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Lisa M  (20 September 2005)         

We had two excellent meals at the Premier during our weeks holiday in tsilivi, the food was great and the service even better. Thanks to the guys ( you know who you are!) for making it extra special! Keep up the good work!xxx 

Fauve H  (06 September 2005)         

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Thanks to everyone at premier! Especially George/Yorgas (can't spell it). I love u!!! And kostas and theo are fab! The food was brilliant and we loved the fruit we got after. Miss you guys! Love Fauve xxx

Jacqueline D  (30 July 2005)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Thanks to Yianni, Giorgos, Theo and Kostas we had the most wonderful time.  Anything and everything was never too much.  From the welcome given, to the food and wonderful lit fruit basket - 10 out of 10.  Our daughter had her 10th birthday celebration and from the cake (a strawberry torte) to the balloons and fireworks - wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The villa was great and the boys at the restaurant and their friendship made our holiday complete.

Mike S  (28 July 2005)         

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We ate here every day except one. The guys, Jani, Jorgus, Theo and his brother were fantastic made us feel at home. The food was excellent especially the fruit at the end. We celebrated two birthdays whilst out there, and on both nights they really went out on a limb to make us welcome.  It was a sad day when we said goodbye.  

Deanna B  (06 July 2005)         

Had a rally nice meal here, even got wine for free, nice and friendly

Leanne R  (01 August 2004)         

good food but didn't like the attitudes of staff and were charged service charge but didn't get any bread even though all other tables did just because we were 4 young women i don't think there was any need for the way we were treated

Lucy P  (26 June 2004)         

Great place, great veggie selection and fantastic service and also it was actually a bit more authentic greek than a lot of places here!

Nickie H  (26 January 2004)         

Had a great holiday, Our son made lots of friends - hotel smashing - all staff were great - especially Alice on reception and shop staff.

Lads in restaurant friendly and entertaining. I am disabled and nothing was too much for them. Only draw back was the airport but thats being improved - although this will take time.

The bakery on the maid road is something else!!!

Have great memories - went to Summertime bar most evenings - sometimes to eat - other times just for a drink and the atmosphere.
Alex and his mate Mike enjoyed the breakfasts and pool. Tony & I hope to return this year on our own - such a relaxed pace of life. Tsilivi has everything - if you want night life its available in the main part of town but if you want quieter things there are lots of bars around the beach areas etc. HI to everyone at Tsilivi Beach Hotel and Summertime bar - Alice hope youre well - please email me if you have time - See you all soon

lots of love Nickie, Tony and Alex Hall (hol dates 18/08/03)

Paul P  (25 August 2002)         

We ate here twice (in a week)as we found the food and the staff excellent.

James M  (22 July 2002)         

This was our worst meal. We were charged a service charge for sitting in the place. Perhaps for the pleasure of watching the Greek dancing ! Doesn't mention that on the bill or when you are "encouraged" in off the street. At one point I thought they had forgotten about us, they were so slow, maybe it was to keep the place looking busy. We asked for a child's portion of fillet steak yet were charged an adult price, funny how their English is not too good when you complain, needless to say we didn't go back.

Gemma   (29 October 2001)         

I loved this place, I had the fries and were wonderful, and afterwards I got a free ice cream. And the waiter who stood outside who 'ushers' people in is so hot!! I think someone told me his name was Yanni/Yanny anyways..he's cute! yeah, you probably won't listen to me cos I'm just a 14 year old girl.

Julia K  (22 July 2001)         

We really liked this place. The staff are very friendly and attentive. The Greek night was excellent, costumes worn by the Greek dancers were great, and they encouraged lots of audience participation. The portions were quite generous, especially for the Zackynthian Chicken, which was delicious.

Matt B  (14 July 2001)         

Situated at the Planos end of Tsilivi. Good food and wine, nice atmosphere. Service was a bit slow but I think this was due to the Greek Night which currently happens every Sunday.

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