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Steve&bev J  (15 October 2006)         

got mixed up with the stats everything was exellent. i hear u r retiring paul wot,s this about? well u deserve it mate as long as the new owners keep the staff u have got now then the great dane will live on take care mate c u soon. steve&bev (stoke) xxxxx

Steve&bev J  (14 October 2006)         

all the food is great we a few times&never had 1 bad meal  i tried the fish&chips bangers&mash steak also the home made curry all so fab (yum yum) brill if u fancy english food when on your hols & all the staff r brill. thanks paul 4 great food u made us feel so welcome take care mate c u soon. steve&bev (stoke)

Grant W  (14 October 2006)         

Been to Tsilivi many times before. This year we were told to visit "The Great Dane". Glad we did. Mostly english home made food so it is nice to have a change from the Greek dish if your getting alittle fed up with it.

Try the meat and potato pie with mash!!!!!

Chris P  (17 September 2006)         

We visited The Great Dane on our recent holiday to Zante after reading good reports about it on this website. Our 1st visit was ok (nothing exceptional) but on our 2nd visit the meal was TOTAL CRAP!  My husband ordered the medium sized fish and chips and although the fish covered the size of the oval plate it was 60% batter and the chips were cold. I myself ordered the chicken and to say it was overcooked was an understatement. I could not penetrate it with knife nor fork, it was also accompanied by cold chips.We complained to the waiter who went inside to speak to another man (who we took to be the owner) He was too busy playing games on his computer and just did not want to know. He never came to our table to find out the problem or apologise, we were totally ignored. To add insult to injury we were charged THE FULL PRICE. We left there and went to the TASTY STOP restaurant were we had a lovely meal with friendly service. So BEWARE THE GREAT DANE it is not always so great.  

Marie D  (15 September 2006)         

STEVE (salford lad)  AND MARIE

Les S  (05 September 2006)         

  My wife and i came to tsilivi for one week,we were told about the great dane, you know when you go abroad, people say that things, and places are great when they have had a drink,

you dont get dragged off the street,you dont get pressured in any way what so ever.
Paul and his staff were great,the chap that cooked the steaks was great, the service was first class, and the food well,if you have had a dinner in the day, well ask for a small portion, as the portions are  absoulutley massive,the person who gave this the thumbs down must have had a bang on the head.
  Paul we said we were coming back in sept, but it will be next year for two weeks so get that steak ready,
 had a great time thanks to eveyone for thier time and service. BRILL. P.S AND THE PIE FOR THE WIFE.

Darren W  (06 August 2006)         

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What a cracking place to eat.We went back  at least five times, the food was,  lets say a monster dish.

Paul and his wife  looked after us food wise and my parents loved going back there.Hope to see you next year paul.
Cheers darren

Paul R  (01 August 2006)         

what a good restaurant. the  food was excellent. the hospitality was very good. it was my first time to zante. and i will come back

again. the kids loved the puppy pie. never a sad face when we came for dinner. shame the restaurant,s and bar,s along that strip can"t put a smile
 on there faces. they all seem to have the hump. never mind better luck
 next year. paul i have just booked to come next year and we are all coming.
 thanks again guys  paul royal

Mark B  (15 July 2006)         

Hello gang,

Christine and i just got back and wanted to thank you for the hospitality we recieved during our time at the restaurant. The food was excellent and you made us feel so very welcome. You did not rush us at all, unlike one of the restaurants we ate in during our time on the island. Your friendly approach and top quality service only helped to make our holiday something special, and more to the point a realxing holiday to remember. Big thanks for surprising me with a very familiar tune..... i was well and truly shocked.

All the best.

Mark and Christine x

David G  (10 July 2006)         

Hi Paul

Told u that i would post a comment we came into your restaurant only twice of the 2 weeks we were there but how welcome you made me and my family feel and wow what value for money we will be back next year and this time we will have your sunday lunch p.s WHAT A CURRY ON THE LAST NIGHT
Dave/Gill and Kids

Kelvin C  (09 July 2006)         

Stayed in tsillivi 29th june went to great dane for sunday lunch with my wife food was excellent and we were too stuffed for pudding also went back on the wed prior to flying home on thurs had pauls steake pie and once again we wern't dissapointed paul you asked us to write a comment so here it is all the very best to you all paul katie gary etc from lyn& kelvin  Bristol

Jennie O  (29 June 2006)         

Can't comment on the food as we didn't get to try it, the staff were just too rude for us to want to stay! we went in early afternoon and sat down, and a man (the owner we think) came over and asked if we would like tea or coffee with our breakfast (it was 1.30pm), we said that we would just like a cold drink, but asked if we could have a look at the menu as we were thinking of coming back later that day for dinner. He grunted at us and walked away without taking our drinks order even though my 3 year old had already told him what she would like, and went and sat in a corner with a face like thunnder. we had a look at the menu that was on the next table, but realised pretty quickly that it wasn't a place that we would have wanted to eat at anyway, we personally don't choose to go all the way to greece to eat pie and mash, but even if the menu had been good, the extremely rude little man running the place would be enough to put anyone off.

Stephen P  (28 June 2006)         

Popped in one day with my wife and kids.  Met Paul, Trish  and Katie.  Gary and Cheryl looked after us and all I can say it was great.  The wife and kids loved it.  Can recommend the steaks and the pies.  The fish portions are huge.  The food is great, the welcome is superb.  It is well worth a visit.  Once you try it you may not want to go anywhere else

John S  (28 June 2006)         

Greek food is great but now and again you want either something different or a reminder of home.  Well, this is the place.  My family and I came back sveral times to try the dishes.  The steaks here are brilliant local restaurants really commit insteakicide when it comes to this dish but at this restaurant they are without a doubt brilliant and wherever you are staying on Zakinthos it is worth a trip to sample the steak.  The pies are terrific and the portions huge.  As far as the fish goes it is eyeopening.  My son started at one end and I started at the other and when we met in the middle we were both completely stuffed!  The breakfasts are the real thing and well worth a try.  Another plus was our kids loved it.  We will be back.

Sue T  (28 June 2006)         

We had breakfast at The Great Dane and found that it was the best in Tsilivi.Hope that you are not working Katie to hard Paul & Trish!!!!! Keep up the good work.  Sue & Andy xx 

Robbie W  (19 June 2006)         

food excellent and certainly fills you up ,prices resonable and service great

Paul   (08 June 2006)         

wow !!! what a sunday roast ... and the banoffee pie is scrummy ... we will return next year , thanks .

Paul & Trish  (05 June 2006)         

For all you wonderful people who visited us last year who are coming back this year you can contact me on my phone number (0030)6973082022 or send us an email at  We look forward to seeing you all again throughout the summer.

Paul, Trish & Katie.

Roy & Penny  (02 June 2006)         

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when you're fed up of the Greek food give The Great Dane a go.If you are after fantastic home made food then this is the place to go , with huge portions you won't leave with an empty stomach.

p.s got to have the banoffee pie as a desert,absolutely beautiful , all the best to the staff and owners , see you next year.

Dayle L  (02 June 2006)         

Hey, we're home now, dont know if you'll remember us but we ate at yours last night ! And im the one who looks like one of the staffs sister !  Great food and great staff, hope to see you guys again next year !

Tony B  (30 March 2006)         

  Hello to Ron Paul and the gang, hope you are all well and opening again this year 2006. We will be coming on the 02 July to 16 July 2006, with our family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you all again, and enjoying your most delicious meals, and excellent service. If possible is there any chance you can send us an e-mail or your telephone number to confirm that you will be open, we need to book sunday lunch on the 02 July 2006 there will be several of us, we will neddto let you know how many lunches we require. Thanks again for the delicious meals we had last year.

Maureen & Tony xxxx  

Sandra R  (04 October 2005)         

dd your comment here

Rebecca   (30 September 2005)         

Excellent service and food. very generous portions, dont eat anything in the day if u plan on eating here in the evening and finishing it all unless you have a puppy size meal which is the perfect size and great value for money. recommend everything on the menu!


Dianne F  (26 September 2005)         

Agree with earlier comments... all that way for English food!!!!! But Oh Boy was it worth it.  Yes I hear people saying, When in a foreign country you should expect to eat their food but......

for some reason the restaurants in Tsilivi insist on serving up HUGE platefuls and each night we were feeling so full it was uncomfortable, even though we were leaving loads.
We were told about Great Dane so we thought why not. I am so glad we did. My friend and I had sausage and mash with onion gravy... delicious. My husband had Steak pie.... fabulous and our friend had half a chicken which he really enjoyed as well.
It was good to leave a table feeling you had eaten a meal but not feeling like munching on a packet of Rennies for the rest of the night!!!!
Value for money without a doubt.
Well worth a visit.

Richard B (06 September 2005)

If anyone is going to Tsilivi soon could you please say "hi" to my dad, trish and my little sister kate. Not sure what the restaurant is called but "The Great Dane" rings a bell. Many thanx. richard

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