Bars in Laganas

Steve T  (03 September 2004)         

I've got to say, this is THE BEST bar on the island! Nige and Gav give tremendous customer service ad satisfaction!! I just arrived bak from Zante today (Fri 3rd Sept), and last nite spent my final hours in Zante in Paul's Bar - altho it shud be called Nige's Bar!!;-) and this was a great end to a great holiday! My recommendation to any1 is to try this place out - it wont be beaten on friendliness; quality of service; "proper" shots (as opposed to the watered down rubbish ya get everywhere else) and all in all Nige's personality that really makes the place that it is at nite! Oh, and if u really wanna kick start ur nite off, ask for a shot of Stroh 80 - at 2 Euro's u cant go wrong for 80% - and if Nige has indeed managed to get his hands on Stroh 100 (100%) by the time u get there, give it a whirl, coz i certainly will be doin wen i go bak!!!

Anyway, cheers Gav n Nige for some great memories of Zante, and hope to see ya agen next year.

See ya next year - Steve, Andy, John-Paul and Andy

Emma P  (26 August 2003)         

This place is ACE! Nige and the gang are fantastic hosts and the bar is small but cozy with fantastic service and proper spirits with beer on tap at reasonable prices! Can't rave about this place enough, we went in almost every night once we stumbed upon it and mostly ended up crawling out at some ridiculous hour steaming!

They play comedy videos at night and have free playstation/X Box games not forgetting Connect 4 and Jenga! Ask the gang for a knockout Jenga competition for shots - guaranteed to get you plastered.

Nigel, Bird (Lisa) and Gavin - if you're reading this thanks for an ace time, you really made the holiday and we are honoured to have drank you're 1st fishbowl! Have a great season and hopefully we'll be back to reake our revenge and get you so plastered you're sick in the shower tray!!!!

Love to you all - Emma, Stu, Fergie and mad Jackie!

Karen   (03 August 2003)         

pauls at last is now called wobblers

this place is great for all ages,
you can go there for a drink,breakfast,snacks,
plus films are shown daily and for the kids there is a ps2 and xbox.so mams ans dads can have pease while they drink late into the night.
so go along and say hi to nigel,ged,lisa,beccie and not for getting gavin (say's sarah).x

Louise K  (16 June 2003)         

We found this place after a couple of days and went back for the rest of our stay for breakfast and lunch. Great English food if you dont fancy trying greek food like us. Air conditioned with play station/X box to play FOC too!

David M  (30 August 2002)         

For basic food - particularly British oriented this is one of the best.

Alex M  (13 July 2002)         

bacon rolls were superb great hangovercure

Spud   (17 June 2002)         

Best breakfast by a mile!!!

Kayleigh W  (27 May 2002)         

This place was a bit pants

Shab   (29 September 2001)         

This is just the best sunday roast

Emma W  (13 July 2001)         

The cooked breakfasts saved the day after too much metaxa the night before!!!

Jackie H  (11 July 2001)         

What can I say....this is the best place to eat in Laganas. Great home cooked food, brilliant service and apple crumble to die for. Only thing wrong is we were too full up to go on the P... afterwards!

Sara B  (04 March 2001)         

Possibly the only place that u can get a fry up, and get u're clothes washed at the same time. Miss u're big breakfasts, c u soon Big Ade.

Julia H  (03 March 2001)         

Pauls is the best place in Laganas for the good old English Breakfast, try the Hearty Eater, with English Bacon and sausages for a great way to start the day after a night on the town, and go back for a wholesome meal at night, the Pukka pies are great and dare to try Paul's ball breaking spicy hot curry!!

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