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Jill N  (04 September 2006)         

we ate here about 3/4 times in the 2 weeks we were on holiday we found it to be realy nice n tasty our frend who likes a red hot curry said it was lovely.the staff were very frendly n went out of there way for you.

Michael V  (18 July 2006)         

aweful food - naan bread was more like a bagul, waste of money and time and is always empty..... AVOID!!!!!!!!

Stephen V  (26 May 2006)         

Can now see why this restaurant is empty most of the time. Cannot understand how it stays open? We saw the staff getting our meals out of the freezer at the back of the restaurant, and the plates presented to us proved this to be the case. Very disappointing.

Tony N  (23 July 2005)         

had a 25 euro all in meal,no taste at all to it,there were a three couples in the place kissing and touching and the staff just let them carry on and did nothing,bad lanuage swearing etc just ignored,no control and not at all ejoyable,in fact a waste of an hour

John A  (15 October 2004)         

Absolutely dreadful avoid at all costs
worst indian of my life - tasteless oily mess!!

Suzanne C  (28 September 2004)         

The food was okay, but watch what they are charging you.
A few days later, my boyfriend and I looked at the menu, as we were planning a take-away and they had overcharged us by 7 euros!
Not much, I know, but the cheek of it!!
Pleasant staff though.

Julie E  (24 September 2004)         

Ate here four times in two weeks. You only get what you pay for. Top food but loadsa euro's. Def worth visit.

Louisa   (06 August 2004)         

We went here, I think, our second night.
The four of us each ordered a different curry, but upon trying each others, realised they all tasted the same.
If you're flash with your cash, go here, it was 75euros for a meal for four of us, no starters either, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're strapped for cash.
Needless to say, we chose somewhere else for the rest of our stay and I can honestly say I would never go back there...
I wouldn't eat there again if it were the last restaraunt in Kalamaki!!!!!
The waiters seemed friendly enough though!

S M  (05 August 2004)         

Blazing Greece heat- and you want a curry!!! Blimey!!

Trevor H  (06 July 2004)         

Fancied a curry one night. We come from Yorkshire so have loads of top Indian restaruants close by--so know what a good curry is. This place is a joke. Tasteless bland food, dodgy interior (yes--even worse than flock wallpaper!!). Both dishes tasted the same even though they were differnet. 4 Euros for a small cobra.

Only go here if every other restarant in Kalamaki has been blown away. It really is that bad!!

Stephen V  (27 June 2004)         

I found their food pretty good overall, especially the Sizzling Garlic Chicken my friend enjoyed. Recommend the place myself.

Johnny T  (21 May 2004)         

I wish I had read this site before we went in here. I would not feed my dog with crap like that. Service was that slow I thoughout I had aged 10 years when we left.

Kippax C  (16 May 2004)         


Barry P  (21 October 2003)         


Barry P  (21 October 2003)         


Katie S  (23 September 2003)         

We found the food here was poor. The chicken Korma was taste less and the sweet and sour chicken was just soggy. It seemed like it took ages to get served around 20 mins just to get our first drink! The service was not be shouted about either!!

Brian W  (27 August 2003)         

Great meal, good service, but a bit on the dear side.
Happy to accomodate kids (ours loved it).

John A  (24 August 2003)         

good food good service very friendly. i do not understand the poor rating

Phil S  (30 July 2003)         

It seemed a bit odd eating an Indian outside in the evening heat. But overall food was excellent.

Barry H  (09 July 2003)         

I ordered a chicken rogan josh but think it was the chicken dupiaza i was given ,i was promised by the waiter they would do a veg nan bread for me although it wasnt on the menu and then for him to come back and ask if id like a different one instead !!!
The food although not rogan josh was tasty enough however i think i dropped 3 tons of napalm down the toilet the next day!!!

Manu W  (08 July 2003)         

super chinese-food and good price.

Claire G  (25 June 2003)         

We had the Indian special which was onion bahjis, samosas and poppadoms and main couses of chicken jalfrezi and beef madras. It was absolutely gorgeous, very filling and probably better than indians at home. Cost was 25 Euros for the meal and 8 euros for the drinks ( for 4). Service was very good. Normal menu did seem more expensive but specials are always on the board outside. Very nice for a change when you're sick of eating Greek food.

Jezebel G  (01 June 2003)         

Fabulous, authentic, delicious food, great menu, and delightful service, but you could easily spend half your week's food budget here in one night. A great treat if you're here for the season but otherwise wait til you're back in UK (or India) where it's much cheaper.

Lucy C  (11 October 2002)         

The food in Guru is lovely.. and I cant believe so many people are slating it - I have been here 8 times and each time it was beautiful.

Cynthia P  (23 September 2002)         

My son took his girlfriend there and both ended up later that evening very ill which lasted through the night

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