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Sharon H  (25 October 2006)         

in august 2005 we went to zante and had many meals in katerina's kitchen. the food was lovely, the waiters were very friendly and polite. if there was a negative thing to say it would be that katerina should make her customers feel more comfortable and herself be a bit more welcomeing..... overall we had a fantastic holiday and would go back....

Laura   (31 July 2006)         

I ordered a mixed souvlaki here and got a pork one instead which was inedible.  It was all gristle and swimming in fat.  To be fair, my boyfriend enjoyed his meal and the service was good.  Bit off the beaten track but peaceful for it.

Unsure of this one really...

Yvonne T  (10 April 2006)         

We ate at three restaurants (which were only average) before stumbling accross Katerina's Kitchen.  We found the food to be excellent, well presented & piping hot.  The Spaghetti Carbonnara is to be recommended.  It is baked in the oven and is very very tasty indeed.  I would recommend this place to eat.  PS Do not be put off by the waiter trying to get you into the restaurant (this happens in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria etc - all you have to say is - I have eaten already and he will leave you alone!).  Go on give it a try! 

Avril W  (05 October 2005)         

I Agree with what Graeme had to say. I thought the food was the best, but was also put off by the doorman who wouldnt shut up and let us study menu before deciding to go in.
Unfortunately this happened to us at EVERY Restuarant we stopped at.
When will people learn that if they leave you to look at menu you are more likely to go in than being pestered before youve even had chance to put your specs on to look at menu???
Well, we had to eat somewhere and Im glad we did go here. But please let people have chance to look at menu before you pounce, You will get more customers that way.

Sharon D  (28 September 2005)         

 we ate on  our first night after arriving at the elpida just a couple of doors away we went there as it was close to where we were staying and we were tired and just wanted a warm meal and then to bed. the food was ok and thats all i can say but then every night we passed the resturant the man was nearly begging us to go in, to be honest he was a pain in the a**e!!!!!. go at your peril!!!! he will not leave you alone if you have to walk past evey night!!!!!

Graeme K  (23 August 2005)         

We ate in several places in the village and Katerinas Kitchen was far better than any of the others - the service was excellent - the doorman did put us off at first but we decided to give it a try and were treated like valued customers on every occassion. The food was delicious (and the complimentary wine wasn't bad either). The best resturaunt in the resort.  The grilled feta was delicious as was the lamb kleftiko and any of the fish dishes.

Cazza W  (14 August 2005)         

We were staying at the Elpida hotel a couple of doors away from Katrina's Kitchen and decided to go here on the 1st night of our holiday as we were tired and hungry...BIG mistake...we (my partner and myself) ordered bacon and mushroom omlettes as we only wanted something light as it was late at night, but through the night i started to feel ill...was it the food, or the flight??? Every night that followed for 2 weeks we had to pass Katrina's kitchen to get to the main part of Alykanes village and every night we were hassled by the door man wanting us to eat there again, he was very pushy and i felt a little rude, we were offered discount and free bottles of wine to tempt us back in.  Other guest's that i spoke to enjoyed their meals but some also found the door man rude and pushy...The door man expects you to eat here everynight...Enter at your peril!!

John W  (10 August 2005)         

We stayed in the Plessas next door and gave in on the first night and was made to feel like a king by all the staff. The doorman was always pushy EVERY night but not annoyingly he knew when no meant no. First class highly recommended

Chloe W  (11 July 2005)         

food wasnt very good, very quiet,

service was very good and got looked after well but wouldnt recomend for a good place to eat.
Chlo and Ben
July 05 x

Faith S  (16 June 2005)         

If you are staying at the Elpida appartments, you have to walk past this restaurant to get to the main part of Alykanas.

Every day we walked past we were pestered by the person on the door, so much that on the third night we gave in and ate there.
The service was quite good but the food was not the best we have had on our holiday but all was made up as they gave us free wine!
The prices are ok, not the dearest of places but saying that I do not really think the food was worth what we paid.
We had moussaka at this restaurant and if you wanted to eat this on your holiday, I would recommend the Greedy Greek.

Les K  (30 May 2005)         

Was recommended to eat here.  On two separate occasions, we walked past & were pestered by a VERY pushy Greek Doorman hence to say we didn't bother returning & the Restaurant lost our custom to someone else.

Bev   (02 October 2004)         

My family & I ate at this taverna twice during our stay in Alikanas. We really enjoyed the food and the service was excellent.
We will definitely be eating here again when we vist next year!!!

Mike M  (28 September 2004)         

We went on recommendation, particularly to sample their sole. An extremely warm welcome got the visit off to an excellent start and the food was good, but somehow it didn't fully come up to expectation(perhaps the recommendation had been a little over-exaggerated) and the portions seemed just a little lightweight compared to many other restaurants we visited. Some additional wine 'on the house' was greatefully received.

Lynne B  (03 September 2004)         

Please,please can I have the recipe for your lamb kleftiko I had three times in a row


Max P  (01 September 2004)         

Enjoy the charms of the waiter at the door. He makes up for the average quality of the food. It was overpriced. 2 course meal for three with some drinks, 49euros.

Michael H  (02 August 2004)         

We tried this as we had always eaten in Alkyonis (see comments) Davina was there (Not the real one, see my comments from 2001 in Alkyonis) Food was good but definitely more expensive. Nice place tho and freindly.

Gordon B  (12 July 2004)         

Owned by fisherman Dennis who also owns the Medousa in Alikanas. Run by Siobhan, who previously has worked with her husband Giorgio in the Medousa and Alkionis restaurants. Menu is extensive, with seafood,of course, outstanding. Local wine in the jug VERY GOOD.

David   (06 July 2004)         

it was ok, the thing is now that Alikanas has more restaurants than 4-5 years ago, they are much of a muchness now wherever you go

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