Bars in Laganas

Mel P  (30 September 2007)        10/10

this place is the place to be!! starts the night off!!! met so many people in here so many laughs!! and i love the people that work here!!!! yull also find that its the cheapest place on the island. and the fact that they turn the music off everytime the police drives past adds to the experience and do agree that my holiday wouldnt have been the same without it

Andrea F  (20 July 2007)        10/10

Denise and Andrea from Bham. Yes its a really good bar to start off, good barmen, good music and good cocktails, after 8 mint cocktails to die for, we were there in July 07, also going back in Sept - early Oct 07.  Love it. 

Rachael O  (16 October 2006)         

hey ever1 in flanagans!! this bar was the best place to start ur nite!! reegan the pr was gr8!! get f****d!!!!!! cheers 4 all the shots m8!!! only got bk 13/10/06 but missin u all n cnt w8 2 c*m bk nxt summa!! cheers eeegan 4 a gr8 laff!!! 

Louise S  (14 October 2006)         

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hey everyone just gotback on thursday 12th october had a really good week this was a good place to start off the guys are brilliant in here and the music is always loud and good. bring on the ice fights we had in here what a laugh here are some pics x

Will R  (10 October 2006)         

this is will the pr from flanagans im goin bk next year 2 wrk there agen,,here is my email,if anyone wants 2 keep in touch,Bigwillystyle_2@hotmail.com  xx  xx xx xx

Lucy B  (05 October 2006)         

All i can say is Will, ur one sexy lad lol.keep up the good workClap .and kevin says hi hahahah.see ya next year!!!luv Juicy Luce xXx

Susan B  (03 October 2006)         

Great bar,  good music, and yes they do have a good aim with the ice!!!  great cocktails too!!!! it became our place to party!! (most of the time I think our dancing cleared the floor at the back though!!!)

Missing everything
Derby Gang!

Michelle&paulio   (24 September 2006)         

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Good bar due to staff behind the bar (good aim with ice!)and the lovely prs aww miss you guys!! wouldnt of been same without you, made us laugh soooooo much!

Will never 4get the lizard night...makes me giggle even now!

Missin you both already!
incase you both read this we havnt put the 'paulas cardigan' photo up as thought u wudnt be too happy about it!
Hopefully we'll speak to u both soon,luv us xx

Jo C  (06 September 2006)         

Good bar. Same  music as cocktails and dreams and a really nice friendly barman (front left)!

Mike V  (20 July 2006)         

click to enlargeIsnt she hot

Mike V  (20 July 2006)         

click to enlargeStart out here cheap cocktails to get u mashed!!!! Thou the free shots taste like pure pink grapefruit sumtimes btw if u see the guy outside this bar during the day sellin hennas dont bother gettin one, after the experience i had with an infected arm!!!!

Sarah B  (30 May 2006)         

Absolutelty brill bar... Dimitri, Nicos and Dino were an entertainment and cocktails are fab @ just 3 euro, just back yesterday, miss them already  Nothings a prob, Dimitri to happy to please

Marv C  (05 May 2006)         

Flanagans is by a mile the best bar in Laganas, how can you go wrong with the likes of Dmitri, Ross, Stu, Russ (you ugly Brighton boy) & the beautiful H ..... I was the pale bloke (you know you cant forget me)who was there at the begginin of June 2005 with Jamo (the lanky one) - before the "dream team" of Russ & Stu me & Jamo participated in a little PR work ourselves - & to be honest were where sh*t hot!

Well bad news, im gonna be in Malia this summer (2006) - but am gonna get the "bus" to zante in September 2006 - so get the cocktails out coz daddies coming home!! - God Bless ya!

Neil J  (04 May 2006)         

Flanagans is the best bar in Laganas bar none! Ross the Barman is always up for a laugh, so if your reading this, im flying out on sunday 11th may for my wedding so get the amstels on the bar ready for us!  

Steven W  (31 March 2006)         

hi my names steven i went to greese last june 2005 i really enjoyed myself i went all over laganas looking for a bar to get hammered in with my friend max when we came across flanigans so we went in and met the owner he was a propper canny bloke and i havent heard from him i also met chris he was working on the door blowing fire that was really cool anyway because of the owner of flanagans i hope to move to greese and get a bar job if chris is still round send me an email mate  seeya

Katie S  (21 October 2005)         

stu!!!!! where the f**k r you? me & shiv av been trying to contact you, you gave us a duff number didn't you, smelly! no really, we miss u, it's weird not seeing u turn up at our apt everyday (even tho u didn't in our new one cos landlord hated you, ha!) anyway if u read this write back! 

c u at the reunion hopefully
x x x x

Becci R  (27 September 2005)         

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just sayin hi to stuart litle miss u soo much ur such a sweetheart, ella says hi too! n russ, well dont miss u at all haha jus jokin spose i do! didnt get a chance to say bye to ya stu so get in touch if ya see this if not see u at roadhouse!!!! love becci x beccihughes1984@yahoo.co.uk

Lucy, T  (15 September 2005)         

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The other 3............ x x x


Lucy, T  (15 September 2005)         

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeHey Stu from Burgess Hill,

It's Lucy, Lucy & Tina from London (well, Herts) by the way. 
You were in fact the cutest, smallest guy we've met (ever).  We had a fab night out on the beers (you even included a pizza at the end of the eve).
Did you win the footy?  Hope you are taking it easy.  Love us 3 x x x
PS - There's 2 more pics to come.  Chamon......... he he!

Lynsey D  (13 September 2005)         

heyyyyyyy its lynz here how u doin stuart if u read this im missin u loads thanx alot for lookin after me, im the one who had the bad chest ha ha we will deffo c u next year take care love everyone at flanagans  x

Sarah B  (29 August 2005)         

Hi Gem,

will defo come & say hi if i recognise u, i'll check out ya pics again b4 i leave so i'm sure i'll notice u. i'm sure i'll b visiting flanagan's, it's always been the usual routine in the past.
Oh yeah, did manage 2 find the apartments but it only told me wot i read in the brochure. it said 'no more information found'
     c u wen u get there probz. luv Sarah.xxx

Sarah B  (23 August 2005)         

hi gemma,
just read your msg. checked on holidaysuncovered.com but couldn't find anything on the apartments. thanks anyway tho. i'm still looking forward 2 going even if we r staying in a s**thole. just checked out some of ya photos, looks like u had a wild time. that's wot it's all about tho. don't think it's gonna b so wild 4 me this year 'cos i'm with the boyf 4 a change. nevermind! have a good time.
    sarah xx

Sophie   (18 August 2005)         

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeGot home on 17th July 2005 but heres a pic of me n Jill with Stuart Little! 

Stuart, you asked us to put it on so here it is........
Also put a pic of the 6 of us on. Sorry the other 4 were so boring!!!
Think Stu and Russ will remember Louise - she was the mint singer that u dragged down to La Bamba to sing Angels for you!
xxx Sophie xxx

Carrie K  (17 August 2005)         

Def Visit Flanagans.. Just to see the Fit Pr's!!...Simon and Russ were gorgeous!....

Prefered Simon myself... But he knows that!... hope he keeps in touch!..
My other girlies prefered Russ... who is a complete SLAGHEAD!.. But then he knows that!..
Hopefully see you both again soon!!
Carrie & Manda!

Sarah B  (13 August 2005)         

can't wait 2 go back 2 laganas this year. going on 4th sep with my boyf. anybody else gonna b there then? anyone know anything about the yiannis studios? all i know is they look like a right s**thole with no pool but wot the hell, i'm staying there anyway. who's working in flanagan's this year? i didn't go last year so not sure if anyone i know still works there. feel sorry 4 all u peeps who've been & come home this year, i know the feeling. sorry guys but i'm getting all excited ready 2 go. 

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