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Heather M (01 September 2003)

Sorry i meant to say is it still open?

Heather M (29 August 2003)

Does anyone know if the viva bar?


Kirsty B  (03 February 2003)         

natasha keep away from angel you won't even get a look in when i arrive so don't even dream of going near him and i will fight 4 him

Bekki S  (14 January 2003)         

this was one of our meeting places after was dead funny! Lauren & Danielle were the best there......really strong cocktails! be back there in summer 2003.....cant wait!

Caz L  (12 January 2003)         

this place is wicked. Laura was a fab barmaid, made great ocktails that got me and my mates hammered before going to C&D. Be loyal to them and theyll treat you well.

Kirsty B  (11 December 2002)         

angel i can't wait 2 come and see u next year, micheal u good looking boy!!!!!!!!!!
i hope we get some free drinks next year angel!!
angel is mint and everyone better keep there hands off him xxx

Natalie C  (17 September 2002)         

All i can say is bring back angelo n Robbie as they were well n truelt missed in Sep! But we did work there which was an 'experience' to say the least!!!

Claire D  (16 September 2002)         

We worked here for one night and i have to see it isnt as good as it was when we were here in july, the bar staff have changed and the cocktails weren't as good either ........ enjoyed it tho as we got to meet some nice guys ....... it was nice and cheap to start off in tho!!

Me &  (14 August 2002)         

WELL wot can we say.. on our first nite we were pulled in by the PRs - pat & morris - who were great.. and they were wearing rather fetching hats!! we were in there every nite after!! Angel makes some real great cocktails.. we recommend a sex on the beach, a kiwi cooler or a BMW!! and they give away LOADS of free shots.. which is great, if u give angel a wink.. u mite be lucky enough to get a free shot!! so thanxs for a great holiday everyone.. see you next year!!

Natasha A  (06 August 2002)         

i loved angel. catherine loved stallion we both loved the dj f###ing dogs b#####ks and robbie well what can we say. were sorry!!!! oooo and tom soz for the stirring. if u fancy a ride in the fast lane either in a yellow porsche or a big momma beasty bicycle then just tell angel. caretta caretta turtle brain. love u all see you next year for the job. mwah xxxxx

Ryan   (15 July 2002)         

This is prob the best cocktail bar on the island amzing cocktails and really cheap. The bar men were kool, espcially cath meeeeeeowwwwww

Natalie C  (12 July 2002)         

We loved it here!! Dead cheap n they like givin ya free shots which is always a bit of a brusie bonus! Angelo the bar guy is a good cocktail shaker n the other barman Robbie takes agesssssss in comparison but hes cute so he gets away with it! We were the S.M.O, sex on the beach n fruit punch girlies!!! :D

Heather   (26 June 2002)         

This bar is situated between Banana Bar and G-Spot. It is a very friendly place, with great bar staff and really good cocktails. It has just opened so not many people know about it. I would say it is as good as the banana Bar

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