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Ann P  (23 August 2002)         

been going to kalamaki a few years...this restaurant is a pleasure to go to. The service is exceptional,but slow as already pointed out, the food is lovely, very much worth a visit.

Jane E  (30 July 2002)         

I think this is the Aerides restraunt infront of the hotel Meandros directly across from the Cave Bar entrance? We ate here 4 times during out 2 week stay, and the food was exceptional. The Penne Arabiatta was sensational!!!! Service was a bit slow, but whose rushing when on holiday anyway! The staff were fantastic and very helpful. This is the best place to eat in Kalamaki

Shelley-marie T  (16 July 2002)         

We only went to the Meandros once. The food was delicious but the service was far too slow. No one seemed to really know what they were doing.However the food was that nice that we went back a second time on our last night. We were too early but the staff took about 5 minutes after we had asked for a table to tell us it wasnt open till 7:30.

Darren P  (01 July 2002)         

When you look through the menu it looks wide, varied and different from many others in Kalamaki but beware! When it says Oysters on the menu it actually means Mussels. The waiter still insisted they were mussels but I think this was down to poor english rather than anything else. The salmon they served was white!! My wife insists it wasn't salmon but they told her the chef claims that fresh salmon is white, and goes pink if it is frozen??One of what looked like the greek mafia that were chain smoking through a meeting at the next table noticed that we'd been waiting to pay the bill for ages and pointed it out to the head honcho waiter...who promptly short changed us!! Once this was rectified we left and rarely for me I didn't leave a tip.The food we got was cooked well but the rest of the experience was a complete dissappointment.

Warren H  (10 June 2002)         

Sorry that last comment should have been thumbs up Great place!

Warren H  (10 June 2002)         

We found this to be best restaurant in Kalamaki. If you go try the Oysters and feta cheese starter. Only restaurant we went to twice during our two weeks. Lovely pool aswell for during the day.

Steve M  (09 June 2002)         

Starters were great, but the main courses were very small, left both myself and my wife feeing hungry. We also must have had the only waiter in Kalamaki who didn't really speak english. My wife asked what sauce came with her meal (Chicken in Sauce!) and was asked what she wanted. There must have been crossed wires, because she got a v.small piece of chicken, and 3 pieces of onion / Tomato (Meals served on wooden boards!) . Wouldn't go there if I was back in Kalamaki.

Mary Y  (12 October 2001)         

Very good food - the waiters and staff couldn't do enough to make our meal pleasurable. Well worth more than one visit.

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