviettes at us, put ice cubes down back. Played tricks etc. And dont forget the wigs we wore a different wig every night. My girls danced outside. Would go back again. best pub in tsivili. would go back and stopin their apartments. jeanette si and girls

Marianthi L          10/10

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Hi everyone i am Kosta's daughter !Thnx for all  ur nice comments!!!My dad and my mum Jane say hi !Hope u like our new bar and grill house!

Steph M          10/10

hi im steph and i am planning to come over next summer to work and im tryin to get a job sorted i was out last year for bit and i work in a pub here at home my email is could you let me no if anything turns up thanks


John B          10/10

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John B          10/10


Mandy P          10/10

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hi to all at two brothers hope your all good will see you all june x this bar is fantastic x

Gill C          10/10


Jamie           6/10

Lots going on,but we found it a bit 'samey' each night,playing same music etc,good cocktails !!!!! 

Jim D          10/10

Thanks for another fantastic holiday, we always feel at home here.

Chloe C          10/10

The most amazing place in Tsilivi, loved every night I spent there! I love the staff soo much.   Alex and Nikos made my holiday! Definitely want to go back! Miss them all loads.  xoxo

Caitlin H          10/10

heyy everyone

the two brothers are the best bar ever my family and i can not wait untill we come out counting the days 5 at the moment! laugh
see all you lot soon
love you lot

Bethany J          10/10

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This has to be the most amazing place on the planet!

We went to Tsilivi last year and we're coming back this year, even though we didn't stay at the 'Two Brothers' we went every night without fail! Cannot fault the bar or the staff - Loved them all!
Counting down the days  : )
Bethany xxx

Mr B

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A nice, friendly bar with a good atmosphere, created mostly by the two waiters Alex and Nikos, who like getting up to a bit of tomfoolery. If they don't put a stupid wig on you at some point, then you must be too boring to be in the bar !

Watch out for their tricks...they might be the same every single night, but they always get a laugh !

Jim D          10/10

Usual madness! our 10th visit, another fantastic week, very well looked after, thanks Kostas & Tassos for juliettes birthday party arrangements, very much appreciated.


Same as the last comment!!!!!!!! this place is addictive and will be our 4th time, my parents have been coming here 8 years( they introduced us)  we got married here last year and could nt of wished to be in a better place, see you all on the 19th July, Happy Days

Davenkayburnley           10/10

Can't believe Spiros not there this year!!  Place will seem different.  But I'm sure it'll be as great as ever.  The atmosphere is really something else!!
I know people sometimes say it's the same old thing etc.  But that's what we go back for!!  We don't want it to change. It's like going back to have a great time with friends old and new.
Sometimes when you go to different places it can take you a week to get your bearings and once you find a place / bar you like it's nearly time to come home! At least when we get to the Two Bros we are on holiday and back in the swing of things before we've unpacked!!
We're on countdown now.  We arrive on Thursday (6th year, on trot I think)
Can't wait.

Mandy P          10/10

hi to all at two brothers sorry to here spiros wont be there when we come, will alex be doing the black face aswell or have you stopped that as i think that is one of the funniest things i have seen lol see you all in two weeks xx

Andrea K

Sorry folks,Cry Spiros no longer works at Two Brothers, he now works at Athina Restaurant. He looks a little strange in his waiters outfit, but its still the same old Spiros. Alex is now doing Elvis.

Mandy P          10/10

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hi to all at two brothers cant wait to come see you all will be there june the 11th ready for some dancing with spiros and plenty of fun see you all soon to anyone else who reads this two brothers is a defo place to go its exellent xxx

Jim D          10/10

Hi all, Not long before the first of our 2 visits this year, that's 9 years in a row

Jim(the runner)

Elizabeth M          10/10

See you all next year, maybe with a nice lad in tow  

love you all you little belters

Mandy P          10/10


hi to all at two brothers just wanted to say thanks for making our holiday so special i will be out to see you all in june and cant wait and to anyone going to zante two brothers is a must x x click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Sonia W          9/10

 had a fab holiday!!! the staff were great,,, loved your b52's....look forward to seeing you all next year yamas!!!!! sonia,barry& family...............woodys sister!!!...

Chloe C          10/10

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The bar & Staff were fantastic, Was sad to leave. Hope to return next year!:)

Norby P          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge hello everybody.

2008.08.24  Two Brothers Cocktail Bar

Egy hatalmas buli volt.  A haverommal Magyaroszágról mentünk nyaralni és véletlen betévedtünk oda.

Nagyon szuper volt a party. Aki ott volt talán emlékszik arra hogy mekkora szívatás volt ott este Mr.Bi névvel.

Szóval mindenkinek ajánlom feltétlen menjetek be nem bánjátok meg.

Tenx for evrybody the super party.

Pékó Norbert and my friend Kovács Péter

Laura M          9/10

Great bar!Staff are great, always up for a laugh!defo worth a visit!

Adam F          10/10

Two brothers is a great bar, a good laugh and the drinks are hillariously OTT.

Careful of the bars offering low price drinks, as they are really small (Half the size of Two brothers) and so not very good value.
If you want cocktails, just go to two brothers!

Alison M          10/10

Keep up the good work. You sure know how to party.The most entertaining bar I've ever visited. Hope to be back soon.Best wishes to you all.

Tamzin H          8/10

Still one of the best bars in Tsilivi, and the staff were as friendly as ever and it was great to see them all again.  However i think they need to come up with some new party tricks and jokes and change the order the music is played each night as after a couple of nights you know what is comming next!!!! Some of the things they did were even the same as last year.

Stephen           10/10

The best bar you will find in tsilivi, these people know how to party and look after you, see you in a few weeks, YAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris D          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeGot to be the best bar in Zante.. So entertaining my sides still hurt with all the laughing... YAMMAS 

Mick D          10/10

We didn't stay at The Two Brothers but visited every morning for Brekkie.  This place has to have the best value for money Full English in Tsilivi.  See you in september guys when we'll be ordering you out of house and home!!

Charlie B          10/10

I think the two brothers bar is exellent as the entertament is fantastic it is so livley it was one of our favourite bars i would recomend you try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Charlie Batchelor

Elizabeth G          10/10

 we had a fabulous time 7th - 14th october staying at the ariadne and visiting the two brothers every night. tried other bars but none were anywhere nearly as entertaining.   1st time in zante & hope to be back in summer 2008. thanks again guys, you're brilliant. liz & alex gray, dundee, scotland.  x

Andy M          10/10

click to enlargeclick to  just had a fantastic fun time [1st time ]in tsilivi , let alone zante.Usually go to lindos rhodes. must say  apart from lindos this place  is a  great place to holiday .two brothers were our definate  favourite bar to have fun at .will be coming back for some more laffs nxt year. great holiday, weather and great friendly people too gill and andy martin [atherstone] warks c u soon xx

Cathy E          10/10

click to enlargeWell some things don't change. We had another fantastic holiday, enjoyed our nights out in the Two Brothers Bar, see you again in September. Nev, Cath and gang

Liana K          10/10

They know how to keep people entertained in here! The men are so lively. Great atmosphere to the place. Great cocktails too. Shame music has to be turned right down by 12 ¬¬

Nathan S          10/10

click to enlarge

Once again the Two Brothers excelled as the best bar in Tsilivi. My family and I were always made very welcome and it was great to see all the team in form after our visit last year.

Can't waite to see you all again and I especially look forward to some hardcore refereeing with Tassos!!

Dave A          10/10

We've atayed at Two Brothers for the last 4 years and have already booked for next year!!  Tsilivi is really like two towns and a brilliant place for a holiday (especially the end where Two Brothers and the Ark is) the staff and people up this end are so friendly and Kosta and Tassos can't do enough for you.  They run a brilliant bar and if you are staying in Tsilivi, no matter which part, Two Brothers has to be visited.
Can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debi C          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargewent to two brothers on the first night of my holiday to celebrate my birthday and had a brilliant night. i was presented with a birthday cake, the biggest cocktail i have ever seen and the blackest face my friends had ever seen thanks to spiros !!! the music is great, the entertainment is excellent and hopefully i'll be back to re-live the experience at the end of the season.

thanks to all at two brothers (especially spiros and jim) for making my holiday go with a bang
debs (sexy mamma) x

Sue P           

click to enlarge

We  missed  comming to tsilivi this year but look out guys and girls we will be there next june for my daughters wedding, thats her in the red hat, we will definately be comming to see you all, cant wait its so much fun,.been reading the reviews and nothing changes GREAT

Jim D           

God! do we love this place or what, atmosphere, music, laughs and my misses dancing all over the bar, wall, street!!!

Janet L           

Just returned from Tsilivi and found Two Brothers on first night.  What a great place.  They made us feel very welcome right from the start.  Music was great and the games that they played every night really made us laugh.   All the staff were helpful and friendly and the place was packed every night.  If you are going to Tsilivi I recommend that you check this place out.  I guarantee it is the best place to drink and enjoy your holiday.

Sarah B           

We haven't seen Tassos and Costa's for 5 years and their bar hasn't changed at all.  It is still the best Bar in Tsilivi.  It's a shame that the english bars in the resort have to try and ruin what they have by trying to deter people from going there.....Doesn't look like it is working though as it is jam packed every night.  Hi to Jane & Anna too.  If you want a fun evening, definately go to the Two Brothers.


Two brothers is the best bar for entertainment in the top end of tsilivi!! we went there every other night and enjoyed it soo much. We were always made to feel welcome and the staff are the most friendliest and out gong people i have ever met!! Spiros... You got my dad with THAT game!! what a laugh!! i have the pictures to prove it and will send some over shortly! 'Free The Monkey Man' as ny uncle steve would say!!

 I would definately say that this bar is worth a visit!!  Keep in Touch!
  Love Danielle xXx

Nathan S           

 Been back from Tsilivi for 3 weeks now but only just recovered from my numerous trips to the Two Brothers bar!!!

Great cocktails, Big Bro on TV and school days music to sing along to.
Big Aussie Jimmy and the guys in the bar are legends and we'll be back to drink you dry again soon!!

Adele M           

two bros was mentel themade my holiday fanz 4 the 3 bottle ov champainge we loved ur entertainment nd the trick u played on lee nd billy was relli funny   carnt wait to c u nxt yr bye xx missin uz loadsxoxoxo

Clive M           

We met Tassos at the Paradise bar 11 years ago and he has carried his experience into 2 brothers with much to the bars benefit, a great bar to visit !! Get to know Jim the Aussie ....... a real good crack !!

Kirstie F           

Two Brothers bar Rocks!  The barmen are crazy and the White socks and yogi bear songs are really funny. they did the best cocktails in Tsilivi and we thought the entertainment was hilarious. it was one of the bars that we kept going back to as we loved it so much. this was the first time we went to zante and they made us very welcome. the atmosphere is great! we will definaltely be returning to this bar when we go back next year.
cant wait to get up and dance to all the songs again or wear the hat lol

Kirstie F           

just to saya huge thank you to the two brothers pub

they got people involved and up to dance and is a place for all ages with great music and atmosphere. it is a very popular place so you have to go in there.

Ben S           

Thank you Two Brothers for a fantastic time.This was our second time to Greece and The Two Brothers made it even better in so many ways.The music was fab and its a great place to go if your needing a laugh, the black and white strip on your roof that says "come on ye pars!!"is from us and the team is called dunfermline which is from scotland.Thanks again for a fab time. (July 2006)

 The Two Bens and Sandra.

Hayley B           

what can ya say about the two brothers,it,s great.have been going to tsillivi for the last 17 years and since the two brothers opened doesn,t matter where we go we always end up back at the brothers.i had my wedding reception there after having the meal at benikos a party of 21 off us went there .they made it such a great night .made a toast for us.played our wedding song and made way for us to dance as well they helped make the day a really special one.thanks so much guys.can,t wat to see ya all soon love hayley,tony,ryan,sharna and lolly

Clive M           

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Thanks to Tassos (tossoff) kostas, Aussie Jim and Spiros for several fun visits to 2 brothers.

After reading several negative comments about repetition in this bar ........... how anybody can complain about anything that goes on at this bar is beyond me, if you spend all your hols in same bar what do you expect, get around the tsilivi bars and restaurants, its the whole experience that makes a tsilivi holiday special !!
As for the lady moaning about getting her dress mucky, its just a dress....... enjoy your holiday !!

Tamar B           

Two Brothers bar Rocks! and they let you watch Big Brother!! with the sound up!!! The wine is extra strong!! got us drunk many nights! The barmen are crazy and the White socks and yogi bear songs are really funny. Hello to Jimmy!! missing you already!!  Watch out for flying ice!!! Any1 going soon please say hello to Jimmy for us!

 Michelle and Tamar.

Elaine B           

thought the two brothers bar was brilliant, they did the best cocktails in Tsilivi and we thought the entertainment was hilarious.

havent been before so cant compare the standards to previous years but we thought the music and entertainment was fine.
the brothers have their own website, well worth a visit. would appreciate comments on what their apts are like.

Jeanette P           

This is the first time we have gone to zante and this bar made us very welcome . The atmosphere in the bar is buzzing and the staff are second to none for fun and entertainment. Any one who arrives with a bald head has a wig automatically put on their head in the nicest possible way . the games also are funny along with a lot of the songs .Would definately go back to this bar again when we return to tsilivi

Tara S           

We loved this bar and was the only one that we kept going back to, although it was a bit of a trek from where we were staying

I loved the music and the staff we really nice and helpful.  cocktails were lovely and we had a great time each night
Would definitely visit again next year

Kenneth F           

We have been coming to tsilivi for a number of years,and this year was very different felt pressurised to perform everynight to get up and dance and sing like a performing seal,same old music same old tricks only different person performing them,also feel that the bar is a bit pricey sorry did'nt get to say goodbye to spiros or jj .but that is us for tsilvi we won't be going back. 

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