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Helen Dunlop  (20 September 2015)        10/10

We came in 2009 , we just happen to pass Mary's place and my daughter wanted to go and explore , it was a lovely place Mary was so friendly and we all learned a lot , we are hoping to come back next year and visit Mary's place again

Danka S  (11 March 2012)        10/10

click to enlarge I always thought, snakes are cold, not very nice to take in hands and all I ever wanted to not meet them. Until 2007 we went to the Maryland Reptile House in Tsilivi. Since this time I know, snakes are warm, with very nice skin and very pleasant to hold them anyway, Iīd recommend this house to everyone who isnīt scared

Tracey B  (27 January 2012)        10/10

We stumbled across the Reptile House during our holiday in Tsilivi in 2010. I am not a great lover of anything that can move faster than me so was a little apprehensive too say the least. My sons aged 13 and 10 were very enthusiastic and so was my husband so we gave it a whirl and I am so glad we did. The young man who showed us around was so knowledgeable and said as I walked though the door that he would have me holding a snake before I left - I did not give much for his changes! BUT half way around I was holding a baby crocodile and snakes of varying lengths with no fear! If I had a phobia before I entered I certainly did not have one when I left. The experience was fantastic and we will visit again when we return to Tsilivi for our 4th visit in September 2012. A very worthwhile visit and we all loved every minute. I really hope this business survives the unfortunate Greek depression .... see you all again soon x

Lynn W  (31 October 2009)        10/10

Thank you for another great visit we all enjoyed it.  Good luck for the winter from Lynn, Frank and Lisa White x

Mary P (25 September 2009)


Heather S (01 September 2009)

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just adding a few more photos

Heather S  (01 September 2009)        8/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeWell done to you Mary.

I don't know if you remember us, but we were there last year Aug 2008 and called in twice because a friend of mine was making me scared of the reptiles so the next day i called in with my husbans you will remember him. Anyway we thought we would drop you a line and send a few photos. hope you like them. the only reason we gave you an 8 rating is because i thought we needed to wash our hands better. Take care.

Jessica S (10 June 2009)

where is the reptile house am staying in admiral apartments is it near there and how much is it to get in??

Mary P (05 June 2009)

tony what you saw (run over) was probably a balkan whip snake not venomous.Zante has about 7 snakes only one is a adder .we dont have vipers on the island.We have a selection of lizards the biggest been the green larceta viridis.... we have bufo toads ....krokodilus geckos ....leopard snake....fourline rat snake.....and others book is from a museum only in greek unforetunately time visit me at the reptile house i'll have plenty to show u.....

Craig hope all is fine ..let me remind u ....u only worked with me not even a full season told u to be careful on the motor but like many tourists u ended up with souvenirs (scars) going back home hope all goes well for u.

Anthony S (22 May 2009)

Hi there, I have just come home from my 4th visit to Zante. Can anyone please tell me
 the types of reptiles that are on Zante, I have seen the green lizards and this time I saw
 a snake but it was dead ( run over ) it was steel blue with a light blue belly. Is it poisonous
 it had a head like a corn snake. Are there any books on the flora and fauna of Zante.
    Cheers Tony.

Craig M (14 November 2008)

Hi to all my name is craig and i run a self funded reptile rescue and used to work along with mary and petros i shall be returning again to tsilivi along with new ideas and projects to try out so any feedback or anything you would like to see there please email me at

Craig M (14 November 2008)

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Hello mary its craig hows my babies doing hopefully i will be comming out to zante for the summer if there is a job going do you want me to work for you but you will have to let me know. also i have a load of new clutches of babies to add in the house.

hows the dirty alban hahahah tell him i said hi

Lynne C (24 September 2008)

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Thank you Mary it was a wonderful experience in your reptile house....My grandchildren loved it.  My son and his partner seemed to enjoy it more as we came back the next day for the kids to go in the play area for a while and you gave us some more personel attention, thanks..I have put some pictures on that we took, have a good season and I am sure we will visit you again next year.

Ken A  (11 September 2008)        10/10

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Visited Tsilivi again for the 2nd time and had to return to the Reptile House because we had a great laugh last time.

There were loads more animals to hold this time and even pushed myself to hold the Spider (wasn't too happy about it). Lot's of snakes, baby Tortoises and a baby Crocodile.
The lady that runs it knows everything there is about the animals and makes it a really enjoyable time. I would suggest that anyone that go's to Tsilivi, has to have a visit.
Thank you from Ken, Sam and Lee.

Deb W  (30 August 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge What a great place! Well worth a visit. Not a huge place but there's a variety of different reptiles to hold and Mary certainly knows her stuff!!! Myself and the kids thoroughly loved it.

Diane L  (31 July 2008)        10/10

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Oh my god what can I say.  This is a must.  I am terrified of snakes but by the time I left I had held an 8ft albino Burmese Python, a 10ft Burmese python, a boa constrictor, a crocodile and lots of other wonderful things. Mary is such a wonderful person, she helped me overcome a lot of fears, mind you my kids still don't believe I did it even after seeing the video

We went at 6.30 in the evening and because others had not turned up yet, I was given one on one with each animal, Mary from the bottom of my heart thankyou for a truly amazing experience xxxx

Lindsey O  (15 July 2008)        10/10

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hello Marry i miss you and all the reptiles at maryland i miss the sunshine . i hope to see you next year when my mum gets married in greece . bye from becky xxx

Isobel B  (04 July 2008)        10/10


Loved it here last year ; does demier still work here ?
he as fab !

Charmaine W  (27 June 2008)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargekids loved it here, they enjoyed holding and touching the reptiles, tho i prefered to stand back and take the pictures, good value for money, definitely worth a visit

Lindsey O  (26 June 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge hi all at reptile house ,what a great place took myself and the kids june 08 mary was fab lovely person i was terrified but she even managed me to handle snakes wow ,kids loved it too and mary couldnt ever forget becky my daughter a natural when it came to the corn snake  thanks for a great day lindsey ,aaron and becky boo xxx thanks for the snake skin kids took into school ,fasinating !

Marie W  (17 June 2008)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Just came back from Tsilivi 15.6.08 we stayed for 14 nights, we visited Maryland twice while we were there, it was great all 6 of us loved it.  Even if you dont like reptiles much stil go and check it out as Mary the owner really makes you feel at ease.  You can handle most of the reptiles including huge pythons and my favourite the green iguana.  Was fantastic we took loads of pics only wish we had a video camera as it was a experience i would love to see again.  Hope to come back again one day soon and will definately pay you a visit.  Take care of the iguanas and ross and keep up your good work. x

Steve C  (25 May 2008)        10/10

We have just returned from our holiday and our two children keep talking about their visit to the Maryland Reptile House in which they held snakes, touched a crocidile and various other reptiles. Mary has vast knowledge and made us feel welcome and comfortable around the snakes. My partner went in saying he wouldnt hold or touch anything but ended up holding everything including a 10 foot Python!

I would  recomend a visit to Maryland Reptile House as it is something you dont normaly do and something you will remember and talk about for a long time!
Pictures to follow...  

Debbie F  (06 August 2007)        10/10

This place is well worth a visit if you like snakes and lizards, or have got children that do.

What Mary doesn't know about them isnt worth knowing.  My 6 year old son had a wonderful time talking about the snakes and got to hold lots of them.
My partner held the iguana and got a lovely scratched neck for his troubles.
Would certainly come back.

Matt H  (09 July 2007)        10/10

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Reptile House was fantastic - Lots to see and you can even handle the snakes and lizards.....thats if you are not too scared !

Defiantly the best attraction on Zante

Jayne B  (03 July 2007)        10/10

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Hello, Just wanted to post our photos of our 3 year old daughter, Zoe, having a fantastic time in your reptile house last week - it was an excellent experience and Mary was great, thank you!