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Marina M          10/10

click to enlargeWe staid at Villa Denis for 8 nights, 17-24.07. We spend great time there. Denis and  his wife are so gracious, kind, hospitable and frinedly. We are very satisfied of accommodation in their villa. The location was great. The studio was nice and the most important it was clean.
The pool was clean, and the water was warm. We recommend this accommodation to all of you:)

Simon P

Hi Yvonne. Glad you enjoyed your stay at the Villa Denise.
The weather in ocotober can be variable. I was there last october and the weather wasn't too good,yet in previous visits the weather has been very hot in october. I guess you just have to take a gamble.

Unfortunatly I can't make it to Zakynthos this year due to other commitments but I shall return next year.

Yvonne R          10/10

Just got back from staying at the Villa Denise and i've got to say its the best place we have ever stayed in Argassi, this is our fourth visit here. 

Simon you were right!!  Maggie and Dennis were absolutely brilliant.  They were great with the kids, 2 boys aged 2 & 4 who could be a little noisy at times, but nothing was a problem. 
We stayed in room 14 which is the 3 bedroom apartment and it was huge, with three different balconies.
We will definately return here.  As everyone says, great location.  A few minutes walk from the Beer Academy and the main street but its really nice and quiet.
We are thinking of going back in October, can anyone tell me what the weather is like at this time of year?

Simon P

Hi Tracey...As it says in my previous post..the Villa Denise is now independent of ALL travel companies

Please visit
For more information.

Tracey S          10/10

Hi we visited the Villa Denise in 2006 with First Choice and would like to return. However i am struggling to find the travel company who deal with these fantastic apartments could you help?

Simon P          10/10

My partner Nigel and I have spent the last week of the holiday season at the Villa Denise.

As usual we had a great time. Dennis and Maggie were as lovely as ever and welcome us with their usual hospitality. Maggie was crying when we bid farewell on our last day.

As of next year the Villa Denise will be independent of all travel companies which will mean cheaper holidays at the Villa and more money in Dennis and Maggies pockets,which I am sure you will agree they deserve.

Please visit
For more information.

See you next year Dennis and Maggie...we love you

Wayne C          10/10

Well we have just come back from a fantastic 2 weeks in Zante and stayed at the Villa Denise. All I can say is that Jessica you could not be more wrong! Our family stayed in the top floor rooms that you apparently stayed in and they were immaculate! The bed sheets were changed every 2 days and there was no sign of any Bats or Ants in the place at are talking through your butt! My only complaint..the water in the pool is FREEZING!! I know the weather was hot and it was nice to have a dip in the pool but it was just a bit too cold for me! Apart from that I can not say anything against the Villa Denise and would go there again anytime.

Simon P

click to enlarge

I agree with you Paula.

I have noticed that 99% of the people who have slagged off the Villa Denise have only made one post each.So their comments are not to be taken seriously in my opinion.
Let's face it,somebody whose spelling is as bad as Jess's has got to be a wind-up surely!

Kaye W          9/10

i think the villa denise is an absolutely beautiful place to say our room was lovely and clean and the pool was just great maggie dennis and family are fantastic people and do everything to make your holiday a happy one the room was not massive but big enough for what you need on holiday i definately give it a big thumbs and will be going back there

Simon P

Well said Debbie!

As I said before,the people who have made bad comments about the "Villa Denise" obviously have stayed in a different "Villa Denise" than the lovely place that I have been staying in since 1997.

Debbie W          10/10

We have stayed in Villa Denise for the last 6years. I cant believe people are complaining about the apartments they must have nothing better to do(get a life)

Dennis and Maggie are wonderful people and nothing is ever too much trouble for them I hate to hear anybody having a moan I really cant fault anything about their place.
They both work really hard to please.
I have seen Dennis close to tears when he has complaints. So please give the man a break. Enjoy your holiday and stop griping!

Simon P           

click to enlarge

Excellent holiday as usual at the Villa Denise.

Will be returning again next year.
Photo shows Dennis,Maggie and myself.

Karen S           

We love going to villa denise Dennis and Maggie treat you like family and my kids love them and argassi. We will be going back

love Karen, Ray, George, Rachel, and Ellie x

Simon P           

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To everyone at the Villa Denise Apartments...My partner and I will see you tomorrow!

Alan M           

We were very disappointed in the cleanliness of the room.   The owners never seemed to be around when we needed something.   We certainly did not expect to have to go and ask for towels and sheets, which were not replaced after the room was cleaned first time (they were replaced on subsequent cleans).    Waste was continually coming up from the drain in the toilet floor everytime some one in the room next door had a shower.

As for the pool it was filthy, and just what were the chemicals that were being added each evening?    The day trip to Kefalonia was great as was the Island Safari.   The guys and Girls in the Irish pub were fantastic

Simon P           

Blimey English your first language?

If you want people to take your comments seriously then please type in a language that everyone can understand.Not the drivel you have just typed!
As for the Villa Denise? Well you obviously didn't stay there because you are describing a very different Villa Denise than the one that I have been staying at every year since 1997.

Jessica e           

click to enlargei went argassi in aug 2006 i stayed in the villa denise, n well ....................... da worst aprtments ever da roomz were disgustin denis and maggie were neva der wen u needed dem dey lied to us u might aswell go and eat out no one wuz ever at da bar u culd have a starter main n desert some where else n dey still wouldnt of bin bk der in dat time the rooms were filty, dirt all ova floor every day befor goin bed had to wash feet becuz my feet were black jst wlkin from 1 room 2 ova. the toilet door didnt lock we had to shout to da rest of family wen we were in der so they didnt wlk in on us wen had shower water went every where all ova floor and dey r tiles so dey r relly slippery in da 2 wks we stayed der they changed out sheets once n the pool was tiny. all ppl do is sit around a read u were to ashamed to make ne noise wut so eva cuz all dey done was stare at cha.

we went to a place called demerterios i loved it i meet some gd peeps der n i miss dem loads big it up to matt, gelz, reese, justine n loads more.
wut to do der swim ave sum fantastic lunches dinnerz ow n breckfast der r so nice.
click to enlargelarenzzo --- he is da bst person i meet out der i miss him so much we had some ryt old larfz wen i played pool he used to nudge da cue n used to throw ice at me n on da table to put me off  lol i wuz tlkin to gelz, n justine near the pool once i had just got changed out of my wet stuff n he came n pushed me in fully clothed lol tryed doin it to him yer didnt work lol i miss u so much x
the bst places to eat is big plate, castawayz, blue n blue n green frog loads of entertainmant for da children der (green frog)
where not to eat blue sky wen u wuna eat der neva open, peters family restaurant (tiffiney'z) forces u 2 eat der, roseidoin he is jst as bad as pete he offeres people free bottle of wine on da restaurant n do u get it no he gives it 2 u but adds it on ya bill.
entertainment --- green frog got something on everyday apart from i think friday they do a kiddies night like games n compatitions n stuff
 red lion ---------- quiz nigths n kareoke
i love argassi apart from apartments would deffently go bk but not at dem scabby apartments
     love jess

Sam H           

When we first got to these Villa's we could of cried.  We had room one, the room was dirty, it had the last guests rubbish still in the draws and smelt. The so called self catering, 3 star appartment had a camping stove to cook on, and no other room for anything else in the kitchen. It was smaller than the kitchen in a caravan. Very disappointing. swimming pool was tiny. I really cannot believe that first choice advertise this as a 3 star.    

Das S           

 We have been to 3 other greek islands and have never thought of going back, try new places and new islands that sort of thing, but we will make an exception here, as Arnold S said " i'll be back".

Villa Denise is near enough to enjoy Argassi without having it in your face, perfect location.
Dennis and Maggie Joanna and Spiros, what can i say, they made us feel like part of the family.
Melon time is a must not miss event according to our girls, and we agree.
The food was fantastic, i can recomend the stuffed peppers and the tuna salad.
Our room, number 14, was massive compared to what we have had in other apartment buildings.
Dennis we think your still a star.
Love to all the Sharpes

Lauren S           

hi i loved villa dennisedennis and maggie were great to ,i ejoyed playing with joanna and spiros was so cutethe apartments were exellant and so was the pool the food and the fresh orange was brill

Theresa N           

Villa Denise, was outstanding.  Dennis and Maggie have got to be the best hosts i have ever experienced.  Rooms are a little basic, but very clean.

Dennis and Maggie even treatd my 3 yr old son as if he was there grandchild, making him special lunches, and giving him chocolate and ice-cream, he of course thought it was great.  Dennis even took myself and my family, to the beach when the pool bar was shut, he couldn't do enough for us.
Yes, we heard the Cockerels, but they are not as bad as some are saying, i think some people pay for a bungalow and expect a millionaires mansion.. Get real. 
As for never seeing Dennis and Maggie what a load of Rubbish, Dennis is at the Pool Bar all day, everyday, except for maybe when there is a little maintenence to see to, and Maggie is house keeping..  Some people are just never happy.
Location is great, a good distance so you dont get all the noise from the bars, but also close enough to all the action.
Dennis and Maggie, if you read these  Keep up the hard work, we sure enjoyed our stay, and it was sad when we had to say goodbye, thank you for the Roses,  Dennis it was a lovely touch.
Warning:  Watch out for flying Melons when in the pool!!! You might get a little wet!!  IT'S MELON TIME!!!!

Andy &           

Spent two weeks at Villa Denise, Dennis is the loveliest person ever! We had a room with a view over the pool and have no complaints about any noise. Location is excellent.
Watch out for that melon....! Going loco down in Acapulco..

Simon P           

Sid Mutch....You are talking rubbish mate...almost as bad as your spelling!

I have never had a bad holiday at the Villa Denise and certainly never heard any Cockerels or "Dogs across the road"

Are you sure you actually stayed at the Villa Denise?

Caroline M           

Just arrived home after spending two weeks here, (me, my hubby, son and his mate) and we enjoyed it very much.  Peaceful, quiet and relaxing holiday (what cockerels!!!).  Denis was always on hand around the pool, he makes a great breakfast (my son and his friend had one of his breakfast every morning),  we all loved "melon time".

Sid M           

these apartments were rubbish dennis and maggie who r they o yes the owners u hardly c them the service is non existint and yes the cockrel goes on all night so does the dogs across the road u have to go out to eat as no one is ever at the pool bar if u can call it a pool its more like a bath the noise at night from other holiday people was bad but no one bothers to complain as the owners dont seem to bother so if u r going to argassi go to other apartments because if u stay here u will be DISSAPOINTED

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