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Kate A  (16 April 2006)         

me and 3 friends are heading out to havana fpr 1week in july cant wait. see you all soon x x x

Hollie R  (27 October 2005)         


Hollie R  (27 October 2005)         

Hi   Timos u ok we all are missing u love the Redman gang.  P.S  THIS PLACE IS FANTASTC!!!!!!

Lisa H  (20 September 2005)         

had a fab time in laganas AGAIN has anyone got the tel. number for havana apartments or havana pool???

Gayleen   (06 September 2005)         

Stayed at Havana Studios from 21st August for 2 weeks, timos stelios and nickos are very lovely, a big hello to Matty, Ryan, Rich, Chris, james (JLo), Pudge, Gary and Vic..the Reading boys and also out to Michael and Chris from Newcastle, love ya all x x x x

Rach,amie,em A  (08 March 2005)         

wkd place to stay, hi to the scottish lads billy, craig, kenny,barry etc and hey to the 3 guys that lived nxt door.

Suzie O  (23 September 2004)         

Suzie and Debs stayed for 2 weeks from the 25/07/2004 and could not fault the excellent pool bar and the excellent welcome and good laughs with Timos, Nikos and Stelios.Like to say hi to the Sunderland and welsh crowd we met and hope everything goes well with the coming birth of baby Timos. Also girls watch out for Timos's binoculars he will say you have nice eyes (ha ha)! Bbq is fantastic and not to be missed. If you read this Timos Hannah and the rest of the family say hello and wished they had stayed at Havana. From suzie and debs the coventry girls

David R  (16 September 2004)         

Just got back 22nd August after a great two weeks with Timos,Mikos,Stelios and all there family they made us very welcome and could not do enough for us "no problem" we had some good nights round the bar and exellent days round the pool with our grand children.We will be back again next year,All the best to all the family for making our holiday great.

David W  (03 September 2004)         

We stayed in the appartments there and were very happy with the accomodation. the havana pool bar was absolutely class. great cheap food, cocktails and mythos. timmos and the guys were quality. if your going, the bradford city shirt behind the bar was mine!

Jane M (25 July 2004)

is there any 80's bars/clubs ??? thanx

Leanne   (15 September 2003)         

we stayed in the apartments, we found this pool bar was excellent, the brothers who run it were very friendly, the food was nice and quite cheap, the pool area was always clean and well maintained.

Karon C  (30 April 2003)         

we are going back this year to the havana pool bar just to see Timmos and his family.They were brilliant fun and cook the best barbeques anywhere!

Bekki S  (14 January 2003)         

wasnt the same there this summer.....only cos Yanni wasnt there anymore,he had rented it out this time & was working in Bad Boys for a change.....nice one to the new managers though,they did try their best & it was great.....music,food,totty.....all good,just didnt feel like a workers pool anymore.....see you again for summer 2003!

Brian K (02 July 2002)

Girls: wanna meet 4 bad boys? arriving in Zante 14 th july email eazzy@iobox.com

John S  (24 June 2002)         

Anybody going out to laganas to see yannis, you will find him working in Bad Boys.Havana pool bar is still is a good chillout bar for the day.ENJOY.

Steve B  (14 March 2002)         

yianni, baby, if tou get this message, you have to come to nottingham before you go back to zante. if anyones been to laganas and not been to havana, why not? how chilled, how f**king chilled? and keep smokin' that reefer boyyyyyyy!!!!!! love ya lots steve ( crocs bar )....

Freckly L  (04 September 2001)         

Why oh why is this place only got a 7 out of 10?? It is THE best pool bar in Laganas! I'm out for the season next year and plan to spend every day lying on a lounger listening to Yianni's funky tunes! Can't Wait!

Roseanna M  (30 August 2001)         

i stayed at the apts and studios i love it i miss it george:smile for once yannis:your cool mike:keep up the flirting miss u all no british babes next year

Hannah F  (29 August 2001)         

Havana pool bar is the friendliest most "chilled by day" "pumping by night" place in Lagana! I worked in Lagana in 1998 and have been there every year since, you'll understand why when you meet Yianni! He is a true God, and if you like to SKOTTLE in the pool then he is your man...Easy now Yianni, can't wait till you come to England to see us all in September! Love you, miss you xxx

Heloise T  (19 August 2001)         

ella and iz came here loads to hang out with the hunky workers and sample yanni's amazing shots...he is truly a god, we love you! can't wait to spend every day there next year! have a wicked summer all x p.s timm, nice one xx

Timm H  (10 April 2001)         

The one and only place to be in the day and a fantastic one when the sun goes down. Yianni is the best entertainer around and I promise you that you will love him and want to go back when you leave. I luv you yianni.

Tina S  (24 March 2001)         

Best place to be i worked in zante for two years and i was at havana nearly every day, its the nuts,you gotta go there, and meet my greek bro yannis he's just one of the best people your ever meet. i love you and miss you loads yannis !!!!

Rebecca L  (02 March 2001)         

Yanis is a god,and i cant wait to see him again coz he cheers u up when your down.I agree with ali g its the best place to go in the day

Bomba B  (22 February 2001)         

The only place to convalesce after a hard days night. If everyone drank one Havana Headache a day the world would be a better place. Be entertained by the Laganas Workers Freeform Diving Team and Yannis legendary hospitality.

Adrian K  (22 February 2001)         

Havana is the best place 2 hang out in daytime laganas. Yianni, I love u.

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