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Timothy Murphy (11 January 2013)

My wife and I went to Zante for our honeymoon. Was drawn to Artemis on the 1st night because of how friendly the staff was. The food was the best that we have ever tasted, price was reasonable and service was excelent. We tried a few other places for food as well but couldn't beat Artemis, we went back every night even if it was just for cake or drinks. The staff was so welcoming I can't praise the enough. Definatly intend to go back to Zakynthos soon as possible just to see the lad and have some lovely food again. If you try nothing else try the cheese cake!


David H  (14 June 2012)        10/10

Just came home from Zante and called in at the Artemis for 14 more meals making my visits 103 and not one bad meal. Hope to go again in Sept and send total up a frew more.  

  David Hoare  (Wales)

Teresa D  (04 October 2011)        10/10

having read all the comments before going to zante, we decided to try Artemis. we were very impressed with the food, friendly service and reasonable prices. we do intend to travel to kalamaki again and will defo be giving Artemis a visit.

Robert B  (27 August 2011)        10/10

One of our favourites, great food reasonably priced served by some really nice people.

Always given the best table in the house by Niko (mind you he told everyone that, but in our case he said it really was the best table LOL). Everyone trys to get you into their restaurant but these guys always complimentry when we told them we had eaten , never heard them try to put us off.
Whether you have Greek or English well worth the wait. 
See you next year guys looking forward to next year already

David H  (23 June 2011)        10/10

Been to Artemis 75 times and going again soon will still be going to the Artemis for 14 more meals Food good, staff good .10+ for them I am 77 The Wife 76. And we enjoy all at the Artemis. (Wales)

David H  (02 September 2010)        10/10

Having returned from Kalimaki last week, it was a pleasure to have our last family (4) meal here. Spyros & Nickos were the perfect hosts.  Food very reasonably (did not pay more than 40 euros inc drinks). We ate here 3 times and never had any worries.  Rated this place in our top 3!!  We will return in the future!

John B  (20 August 2010)        10/10

This has to be my all time favourate place to eat in Kalamaki.  We have been to Zante 5 times, including our trip we got planned this year and have eaten here every time at least 2 - 3 times, some times more.

Although they virtually drag you in off the street, it is a very good place to eat.  food is always good and very reasonably priced. the most we have spent is 30 but that was for me, my wife and son.  this is with a starter main and 2 glasses of coke each.  I reccomend the beef stifado  lovely it is

Jane G  (06 August 2010)        10/10

Just back from kalamaki yesterday, 3rd time there, great place, ate in Artemis 11 nights out of 14, love this place... the Staff are amazing, my little girl Poppy loved the attention from the staff, they were so lovely with her. The food is amazing, especially the Lamb Kleftiko,,, yum yum...   Would recommend Artemis to anyone...  great service, great food and last but not least, Great Staff xxx  Cheers.... Jane & Poppy

Phil D (28 June 2010)

Back to Zante in a few weeks time, this time to laganas all inc hotel, No doubt the food will be no-where near as good as yours! So Spyros we will be coming into Kalimaki to eat at your place as we have not been to Zante for three years it will be worth the walk or taxi ride down to see you and the crew!! Phil & Julie

Jeroen D  (27 June 2010)        10/10

Forget the rest, just try the best. Visit the Artemis restaurant and you will not be dissapointed, good job Nikos !

H B  (31 May 2010)        3/10

We have visited kalamaki 3 times and each time eaten at the Artemis. Last time we are 3 or 4 times and it was pretty good. However, we went here on our first night this year and feel that standards have dropped a bit.
The place is looking a bit run down now - needing a lick of paint and varnish. I had a beef stew dish and the beef was dry and chewy. My husband had chicken slouvaki and the chicken though ok, was over cooked.
My glass for water was dirty - husband offered me his - when I looked at it there was pink lipstick on it!!
Service was fine. I feel that perhaps the staff have become a bit over confident in good reviews and have started to rush a bit. Not trying as hard as a few years ago. Hopefully they will pick up again.

Carly H (16 March 2010)

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John B  (02 January 2010)        10/10

  I love this place.  Been to Zante 4 times in a row & have eaten here at least 3 times  every time we have been here.  Love it 

Carly H (25 October 2009)

6 more days untill the restaurant shuts for the year!! and I get my man back again, all to myself for the winter I can't wait

John G  (24 October 2009)        3/10

Although the food was average, the staff were friendly enough, ( could have been dressed a lot smarter), however we found it to be expensive, which made the BOGOF drinks not to be free after all, hence we only ate there the once!!

Philippa C  (15 October 2009)        10/10

Excellent food, friendly atmosphere and good service, what more could you want? Caters for all tastes and would recommend the greek dishes, souvlaki was divine.They were the most popular of all the resturants in the area and well deserved. We were there at the beginning of October for a week and ate there most nights. If you order the mezze for 2 at 11 euros each DONT have a starter as the servings are huge!!!

Pete H  (05 October 2009)        10/10

Visited last two weeks of September. Food & Service was up to their usual high standards, can only recommend that if you are going to Kalamaki that you try it for yourself.

Carly H (06 September 2009)

and in 22 days my wish will be granted :)

Pete H  (17 August 2009)        10/10

Don't be put off this restaurant by one negative comment. We have had several meals at the Artemis and will definately be returning for more. Maybe our standards are lower than other peoples expectations, but I doubt it.... The best judge will be to try it for yourselves and then decide. The vast number of people on this site appear to agree.   Surely we wouldn't all keep returning if it was anything like Tracey might have you believe. But hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion 

Tracey B  (11 August 2009)        1/10

We must have eaten here on a bad day as our experience does not match with other reviews. I ordered potato skins and was presented with a plate full of potato peel, it was revolting. The meal did not improve, my main was small and bland. My husband's meal was no better and when he ordered an espresso to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth, he was presented with a filter coffee in a tiny cup! It was our worst meal of the entire 2 week stay in Kalamaki and yet our most expensive...

Palmer S  (04 August 2009)        10/10

We thought the food was fantastic.  A group of us went here together. My husband had ribs & the plate was piled high. I had tacos & they were delicious, my daughter had the cajun chicken & ate the lot!!
Will definately go again when we return next year!!

Julie T  (21 July 2009)        7/10

6 of us ate here 1 had a substandard meal, the fish and chips, fish was frozen and there was about 6 chips literally, my hubby wasn't happy he likes his food, the pudding was to die for though,haven't got a clue what it was a can't describe the taste but it was gooooorgeous, not the best place we ate at.

Wendy L  (23 May 2009)        10/10

click to enlarge Hi Guys, Well Peter and I will be flying out to you on 31st May as we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on 2nd June.  Hope you are all well and cant wait to see you all.

Karen B  (28 January 2009)        10/10

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Hi - what a great time again last September.  Everyone is so friendly and the food just great.  Looking forward to coming again this year, again in September - see you all soon!

Love Karen and Marv x

Carly H  (11 December 2008)        10/10

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