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Steve and tracey Page          10/10

we go here every may and have been doing so for the last 4 years. love this hotel love the family who own in couldn't ask for a better place to stay and Niki and mavra are fantastic. would highly recommend to anyone. see you again this may can't wait to be back at this fantastic place :-)

Rob M

stayed with my family in september 2011, family that run the apartments were so rude and ignorant, seems t only one night o me if you dont spend in the bar then they dont want to know,pool was cloudy for duration we stayed flea ridden cats everywhere furnishings were of poor quality beware of sharp objects round pool area not maintained very good make sure if you want to stay there that you read real reviews ans see pictures of the apartments and not the brochure

Graham B          9/10

first visit to Zante, but seventh island, always stayed in apartments
Panorama is perfectly situated ,on top of the beach, mountain back drop, NOT for clubs burgers and eastenders TV
choice of seeing the island, staying local or staying put, this is right place.
as usual you will get the fantastic greek hospitality and welcomed into the family
father Dennis, being prime example of such warm friendliness, backed up by daughters Mavra and Nikki.
the warmth is 100% genuine, and the place is run with  total professionalism in everything they do.
i saw a comment saying Mavra is quiet- obviously didnt spend an evening at the bar then !!!!
probably the  most important for anyone thinking about it.
the rooms and the pool are absolutley perfect, spotless and roomy
the family pride themselves in daily cleanliness through out  .
join them you will love it.
late June holiday- big thanks to Dennis and the girls

Karen H          9/10

 Just returned from a weeks holiday 1st time we have returned in 7 years and we had a great welcome it was like coming home. Appartments are great and the Leftaki family are so welcoming they made our holiday. Cant wait for next year!!!!!

Jackie C          9/10

We would like to say that Dennis and everyone at Panorama Studious was fantastic. We had our honeymoon affected by goldtrail collapse and booked at just a few days notice. They went above and beyond for us as we had just got married the day before we arrived. We had champagne and balloons and a lovely basket of fruit waiting in our room. The whole two weeks was lovely and everyone was very friendly and polite. The Greek night was amazing and not to be missed. The accommodation was clean and comfortable, pool was clean and the food and drinks very reasonable. We would highly recommend this to anyone and would definately go back. Thankyou all at Panorama. Jackie and Gordon

Emma           10/10

Just returned from holiday, have been going to panorama for 3 years and havent been disappointed, couldnt believe the comments people have left, bearing in mind they were from 2005 and dennis has giving the hotel a makeover, with new rooms bathrooms are wonderful! sunbeds are comfy. never have i seen rats and thea was lovely although now she isnt kept at the hotel anymore, as for smells from sewers the community has also make some changes to the surrounding areas which im sure will be up to others who have been leaving negative comments standards, the family are lovely, and although the daughters seem quiet if you actually try talking to them they are wonderful people and are great fun, dennis the owner even drove us back to the airport in his new white mercedes,also i must add their greek night is not to be missed, great food and the dancers are wonderfull everyone enjoyed getting up and having a go. dancing on the bar and smashing plates was great fun have some lovely pictures and memories cant wait for next year :)

Dave M

travel republic and lowcostholidays you can book them private.

Mary A

Can anyone tell me who to book these with.  Thanks.

Dean F          10/10

click to enlargeMe and my Fiancee went there this year and the family was more than hospitable to us.
We went to Zante to get married, and did it all for ourselves, but the apartments owner, Denis, offered to take the Bride to the destination for free in his big white Mercedes.
My Fiancee travelled in style and we both got a lift to our reception at a restaurant (Petrinos Kipos) owned by a friend of ours.
When we got back to the apartment, they played the wedding march (though they put happy birthday on by mistake first lol), and popped a bottle of champagne.
They even decorated our room and the stairs leading up to it with balloons, and left a chilled bottle of champagne and 2 glasses in the room with glitter's a holiday we will never forget, all thanks to the Leftakis family.

The room was great and the spare bed had railings around it so we could make it into a cot when turned around.

We really recommend Panorama, and will visit there again which is something we never usually do.

Bob R          10/10

We have been to the Panorama Studios about 7 times over the last 5 years and its a fantastic place to stay to unwind and relax with a beer around the pool.

 The accomodation has been immproved above most other studios with new kitchen and bathrooms its very,very nice.
  The food is excelent and service with a smile from Mavra and Nicki. The greek night is a must great food and entertainment with lots of plates getting smashed by Dennis and then dancing in the street with flames round your feet.
  Already booked for next year and taking 6 more of the family with us.

John F

Dont want to comment on the hotel as I have never stayed there.  I did however last year have cause to use their internet which i paid for.  I then also made use of the wifi connection.  Because i wasnt paying for it I decided it was best to buy a beer to help cover the cost of my usage.  I used it for about 15 minutes and finished my beer was literally at the point of closing down the machine when the owner (I assume launched into a foul mouth tarade at me. 

To say i was gobsmaked was an understatement and in fact the man was lucky not to get a smack in the face becuase if my daughter had been with me at the time he would have. 

Lesson for owner No 1 - Customer service is important dont alienate any potential customers.  I didnt return to the hotel again and thus he lost out on what I assume is their biggest money maker (the bar) and I will never recommend the hotel to anyone no matter how good the facilities are.

Michael S          10/10

We havent got a clue what some people want regarding appartments. For a kick off there is no alsation dog and these appartments are 3 star plus. The place is exceptionally clean and is run by great staff. The two daughters Mavra and Nikki are another plus. Food is delicious and well presented,a dish which one does not want to miss is the pork chop,about the size of a t-bone steak,try it. Do not miss the Greek night,a really good fun night,and a great meal. Mick and Sylvia

Sue W          10/10

We have stayed at the Panorama for the last 9 years, going back again this year. The apartments are great, very clean, good facilities. The Leftakis family are fantastic and make everyone welcome, nothing is too much trouble for them. The Greek night is something else, a great barbeque cooked by Dennis, followed by Greek dancing, the fire dance is spectacular - the best Greek night we've been to. There is plenty going on with different themed evenings through the week - quiz night, karaoke etc. The swimming pool is great and kept sparklingly clear and clean, plenty of comfy sunbeds. The apartments are ideally located just a 10 minute walk from the beach and centre of the village.

Lavinia H          10/10

We have been stopping at the Panorama twice a year for 8 years now what more can you say!! The Leftakis family are fantastic and so welcoming they like to get you involved in there Greek night which is a must, Denis's food is fantastic we go every time we stay! Ladies make sure you wear shorts or trousers for the Greek night as being spun on someone's shoulders or dancing on a table can be a little embarrassing!  

We have just come home and have book for September already. This year the rooms have been refurbished and they really are beautiful, everything is new and is now well above average for Greece, you even get a shower hook and curtain!! (Which I must add is a luxury in Greece)

The apartments are a 10 minute steady walk to the fantastic beaches there are no hills so just a leisurely stroll, also about the same to the many shops and restaurants.

  Thanks for a fantastic holiday!! See you in September  :D


Norma N          10/10

We didn't even stay at the Panorama (we stayed at Argiros which was just adjacent - see other entry for review) but we got such a warm welcome and had such a good time at the Panorama we felt we had to write a comment. We were there at the end of the season when the bar was very quiet and we lovely chats and company from the family - Mavra & Nikki looked after us every night, even ordering us pizza on the phone from a local restaurant whose takeaway menu was in Greek. There is a short walk into the resort centre and we liked this as it was nice to be just out of the way and walk off the huge portions of delicious Greek homemade food when we ate out!  If you want somewhere with a warm welcome, genuine friendly people and great beer the Panorama is the place to go!

John E          10/10

click to enlargeWe stayed at the Panorama four years ago and we all had a superb holiday.There is a wide range of ages in our group and there is something for all! We have been back to Alikes twice since and still had a great time but being honest there is something special about the Panorama and we have decided (and already booked) on these apartments for next August. Dennis runs these apartments with his wife and two lovely daughters.

The greek nights,every Sunday, are fantastic entertainment and the BBQ food is exceptional!
We didn't know but there are a number of  luxury rooms now and they are of a very high standard! So yes we have booked two of those for next year!!
Anybody looking for a package deal  to these apartments will be able to find them on 
See you all next year and have a Mythos ready for me !  Yammas !

Charlene M          10/10

We stayed at the Panorama Studios, Alykes, Zakynthos for 2 weeks this June (2008) and having read these reviews before we went out, I just wanted to let people know how nice they were!! We had a lovely clean room that overlooked the pool, with a view of mountains to the back and the sea at the front! We have been to Greece many times and this is certainly the best accommodation we have stayed in. We always prefer to go Self Catering so that we can go and try the local cuisine but if we had wanted to stay in, the kitchen was more than well equipped to cook a meal.

The Pool was excellent, big, clean and the pool area was immaculate.
These studios are owned and run by a wonderful, friendly family who made us feel extremely welcome, so Thank You Dennis, Pari, Mavra, Dennis & Nikki!!
We lost all our inhibitions on the Greek Night which is absolutley fantastic, the BBQ food is cooked to perfection and it really is a giggle! Be warned, you may need to get fit before you go!!
We are a young couple but would reccommed the Panorama to Families and Couples looking for a nice, relaxing holiday.
Alykes itself is lovely, just enough to do in a 2 week holiday without getting bored with none of the rowdiness of Laganas! There were plenty of places to eat and drink, from classic family run tavernas to late night music bars.
We will definitely be returning next year, and without a doubt, will stay at the Panorama again

Valentina L          9/10

I must say that I am rather surprised at the ferocity of some of the negative feedback here - especially when people complain about 'basic' accommodation. I have stayed in several places on Zakynthos, and the Panorama studios are no better or worse, accommodation-wise, than most places on the island. Yes, the showers are small, as they are in the rest of Zante. Yes, cutlery is basic. As it is in the rest of Zante. You can't flush loo paper? Dear God in Heaven! That's the same as THE REST OF ZANTE.

For what it's worth, I found the Panorama studios pleasant and the owner to be very friendly. I loved the Greek nights and would stay there again.
Finally, I am very disappointed in the comments about the dog. In the Greek islands, dogs are not always treated so well and strays are usually culled. I remember a beautiful alsatian dog back in 2003 that begged for food near the apartments. It was so pathetic - and, as Brits are wont to do, the tourists took a shine to it and fed it. And so did Dennis and his family. The dog was eventually adopted by a British couple and now has a happy home.

If Dennis and his family had been heartless, they would have had the dog poisoned or killed. They might have beaten it as other apartment owners have done to strays. Instead, they showed heart. Now they have another dog they have rescued and instead we get whingeing about the noise! For shame. I am for one am delighted to see that they have given an animal a home.

Louise A          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge the panorama is a fab and friendly place to stay.. dennis and his wife pari are most excellent host , along side his daughters nikki and mavra and his soon to be son in law dennis jr.. we had no noise from thea the dog... the food was excellent. the music was also good. the themed nights kept us enterained, the greek night was not too be missed.. great value for money.. i was able to lear to play pool as they had a table there.. great fun now i know how it goes.... but best not played after mavras coctails as the amount of balls on the table tend to double!!! the sun bed were most comfy esp for a afternoon os 40 winks after a amstel or 3!.. the food they offered was great. many meals to cover most peoples tates  or choices...  i have been there 3 times this year and twice last im already booked for 2 times niext year and cant wait...  everyone has there own opinion but to me its great ...  keep it up ... all the best loulou...

Dennis S          5/10

We will not enter into the debate nor pass judgement about the pro's and con's of standards encountered by other guests of the Panorama Studios, Alykes, as this depends upon personal preferences.  What we can state is the proprietor has recently acquired an alsatian dog which is chained up out the front and barks incessantly.  During our two week stay we did not have a single nights uninterrupted sleep as a result.  When guests drew this to the attention of the proprietor's daughters, the only reaction was "oh, but he's a lovely dog".  There was little point in moving, as the dog's barking even disturbed guests in both the adjacent Pothos and Ikis Studios.  We will not be returning to any of these establishments as we like peace and quiet during our holiday and a good night's sleep.  

Hazel R          10/10

just been reading through the reviews of the panorama and i am shocked! i stayed at the panorama a couple of years ago and have to say it was one of the best holidays i have had.

our room was the perfect size, very clean and the cleaners were there regularly, if you needed anything in between you just had to ask and someone would take care of it. the pool and facilities were great and suitable for kids. my little boy was on the machines all the time (cost me a fortune!) staff didnt mind. the staff were great, very welcoming and helpful, we were not overly friendly with them and yet the next year when we went to a different resort for a change we visited them and they recognised us immediately with a very warm welcome.
as for rats, i never saw one and the smell, that is everywhere in greece because of the sewage system, but it isnt that bad even in that heat, you only smell it when you pass the open ditches!
i have to say that the bad comments on this page are harsh and totally unfounded, the apartments are great, clean, ideally located, the home cooking is fab and dennis and family are without doubt the friendliest family on zante. and the greek night is the best i have ever been to, dennis makes a mean barbeque! i intend going back to stay at the panorama again very soon.

Jennifer H          8/10

Just came back from a fantastic weeks holiday, staying in the Panorama.  As with most of Greece the apartments are basic, but really good value for money.  The pool here is great and there are plenty of events going on at night in the pool bar to keep everyone entertained.

Everyone was very welcoming and i dont have a bad word to say about these apartments at all!  Would definately recommend - you get what you pay for!  TIP - get a taxi to and from airport as much quicker than transfer bus!!

Lucy A          10/10

I had the best family holiday ive ever!

 We were all made to feel so welcome and loved every minute.The rooms were basic but clean(what do you expect, its greece!)
 Dennis and his family were so kind and my sister and i spent time with his daughters who are about the same age, i even left them my hair straightners as they couldnt afford a pair of their own.I had a great time with nickos who is gorgeous, we had a lot of fun together.
The food was brilliant and it has to be said that my sister and i lived on their chicken and cheese toasties!yum!
Everyone we met their seemed to be having as much fun as us and the greek night was brilliant! Dennis picked me and my sister up and put us on the bar!!
Anyone who says it was rubbish is obviously expecting 5 * when clearly it is not. The majority of reviews from the panorama are saying what a fab time they had, theres just a few that expect to be waited on hand and foot and clearly dont know how to have a good time and relax.
If dennis and his family seemed to be unpleasent then they could obviously tell you were party poopers.
The beach was fantastic and i really cant rate this holiday high enough. They have now become our extended family at least thats how it feels.

Lynn L           

Me and a friend are going to the Panorama Studios on Sunday 24th September for one week, it is the first time we have been to Zante.   I have read all the reviews on these apartment, some bad but mostly good.  I'm sure we'll have a great time and when I get back I will put my views on this site. It doesn't do for everyone to like the same things, you get what you pay for, some people want 5* for 2* prices

Malc L           

Just arrived back after our first visit to the Panorama studios and found them to be good value for money. We liked the staff who were not only very friendly but helpful too, and the studio, although small was perfectly adequate and cleaned daily. The pool and pool area are clean and well maintained as was the snack bar (great chips by the way and go well with a Greek salad and Retsina for lunch).The centre!! of Alykes is only a 5 to 10 minute walk away and I will be recommending these studios to friends.

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