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Laurence G (28 January 2009)

If you want to see where it is, then take a look at this link:  http://www.justzante.co.uk/zante/kalamakimap.htm

As you look at the map, it is approx 1inch directly above the printed word "Vanessa".  It's less than 5mins from the main road, and approx 25-30mins to a 5km stretch of sandy beach.  My opinion of the Whitehouse was that it was poor, but i know that it has had a bit of a makeover since i was there.  Kalamaki is very nice though and i'm sure you will enjoy the break.

Christine D (22 January 2009)

I'm not adding a comment.But need a question answered please.
Does anyone know exactly where these Apartments are.We have
never been before.My daughter was there last year and is going
in July this year 2009.We go in August. She wants to know if
there is anything at all that they are near ie: pub park or name of other Hotels
/Apartments.Thankyou for reading .

Hunky T  (01 December 2008)        1/10

When we arrived it was a rubbish hotel. When we left the bed was broken. 

But, would I come again? Oh Yeah!

Kayleigh E  (08 July 2008)        10/10

Hi just got back from the White House Apartments they are basic but perfectly fine. They have a small kitchen, some cooking rings, fridge, toaster and kettle. The maid is really nice she will help you if you need anything. In Kalamaki there are some really nice restaurants i would recommend Mermaids they give nice big portions and are really cheap bout 7-10euros per meal also if you fancy a sunday dinner while you are away go to Deppys it is a must it was really nice and the lady who owns it is really nice and friendly.


Matt P  (23 September 2007)        8/10

Stayed here in July, ideal location, clean, etc etc, would stay here again no worries

Ann O  (25 August 2007)        2/10

  The apartments are in a great location, very close to shops and all the bars and restaurants.  The beach is about ten to fifteen minutes walk away.  Lots of pools close by which you are welcome to use. The two brothers pool is directly across the road. You cannot bring your own food, drinks to the various pools but there are bars at every pool for you to buy drinks if you need to. The apartments are very clean and the maid cleans every day and supplies toilet roll, changes the bed linen.  The apartments are very basic, in fact the most basic appartment I have ever stayed in.  It is only one room, with two single beds and they squeeze a folding bed in if there are 3 of you.  If you are thinking of cooking a decent meal forget it.  There are two electric rings attached directly next to the sink.  No oven, toaster, microwave.There is not even a worktop to put your plate on if you do attempt to cook which I did.  They give you 1 pot, 1 frying pan and a couple of utensils.  No ironing facilities or washing facilities either.  The room is boiling hot and it is very difficult to sleep.  The owner knocks on your door at 8 in the morning after arrival and asks for the money for the fan and safe.  28 Euros for the fan for 2 weeks and 20 Euros for the safe for 2 weeks. Could be the other way around. There is a small balcony also.  There were ants in the room but not surprising as there is a slight gap under the door. If you just want somewhere to sleep and change then apartment will be fine for you.  I would not advise you to bring kids there as there is no where for them to stretch out.  No tv or not even a basic radio. It is rather cramped. There is no shower curtain (unbelievable as it is now 2007).  The showers are basic and pot luck as to whether you get hot water or any water at all.  The floor is always soaking after a shower .  No bath mat provided. There is a church close by and you can hear the service going on quite often.



Matthew T  (20 April 2007)        7/10

We stayed there last year (sept) and we have booked there again this year (july 5th), the apartments were good! good location and the staff were very friendly! bring on the 5th!!!! no cockrells in sight or any noticalbe farm yard animal noises to be heard when we were there!

Catherine W  (31 October 2005)         

Not an ideal "holiday" location - wouldn't have been so bad had we actually asked to stay on a farm - cockerels crowing (any time), dogs barking (any time), shooting (any time that wasn't dark), so suggest some earplugs!  If you want the beach, you're in for a 20 minute walk from here.  No air conditioning, so it was very hot on the top floor in Aug/Sept (but fans available at extra cost).  We just tried to prop front and back doors open to get through-draft when we were in.  Basic but clean with regular towel/sheet changes

Diane S  (26 September 2005)         


Diane S  (27 October 2004)         

We stayed in the White House in June, with 2 teenage girls, and can relate to most to the 'average' comments. The location was great, and we where not disturbed by the noise, but the apartments are basic, with the shower and toilets been the major problems. They are disgusting when blocked and I do not like paddling around the apartment after a shower. The owner was, as described, very rude and takes the tips left for the maid,which is annoying as she worked very hard for them. To get around this we tipped the maid directly. We had a good time, and would return to the resort, but not the apartments.

Emma M  (21 September 2004)         

Well, when I stayed it was basic but fine. I really hope I do not ever have to stay in the hotel after the yobs that posted below. Seriously if you have no respect for other people belongings or property stay at home or in a flipping tent!

The noise did not bother me, mind you living in London it probably seemed very peaceful!! It is basic but then ours to was a last minute deal. Thankfully I don't appear to have stayed here at the same times as those posting below.

I also went early July so this may have helped with the noise issue, location wise I found it very convienient for most ammentites.

Terry O  (17 August 2004)         

Asked for an upstairs room, got a pigeon loft on the roof. Owner did her best to sell us a fan that should have been included in that heat.Toilet had to be flushed with a bowl and was only repaired after I slipped in the flood and injured my back and showed the owner my doctors bill for treatment and injections. How anyone can say that the area was quiet is beyond me, from day one we were kept awake throughout the night by seven large dogs surrounding the building the worst being at the rear. Yiannis bike hire at the rear was asked to quieten his dog by the rep and next night put it up on the roof for greater volume. These animals were joined for the chorus by the 12-15 cockerels in the surrounding properties which crowed night and day. Our only sleep time was at a quiet pool bar near the beach for one or two hours per day. This is a residential area and the small amount of airport noise is nothing compared to the local animal population.We were not the only ones complaining, couldn't get a move so I paid for early flights home.

Christine C  (16 August 2004)         

Just returned from a week at the White House Apartments . If you have already booked your holiday don`t worry it will be fine , if not i would advice looking around for somewhere else. We had a small studio with 2 single beds and a camp bed . WE had actually booked an 2 bed roomed aparment , but we were told after we`d paid that we where getting a sudio.
Although you expect basic accomodation in Greece this was more basic than expected. The room had foot prints on the walls! and non of the drawers opened and the knobs were hanging off in the kichen area . the balcony light didnt work . On the last day the curtain rail fell off and hit my son on the hand . This said we did enjoy our Holiday ,but we did`nt cook the whole time and only used the fridge in the kichen area . The apartments have pool use at the Two Brothers which is ok , we tended to take a short walk to one of the larger hotels on the front . If you are travelling with small children you need to specify a ground floor apartment as i saw people struggling with buggys up the steps . Overall just having a moan about the little things , like i said you expect basic in Greece but dispite that we enjoyed ourselves

S M  (05 August 2004)         

As with the previous review- i agreee with the "youcant expect Chamagne on beer prices" Our stay at the apparments was ok as it only served as somewere to get shut eye. When the coach dropped us off there the owner came out as was all smiles and chatting to the rep - but as soon as the caoch and rep went it was a different story! She showed us to our room and once inside she abruptly said "you want fan - 14 euros now" then off she trott without a thankyou or have a nioce stay etc. Obviously her english was limited - but come on!!! She could not even manage a "hello" back - after a few days we gave up and just ignored her. In fairness we were 2 30 something blokes - so she may have thought we were "brits on the piss". The appartment itself is fine - although a shower would be good rather than sommat you have fixed to your bath taps! Sheets and towels are changed once a week which is a bit poor - but having spoken to one of the other guests if you tell the lady you want cleen towles everyday - she will do it. All have balconies - which was fab - sat there at 1am in the morning listening to the peace and quite sipping a vodka and chatting about the day - love it!

P N  (29 January 2004)         

Hi I stayed here with my boyfriend in June and I found the location of these partments fine. The walk to the beach is about 10-15mins but you do pass all the bars and shops along the way so if you get hot or whatever you can always stop, we used to break it up by stopping for breakfast most mornings. It is set back from the main road so it's quiet at night and to get to all the resturants and bars takes about 5 mins. The apartments are basic but we didn't pay much for the holiday so we weren't complaining. It's a good base to shower, get ready and sleep! and we did not see an insect in there all week!!!!!!

Dan W  (19 January 2004)         

me and my girlfriend r thinking of coming here in june. would anyone recomend it? How close is it to the beach and how is the beach?


Derek   (27 September 2003)         

Enjoyed my two weeks here, basic but clean acommodation. Lovely views from 1st and 2nd floor to the hills great sunsets. Used the pool at the tWo Brothers, small but adequate, the sea is only 20mins away and closer hotels with larger pools to use too!! Very close to the shops and pubs etc. Good Value and will be back I hope.

Naomi   (29 August 2003)         

Hi as the rep here for 2003 I can say - dont worry. yeah so rooms are basic butyou get all you need. a clean bed, shower that works. lush views from balcony and pool use within spitting distance. If you are coming on a nightflight anywhere expect to pay( most places charge arround 30euros for extra night IF rooms are available) as you have to anywhere you go on nightflights. see your travelagent/brochure for further info. pop along to your welcome meeting and I will give you all the info you need for your holiday. See you all soon, naomi

Lynette H  (21 July 2003)         

Like the previous comment me and my boyfriend didn't quite know what to expect after reading some of the reviews. However we did find it perfect. It was a very short walk to the main strip where the resturants and shops are situated. The beach was a little further, but as long as it isn't in the heat of the day it isn't bad and the walk is lovely! The room was really nice and got cleaned every other day with the sheats and towels changed. The keys were left in the door once when we got back late and the door was open but the rep was very pleasant and rectified the problem. There isn't a pool but that really wasn't a problem at all. Two brothers was really good and sooo close. One side is always shaded so you can escape the heat. I would certainly reccomend this hotel and any questions feel free to email me-lynette_skippy@hotmail.com

F G  (09 June 2003)         

My boyfriend and I returned yesterday from Kalamaki. We stayed in the Whitehouse Apartments. After reading here I wasnít sure of what to expect. We booked last minute through teletext and were given a 2 bedroom apartment so my review is based on this!! I was very pleased with the accommodation, location wise it was perfect (although girls, bring more flat shoes as the strip is very long and wobbly!!) it was set back behind the main road and was blissfully quiet. There is no pool but the 2 brothers across the road has one within spitting distance that you can use!! We hired a fan and I think youíll need it. My only real complaint is the showers, not very powerful and no curtain so the floor gets drenched but thatís a small thing. Kitchen is extremely basic, no tea towels or clothes but these can be bought cheaply at a local shop. Cooking utensils are sparce Ė but who goes on holiday to use the kitchen for anything more than chilling drinks and snacks?? These apartments are a good base, if you are looking for anything more than a roof, bed, bathroom and fridge then, youíll need to pay a bit more and go for a slightly more upmarket place Ė you canít get champagne on beer prices!!!!!!

Dominic D  (23 August 2002)         

Me and my girlfriend returned from our stay on Monday and basically had a good time. The location of the apartments were good. Far enough from the main drag to be quiet and not too far from the beach. The only location problem is that its so near the airport you can actually watch the planes go down the runway and take off!! The resort was ok, although very touristy with lots of best english breakfasts in town and kareoke etc. The best bar we found was the cave bar which has great views. I would warn people booking through Olympic that they may have to pay another 30 euros for an extra night. When we arrived we were told that we could go straight to our apartments, (it was 7.00 am Monday morning). On Friday we were told we would have to check out of our rooms at Sunday midday, even though our flights weren't due until Monday morning, so we had to move rooms and fork out for another night. This seems to be quite a common scam as lots of people we spoke to had to do the same thing. I suggest if you arrive before midday and they take you straight to your appartment check whether they'll charge for another night.

Shelley S  (16 August 2002)         

Jeeze!! complaining about the cleaning? About the heat? About the food?? Actually, about almost everything. Why do you guys bother going on holiday. It's all about accepting other cultures - for what they are. Also, it's about educating yourselves. If you can't put up with it all - STAY AT HOME! Don't go to another country and try and change the locals.

Lee M  (24 July 2002)         

I stayed here with Lee Windle (see below) and I would agree with him on everything, most of all, RENT A FAN!! Those rooms are like bloody saunas. If you need to speak to the owner, ask Jo the rep to pass the message on cos the lady knows next to no english. If you're in room 20, listen out for strange noises coming from jo's room (21) at night. Say hi to her from me and tell her not to break any more chairs. Oh, and say hi to Costas and Panos at the Two Brothers.

Nicky D  (24 July 2002)         

I can't believe these comments. The appartments were so small we were suppose to have three people in them, unfortunetly one of the girls couldn't make it. We had two beds and a camp bed, which I couldn't quite work out where it would have gone if we had needed it. We arrived on Tuesday 2nd July 2002 and we didn't see the cleaners until the Saturday, and it was really hot. The next time the cleaners came was the following Tuesday, they then came to empty the bins every day after that but we didn't receive clean sheets or towels until that Sunday and only because we had a moan to out rep. The cleaners left the patio door wide open one day and then on a seperate occassion they left the front door open. The toilet was disgusting it never flushed properly. I would recommend you stay well clear of these appartments.

Lee W  (22 July 2002)         

Hey - These apartments are very clean and nice, albeit basic. They do have evrything you need though, including decent showers, big wardrobes for the girls and fairly comfy beds. I agree with previous comments: RENT A FAN! It will get very stuffy most nights. We stayed on the top floor, so we got a nice few of kalamaki from the clean balcony area. I would definately come back. Say hey to Jo the Rep if she's still there!

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