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Mark H          10/10

hi my names mark we stayed at your studios in 2007 can you tell me how much it would cost for 2 adults and a 3 year old and 1 baby under 1 year. for the first 2 weeks of september we last came in a big group and we all loved you place and staff please can you e-mail me on diving.dolphin@hotmail.co.uk look foward to hearing from you
thank you!

Amanda N

  We booked two x 1 bedroom apartments at the Apollo in May 2008 and were greatly disappointed and horrified.  I can't speak for the studios but the apartments were awful to say the least.  They were uninhabitable, dirty and dangerous.  We arrived at 9pm with two young children and grandparents and didn't quite know what to make of it.  Many of the lights didn't have bulbs, plug sockets hanging out of the wall, the toilet was leaking, the hot tap in the bathroom didn't work AT ALL and I can't even describe the kitchenette area, it was disgustingly dirty.  Mosquitos were everywhere and we dared even go to sleep for fear that we would be eaten alive.  We hired a microwave which literally blew up and blew all of the electricity in that area including the fridge.  As soon as we woke the following morning we promptly went to find alternative accommodation.  We are relatively well travelled to Greek islands and know about the basic accommodation but this is beyond basic, it is uninhabitable. Please please do not waste your time and money staying here.  The Apollo states that it is 100m from the beach but it is the pebble end, the sandy beach is a good 300m further along.  Alykes is a lovely resort and once we had moved to different accommodation we had a superb holiday.

Carolynn W          10/10

Just back after our 2nd visit in 2 years and already looking for flights for next year.  We usually go to a different place each year, but I think we have found our ideal holiday.  It is so relaxing, yet there is plenty to do.  Can't wait for next year. 

Wendy R          10/10

Hello everyone I am a regular at the apollo and will be going later in the year.  But could the seasoned travellers amongst you help me, Im off to Spain next week and want to buy some really cheap cigarettes, when Im in zante I buy blue leader, what is the eqivilent in spain, can anyone help me please, thank you

Wendy R          7/10

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ended up most nights in the apollo pool bar and even manged to end up greek dancing with a couple of locals,i'm not going to miss campari or sambuca that's for surenot too convinced about the eye candy for the guys behind the bar-especially when it means you wait longer for your drinks because she doesn't know what you want.it's always better when dimitri works the bar.hopefully back again next year(with the apartments full up with partyloving english!).wendy,steve,samantha,lily,lucy

Isabelle W

Hello Sue, the Apollo is not available through any UK tour companies this year but the apartments you mention are available privately.  The link is www.apollo-alykes.com.  Have a great holiday!

Peter P           

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rog told you about the oooozzzzzoooo 


Hi Pete, Belinda & Leanne  Rog & I are OK - fed up being back in dull and wet England  - we were glad to have met you also - watched the video we made on the Greek night - wot a scream !! Don't know what we are up to for next holiday - too early to think about it - need to get Xmas out the way.  Take care all of you xxx


Alan M           

Hi Peter,thanks for your nice comment very nice of you.Well it wont be long now before your on you way.Dont forget to try the little taverna 1st  on the left as you head into town,might not look much but good food etc,the taxi drivers use it a lot.You must do the land train, and greek night sure you will have great night out there.Food is good at the Apollo,also at the Apollo in Alykanas.Not much to add realy,only as Zante is such a lovely island we(6)of us are going back in 07 fly out 30th August 2days after my retirment,(yes i know i dont look it)i wish.Anyway have a great holiday,i'am sure you will, i will keep a look out for your  comments later.Bye

Peter P           

  hi joanne were all arriving  at apollo on 10/10/2006 i think weather will be variable,after all its october[still got to be better than uk]zante is known for its wet winters thats why its so very lush.dont know about you but some time away from work and being with my family is sunshine anough. hope 2 meet u chowx


Hi, Am going to Apollo in October - can anyone confirm what the weather is doing at the moment ? Any good places to go and see ? Am bit worried about lack of hot water in the morning - have things improved ?

Becky J           

Now now Debbie he wasnt that bad was he ha ha.  How are you doing? Hope you got home ok?  The accomodation is definately a 2 star and if you intend to be able to cook anything other than soup and sandwiches then forget it.  You may be lucky and get a studio with a new kitchen but still the cooking options are limited.  The smoke alarm is situated right above the cooker rings so you have to take the battery out.  If you are situated in the second block away from the bar then you may expeirence some problems with the electrics ( they over load the switches which causes the to keep tripping ) so if you have paid for the air condioning this will keep going off and believe me it can get very hot and very annoying as well.  The pool bar is ok food is nice and if the owner hasnt got an hangover then he is ok too.  His wife works god damm hard.  The Apollo restuarant is nice and quite cheap as well.  We never had a bad meal while we where in alykes all the restaurants where lovely.  The palm tree is the place to go for drinks and sports in the evenings.  If you are looking for a quite holiday where you are not fighting for sunbeds then this is the place to go.  I would go back to Alykes but I would probably not stay at the Apollo.  We had a great holiday but this was down to the people we had meet not the Apollo.

Girls stop going on about the two sons they have a different girl every week of the season and they are little gits who need a reality check.  What do you all see in them they're not even good looking. 

Robert M           

Hi there,

Just planned to book for next year seems that My Travel are going to be the operators due to issues with First Choice (I run Thistle World Travel).
Just a warning if it is My Travel be prepared for nightnares and itinerary changes (their favorite) mostly whilst you are on resort best one is chaging your flight plan ie 2 stop flight.

Emma M           

yes there was aircon, i fink it was 35 euros 4 1 week an 50 euros 4 2 weeks

Becky J           

Can anyone tell me if there is air con in the studios.  We travel on Sunday on the 13th August so a speedy response would be very much appreicated. 

Emma M           

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Well wot can i say...... the apollo is the best hotel in alykes for many reasons lol we had a great time especially the first time HARRY  lol the people are soo nice and freindly maybe too freindly sometimes but hey! dimitri the crazy barman whos favourite saying is "yamas everybody!!" or "ok everything?" lol litul angelo is sooo sweet but turning out like his brother harry.. a litul flirt lol so watch out ladies!! harry is lovely but a major flirt saysa he loves you until the next coach pulls up lol but still a lovely young man. angela always makes you feel welcome and always smiling. special hello to freddie and nikos who work in the resturaunt, and DONT forget....CHIPBUTTY!!  lmao. anyway any1 who goes there is sure tohave a gr8 time. luv emma and paige xxx     Oh yes, kim isnt pregnant by the way its her sister in law who has just welcomed ANOTHER harry into the family, which now makes three. xxx

Hannah M           

Take money and take travellers cheques because its cheap u might not hav 2 spend all ur money and it is safe to leave ur money in the room or you can get a safety deposit box which is 10 euros a week

the pool doesnt close at any time so they can probably use it untill it gets dark or becomes too cold
Have a nice holiday its really nice there you should enjoy it

Tara M

hello we are going to appolo in 4 wks, i can't wait. can anyone help me? will it be best to take cash, travellers cheques or my meastro card? also (not so important) can the children use the pool in the evenings or does it close at a certain time?

Hannah M           

The best apartment at the Appollo is the first number 7 by the pool where i was and the toast is bum every morning got to have my toast that is one of the things i miss the most.

All these comments on here about babbies (Harry) are so funny and true he is a little flirt and will say he wants you 1 minute then try and flirt with your friends the next. His little brother is sweet and is growing up to be like Harry by the looks of it.Plus if u make friends with Babbies girls remeber he only wants u for ur holiday so dont fall in love.
Any 1 whos goin plz say to dimitri crazy girl says hello and say to babbies hows Romeo from Hannah

Laura W           

hiya just 2 say about colin that he suposdly chuked ppl in the pool fully clothed  witch i RELY dont belive cuase i have been ther twice + i have NEVA EVER seen him chuk ANY BODY in the pool !! espechially fully clothed....... n he neva eva sweared so i dont belive it !!   but i cant wait 2 c colin cos i love him 2 bits + i miss him SOOOOOOO mcuh !!! xXx laws xXx  P.S colin if u read this cant wait 2 c u (hopefully soon) !!

Helen S

Hi A group of us visited in May 2006 and we want to book for next year - but I can't the appartments in any of the brochures. Can anyone confirm if they have managed to book for 2007 and/or who the tour operator is for 2007. I have to say we got on with Colin and he was a lot more helpful than First Choice were when someone in the complex had no luggage for nearly a week! Anyway - hoping someone can help Thanks Helen

Jess K           

Me and my boyf just got back from our 1st trip to Zante. Got a good deal to stay at the apollo, at 1st seemed a bit out of the way and were the only ones getting off coach to stay there, but after being there 5 minutes our worries had disappeared. Beautiful surroundings, great pool bar and the best pool ive been in for a long time. Really nice and deep, and never to overcrowded.
Bout 5-10mins walk to restaurants, which is a nice distance, and great when you wanna walk off your meal, if not the horse and carriage service can bring you back for a good price.
Nice clean room with a great view of the pool and mountains, air con and good storage space. Fantastic staff. The cleaner is the sweetest, and kim dimitri and angela couldnt have been nicer. Dimitris favourite comment - 'ok everything!!???'
Angelas grandads donkey is around during the day, and yes he loves an apple!!! Also the chickens and cockeral are nice company, they like to be fed too!!!
Great food at the pool bar, our favouite the greek salad. Also the restaurant is very nice.
Went to Virago (the cocktail bar, directly opposite apollo) every night, always free shots of ouzo. The owners couldnt be nicer!!!
Be careful when booking boat excursions as we were let down twice because of wind on the beach. The parascending was brilliant. We loved the restaurant 'Taj Mahal' (in centre of alykes strip) very nice staff and always great food. Also 'maestro' was nice.
Do NOT go to ambrosia and have the seafood platter!

We had a great time, and wish we were back there. Would 100% go back to apollo. loved it.


Beverley B           

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Got back from a weeks stay 4th July - 12th July and stayed at the Apollo. Situated far end by the salt flats, Nice room with air con, nice deep pool and bar thats open until the early hours (great measures!!!), quiet part of Alykes great for when you want to sleep at night, and only 5mins into town or beach. Very clean appartment (Maid was lovely - Favorite word "OK" ). Nice on-site donkey (likes an apple). Usually stay in Alykanas but realy enjoyed Alykes this time Ps thats not my boyfriend hair lol.

Robert M           

Hi folks

Just back two days ago fraid to say Colin is no longer there, its seems according to the
rep and one other expat he has been making a nuisance of himself with First Choice and Dimitri and Co ie swearing at guests throwing fully clothed people in pool running uninsured excurstions and generally being a nuisance to First Choice.
So the choice was given Package contract or Colin he lost, Dimitri is still his old overworked self
but Angela seems to run the show as Kim is pregnant and will go any day now
anyway may see you ther at some time

Christine M           

hiya alan sorry to hear about geoff hope all goes well,what a flaming year this has been.i lost one of my sisters new years day in a house fire another of my sisters had a heart attack in march and me silly knees had a stroke in april hoping to go back to work soon fingers crossed,thinking of you all my e-mail is christine.macdonald303@ntlworld.com keep in touch ok 

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