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Freya J  (23 March 2010)        10/10

Hi I am not sure if anyone will see this as it looks like Tropicana is long gone! I am looking for Spencer who worked the bar there back in 2002?? Full name or email would be great if anyone has it

Kevlar   (07 December 2008)        10/10

Such a shame it had to close, hopefully someone will take it off Andrea and breath new life into the place, Argassi misses a place like Tropicana which had something for everyone, there wasn't another bar like it. I still miss the place.

Joolz I (10 October 2007)

  Went back to Tropicana this year and was very disappointed to see it VERY empty!!! It is such a shame for the poor people that were working there..we didn't even stay lomg enough to get to know them.. sorry about that!!
Lads had a game of pool and we had one drink and we were the only ones here..and it wasn't that late of an evening!! Don't know as to why it was sooo empty..but it wasn't the Tropicana we had know and loved after several yeas!!! Even The Jam was empty Very sad...hope it picks up next season for all who are involved with it!!!

Alison W (04 September 2007)

The previous good reviews would have been last year and before when Kevlar was in charge, he has gone on to pastures new owning a new bar in Kalamaki

Tamzin L  (01 September 2007)        1/10

Got back on 30th august went to the Tropicana Bar with my husband and three kids,we were the only people there.It's really run down and almost deserted.My six year old went on the slide in the so called "playarea" and cut her finger on its sharp,rusty edges.The swings had bars missing on the seats we couldn't believe it as the reviews we'd read prior to our holiday mostly praised the Tropicana.All in all a disappointment and definatly not a bar we'd visit again.

Jade W  (08 August 2007)        10/10

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THIS BAR RULEZ!!!!!!! We stayed at the admiral apprts jst nxt door to the Tropicana.We took a lad called LEE with us.He's MY cousin!!!!! He now works there,cuz he didnt wanna come back to sunny England.We miss him and he'd better phone soon before we disown him.Oh by the way for Aug 12th......HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anybody who reads this and sees him wish him happy birthday.Got a pic of ur doggy 4 u Lee.xx

Rachael W  (23 July 2007)        10/10

Like this place because Lee works there n we love him! had such a great time with him in factory n that, with our whistling competitions! what a laugh!

Sarah H  (23 July 2007)        10/10

Didn't go in this bar that often, but its how I met Lee so i gotta love the place!! x

Sonya P  (29 June 2007)        10/10

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hi kim and marc

tropicana bar is right next door to admirals appts  down the side of it its a great bar and restaurant
the staff r brill when u go say hello to jodie (my daughter shes on the right) corrie and matt for me
thanks have a good time lov sonya x

John P (22 June 2007)

hi the tropicana up the hill take left fork 100 mts left down lane hope this helps leave an answer

Ash M  (16 October 2006)         

hello kev this is ash mealey here i worked for you guys in the summer, i didnt realise until i left but you lot were the best bunch of people in the world and it was the biggest mistake of my life to leave you lot i would really like to come bk again next year (any time you guys wanted) and do my pr s**t again my email is wud luv it if u cud sort that out for me mate it wud make me me again love you guys hope you ad a good summer in a bit bro

Kirsty F  (17 September 2006)         

 thanks for the welcome we got when we were over, the staff are all great especially Kev. hope to see you again next year.

Joan &  (17 September 2006)         

Just back on 14th. Thanks for making us welcome Kev.  We were at the Tropicana mostly in the afternoon so didn't see you too often.  Give our regards to the lady who looks after the bar in the daytime.  She was real friendly.  And that big soft "guard dog".  All the best.

Jon E  (12 September 2006)         

Great place Kev and staff are great only sorry that didn;t get there more as whenever little girl went on to palyground she went over excited and took all night (literally) to calm down.  Will come and see you again next year.


Helen B  (22 August 2006)         

hya! we were at the tropicana on the first nite n i have 2 say its a brilliant bar! the staff r friendly n kev u r spot on mate! luv ya 2 bits lol! hope all is ok and hope to see you again next year! kev ur screaming orgasms were the best! lol! luv ya all at the tropicana! x

Elise   (10 August 2006)         

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Was kinda hard to find the place, but we found it.... Haha... Go us.
Anywho, was a very cosy place. Nice bar. Go there.
Do it!
Okey dokey...

Juliette   (30 July 2006)         

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Never went in here, because of a rather embarassing situation! All i can say is i hope the sign is fixed now! Got a pic of the bloke that was working at the top of the hill!

Gary J  (17 July 2006)         

Excellent bar with very good entertainment and very friendly staff nice place to visit!

Paul K  (04 July 2006)         

absolutely fantastic place  my hat goes out 2 kevlar and all the staff  they provide fantastic entertainment for young and old  keep it up as arnie says i will be back

Old M  (22 June 2006)         

Simply the best place in Argassi. Always something on for entertainment, be it a quiz, karaoke, films, tribute acts (Elvis Cloned, The Blues Brothers and Bon Jovi were on while we were there), and the island's top host Kevlar has once again put together a good team of helpers.

Jeanette H  (16 May 2006)         

Messageboards are still down unfortunately.  Have emailed Admin to report the fault but haven't had a reply yet.  Hopefully it won't be for much longer    might need counselling if it is lol  

Jeanette  (LFC4eva)

Jon E  (19 April 2006)         

Hi Kevlar

Have been to Argassi many times and have not been to your bar, can you let me know where you are as we fly out on 21st May, if you speak to Ken & Jude can you tell them will see them 21st for our first drinks back on greek soil.
Jon & Louise Edwards + little Chloe

Paul K  (11 April 2006)         

well i arrive in zante june 18th so i will be parking my ass in this bar never ever drank in here yet in all the years i been goin to argassi but kevlar seems a descent bloke so i will give this place ago

Nicole   (11 November 2005)         

its soooo kool

luved the cinema and the karoke!
always used to do rubbish on the quizzes
hiya kev remember me? challenged u to a micheal jackson song back in june
hiya to the bloke who always used to sing coldplay-clocks on the karoke!

Kevlar   (02 November 2005)         

I'd like to say a big thank you all the customers who came and visited us at The Tropicana bar this season. Next year it is the tropicana's 20th birthday which makes it one of the oldest bars in Argassi so to any future visitors or repeat offenders, come and join us and make 2006 a very special season.


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