Konstantin Hotel

Accommodation in Alykes


I love this place, beach, hotel .. and barman:-)

Mau&dave(geordies) S           

The best people in Alykes, lovely greek family run hotel, beautiful new pool, absolutely no complaints, clean, service excellent!!

Jenny A

I have just booked to stay at the Konstantine middle of May, but cannot remember exactly where it is in relation to Alykes, can anyone help?
What kind of weather can we expect in May, we usually go a bit later.

Jenny Mcgrory

Kelly F

Can anyone tell me exactly where in Alykes the Konstantine Hotel is? Thanks!

Rosemary B

I would like to be able to book diectly with the Konstantine as we stayed there last year but am unable to get a phone number from directory enquiries. Can you supply this please?

Gazza G           

A family run hotel with excellent manners cleanliness and right on top of the sea.you step out of your appartment straight to the beach ,takes about 1min. this was in 1993 i hope the same people are still there because im going back on the 30th september 2001..;-) if its different let me know.....ps. a nice cocktail bar 30 yards away quiet but open til late.

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