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Marilyn S

we are staying at Andreas studios from in October, Have you got any info on best places to eat? Also car hire. Thanks Marilyn

Gina W           

Just reading the latest comments....freedom of speach, not bad language.  My comments are futher down the page as, my Family and I were there, end of June beg., of July.  This was spoilt by some people!! hangers on.. from the place next door and various people who did not stay and Andreas Apartments......  Did you have to be rude and crude to get a response from Dennis... Well this is what we thought.  I can uphold our good family name by not disgracing ourselves to gutter level like some!  We were there to have a good time, we were entertained across the road at the Potomisis!!! where George and his Family were fantastic!!!

Not everyone's taste I'll admit, rooms were clean and the maid was lovely....but it always takes some foul mouthed person in which to spoil it.  Yes we came across the same person!!! but avoided like the plague!!!! We deserved better than this, after working a year for Our HOLIDAY!
We can't all be wrong... judging by the latest comments.

Hayley A           

this is a message for mrs b!! I can assure you that the girl called Hayley writing in red was the one hanging around for three months she did not stay at the apartments.  I agree with your comments.

Mrs B           

For the information of  HAYLEY CLARIDGE

I think you are very rude. The purpose of these forums is that we can add positive or negative feedback so allow holiday makers to have their own thoughts of The Andreas Studios. Did you stay here for 3 months or did you hang around the bar all day/night when other paying guests tried to relax.
You have your reasons for enjoing it and we have ours for hating the place. Denis couldn't entertain if he tried. When we tried talking to him he only looked at me and ignored my husband!! so answer that one!!
When we stayed here not one person in the Studios had anything nice to say about the childrens play area at the bar. (Denis and his many female cling ons)
This place is best avoided.
Good day to you.
Mrs B

Hayley A           

In response to your comment Hayley!!! Some people don't like coming down to the pool bar and have better things to do.  You call people boring and lazy however as you said you where in Alykes for 3 months some people are only there for a week and want to relax.  Others go out till late at nite and wanna relax in the day without all the noise and the bullying that happens when they don't go to the pool bar.  People are entitled to their opinion and there is no need to swear and be rude.

If you read the comments properly a lot of people said about the walk and if you read the brochure it does say it is a lot less distance that is why people are complaining.

Hayley C           

i stayed in alykes for nearly 3 months and was at this pool bar most days, it is excellent the bar staff are friendly and entertainin!

to all those that hav complained about how borin this place is, next tym try gettin off ur lazy f**kin ass and chattin to ppl to get to no them and hav a laugh, do u people not go on holiday to have fun!?
fair enuf if u wna relaxin holiday bt still... u gta hav a bit fun! if your lookin to go on holiday in alykes, i recommend this place, dnt listen to all the borin ones unless u r 1 aswell
hayley x

Hayley A           

Stayed here from the 18th Sept 06 for a week not a bad place clean and friendly staff!!!

The location is no good for people who don't like walking or who have disabilities i wouldn't recommened people with small children to go but it was ok i just didn't like the walk as we where going to the next village to c friends it took 40 mins and that was sobar!!!
The apartments had a kettle and a toaster and a can opener which is rare.  The bedding was changed about 2-3 times a week and the maid cleaned every day which was to an excellent standard!
The apartments are great just in the wrong location for us!!


We stayed in the Andreas Studios for 2 weeks in September. The rooms are basic but very clean. Bedding was changed loads of times, even the day before we went home. It was the first time in years of going to Greece that I havent been bitten by mosquitos in the room.
The studios are quite a bit further from the centre and beach than the brochure suggests but to be honest the walking did us good as we are usually really lazy on holiday. For a few euros you can catch the "pony express" back in the evening.
The worst thing had to be the cockerels crowing all night but this is a fault of the resort not the studios ie it's the same wherever you stay in the area.  We found Denis to be friendly and funny and he helped me to try to speak Greek. Yes we would go back.  

Mrs B           

Hayley I do hope you enjoy your stay at the Andreas.... Personally my husband and I didn't. The studios are at least a 10-20 minute walk from the centre (pubs, restaurants, beach). If you're looking for a very slow stop holiday then great you will have fun but if you enjoy a nice meal followed by a few cocktails then the walking boots are on.... Not much happening close by.

At the end of the day it's each to their own. You will either love it or hate it.

Have Fun

James L           

Great time at the Akis, basic it may be but so is most of Greece, came home on the 27th of August wife was bitten by the mozzies 56 times in one night but otherwise a great time.Peaceful,clean,friendly what more could you ask.Found a little taverna run and served by greeks,food was delicious and hot.It was along the main road near a supermarket (from the Akis it was across the salt flats and a bit to the left away from the shops) and the waiter was named Paul good laugh and all the staff were friendly.Will go back again.

Gina W           

This Had to be the worst place possible.... As the previous person Comments on the people running the Show! Dennis/Yannis.  They entertained 'Their' guests with no consideration for 'US' residents.  We have just returned on 10/07/06 we will not be going back and strongly recommend that Thompsons removes this hotel from it's books.....! Like the rest, we spent Our time at the Potamitis, where George & Andrianna and Family were FANTASTIC! That's how a Place should be run.... Read and Learn...  All Thompson Certificates hanging on the walls behind the Bar in the Potamitis!!! What can I say.. Where are they in The Andreas eh?  Happy to be back and if we went back... it would be at the Potamitis!  All who read this take heed!!!


We had a fantastic time here, 2 years ago and would love to back again this year. Can anyone tell me how i can book either through an agency or directly. - hope some one can help


We stayed at the Andreas in Sep - its a 15-20  min stroll on the Katastari road into the main part of Alykes, depending on how fast you are walking (or how many mythos you have had!)  We used to walk down and get the 'pony express' back to the studios in the evening if we were feeling lazy.  If you are visiting the centre more than once in the day it can be a bit of a drag, but the Andreas is in a nice quiet location (apart from the cockeral in the morning!) so it depends what you would prefer. 

Sue B

Can anyone tell me exactly where in Alykes the Andreas is located? Is it on the road to Katastari - if so, how far is it from Alykes centre. Concerned that it might be quite a distance/climb out of the centre - not clear in the holiday brochure map ref. Thanks

Hazel V           

was at Andreas studios may 05 -- great place to stay - clean - great staff - nothing to much trouble- looking to go again in 06 -- will be my 7th stay in zante

Pauline M           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge My sister and I went Spring Bank Hols, we are 58/65 we loved Andreas,apartment basic but spotlessy clean, fab Other (inmates ) fab, Dennis the barman come everything else man was fab, beach fab, Absolutely superb hol (fab) Hope to go next year with all the family.

Wendy C           

i just got bk from alykes on friday and i stopped at the andreas with some older friends, i thought it was going to be really boring but we ended up spending most of our time by the pool!! i am hopefully going to return next year with some more friends for a big girlie holiday so watch out  the best holiday i've had 4 ages

Janet W           

We've just spent a relaxing week in Alykes (May 2005), and the weather was fantastic! The Andreas Studios are a short walk out of the centre, and although are basic, are very clean. They all have balcony's/terraces, and the kitchen equiptment was more than adequate for our needs.(A toaster/Kettle/2 ring cooker/Fridge) We also had plenty of hot running water - all day. The pool area is also clean and 'Dennis the Menace' who runs the bar is young and lively - and say's yes to everything, even when he means no!

The resort was great for us, but some might find it a bit too quiet - especially as most places had closed by 12.30am. The beaches are ideal for young families, as is the sea, because it's warm and very shallow. There are plenty of places to eat and drink, and Alykanas is only a short walk away - or a horse and carriage ride for 5euros. We ventured in Laganas one evening, it cost 20 euro's in a taxi each way - don't pay any more than that as some try to charge 25 euro's. Laganas is very lively with plenty of bars/clubs. We also went by bus to Zakynthos town - which was busier than I expected. Don't go on a Weds afternoon though, as it's half day closing.

Tracey V           

Having stayed there for our honeymoon in June 2004 - we have booked again for our 1st anniversary this year - we would recommend the Andreas to anyone who wanted to chill out and just soak up the atmosphere of Alykes

Laura S

has anybody got address of andreas apartments, alkyes


Hi all,

The Holiday Company have moved the Andreas Studios to a new brochure, they are in Portland Direct, you can book over the phone or on the web so its cheaper (no travel agent) Hope this helps


David L

Contact details for Andreas apartments as cannot find in any brochures, and we would like to return in May/June this year

Derek J

we need accomidation for eight people appartments or villa

Becky G           

The andreas studios are a great place for a great holiday. the studios are very clean and every one was very friendly. the only complate that i did have was i thought the walk from the beach was a bit challeging in the heat, although the horse and cart ride every night was well worth it!!!! had a fantasitic holiday! ill b back!!!!

David M           

When we went to Andreas Studios on 13th June 2003, we met loads of people who are very friendly. Especially, Rob & Anna from Cardiff & Swansea and Chris & Niomi from Southern England (first time abroad)

If any of you read this please get in touch!

David & Vicky Mottram (

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