Mad Murphys

Bars in Laganas

Neil A  (07 June 2012)        10/10

one of the best bars in zante been 9 times in the past 10 years and going again this year and cannot wait

Jacko R (21 September 2008)

how much are fishbowls in zante?

James C  (14 September 2008)        10/10

cheap fish bowls here gd laugh

Grace C  (27 August 2008)        10/10

Back home for the 2nd time. Had a brill week again in mad murpheys, Love all d bar men and girls.

Its more packed builders holidays than aug. but i still loved every min of it.
Brian is deadly and the glass collecters louis and billy are a bit strange but funny!!
Might be back next year to say hello!

Lyndsey K  (11 August 2008)        10/10

Mad Murphys was amazing

bryan is one of the soundest barmen ever...he can knock bac some drink too  went to mad murphys every night best pub on the strip

Stephanie H  (23 July 2008)        10/10

Just back from Zante and am soooo depressed right now!  Best holiday ever!

Mad Murphys is the best bar on the island! I actually cried when i had to leave!!!
Medousas is deadly - even just to get a look at George the bar man he's hot!
Rescue is good and Cherry Bay at the weekends is class!
Stayed in the Karras apartments, security man is a bit crazy but we still love ya Gonzo! Crazy irish girls!
Miss it so much, cant wait to go back hopefully for the whole summer next year...

Tara K (23 September 2007)

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Alright Johnny

Long time no talk  Yup Yup i was one of the "Irish Lassies" stayin in the Commodore in Argassi alright..!
I never got over bein attacked by those alsations  Still love to be back there,best holiday so far.. You've a good un.?

Dec   (03 September 2007)        10/10

just back to reality and work dis morn after a savage week in zante,hit mad murphys and boozers every nite(drinking games with ash were hard but im proud of a draw!!), both great bars, my c**k is now being served in both of them, along with two of my jerseys. great week tho, def heading back der next year.

Catherine G  (07 August 2007)        10/10

Heya everyone!!
Got  back 3 days ago Heart broken 6 of us from dublin went !! went to mad murpheys every night before heading rescue deadly bar men......2voda redbull plesae!! miss yas all coming back next year .... hopefully to work! we all wish we were still there!!
See yas next year
Catherine & Grace and d 4 Boys... we sat aat middle table at d dance floor every night

Slice O (06 August 2007)

ola everyone,

good to see everyone has enjoyed themselves in mad murphys and we hope to see you all again next year!!!!
alright chorley girls, i like the way im called manchester. lol
sammy, sorry to hear about you and jacko, course we can still be pals and i'll put some good words in for ya across some bars if you really wanna do it next year.
gav you smelly g*y aids riddon transexual, i miss you too. the trumpet is on its last legs!! but it still plays like dream. enjoy your travelling dude.
take it easy peeps!!!

Johnny R (06 August 2007)

Alright Tara.

you wouldnt happen to be one of the Irish Lassies that were staying at the Argassi Studios would you?

Tara K  (28 July 2007)        10/10

Zante 2007--> Best Holiday ever!!

Mad Murphy's was amazin we went there every night.."Backstreets Back" will never sound the same again lol..Deadly crowd,loads of british n scottish lads...SCOTTTESH!!! Bein back in Dublin is depressin  Defo goin back..!

Johnny R  (25 July 2007)        10/10

Mad Murphys was amazing!!!

was in Zante from the 12th-19th July with 2 other scottish lad... was the best holiday ever!
went to mad murphys every night and met some amazing irish lassies all really nice and good craic!
defo going back next year!

Sammy L (24 July 2007)

hey paul its sammy (uno sammy n jacko) just thought id say helo n say thanks 4 making me holiday fukin funny lol cnt wait to c u wen ur bak up in oldham.. oh yeh me n jacko av split up 4 good wen i bak of our hols i found out hed been cheeting on me so i got rid of him there n then i deserve alot betta dont i lol but im just up 4 a party time now so im wonderin uno like u sed u might be able to get me a job 4 next year could u ask 4 me coz i really really wanna do it...even though me n jacko aint togeva nemore i ope we can still be mates coz ur top lol msg me bak plz luvvvv ya babe xxx

Philippa C  (23 July 2007)        10/10


Came back from the Zak Attack yesterday.  So depressed!!!!!  Loved Mad Murphys.  particularly cos im Irish!!!!  Had the best craic in there every night.

Natalie A  (19 July 2007)        10/10

we love mad murphys!

we love neil and manchester and steve and of course demetrius!!
the chorley girls want to come back!!!

Cheryl N  (29 June 2007)        10/10

Mad Murphys has gotta b 1 of the best bars in Laganas!! propa devostated that we aint there anymore. pool in ere n a gd sing song t you'll never walk alone whilst quite drunk woz ace. Killer cocktails 2 - cheers Steve   Cant wait t go bk next year


Kimba T  (19 June 2007)        10/10

  Sexiest dj in the world works at Murphys. He even played Elton John for me. Mwah x x

Gavin W  (09 June 2007)        10/10

hello everybody, hows it going??? missing you guys like crazy, can taste the red vodka now!!!!

in la at the moment and loving it, off to fiji for a month tomorrow then down to nz for a year
have a great summer and keep blowing that trumpet!!!!!
take it easy
gav and niamh

Slice O (30 March 2007)

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Well, you've gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky??? well do ya, PUNK!

Lovely L  (09 January 2007)         

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Hey Staci baby!!

Yes ill be back!Cant wait!Hopefully back in Murphys,only place i wanna be!!!!
Stac,first night we are gonna get smashed on the 'on tap' wine!ha ha!!!!
Love ya xx
Also hey to joe i do remember u thank-u for my straw ring i think we were gonna get married this year wasnt we? ha ha xx

Staci   (02 January 2007)         

hey guys..... we all getting for another party season???? ill be there.. if the boss man will have me bk  ha... lauern will you???? hopefully the lads will!!be seeing u all again in the summer i cant wait big thanks to everyone that made "MAD MURPHYS" what it was this year the best bar on the island along with "CHERRYBAY!!!!!" also thankx to everyone that worked there (lauern,gav,tom,slice,anna,casper,neil,emm dogg,nat) another WICKED SEASON not long now roll on 2007

lots of love staci
   x x x
p.s... see u soon dimitris

Joe L  (10 November 2006)         

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hey had a brilliant time in zante, always started off in Mad Murphys. Lauren the barmaid if ur readin this, this is ur fiance joe lol, remember i made u the ring out og straws. well u wernt workin the last nite we were there so i didn get a chance to say bye but email me back woteva the case. don forget we set the date for 25th december lol x

had a quality time tho

Hayley F  (05 November 2006)         

Neil was the best DJ ever! He played every song i wanted and was great. he even made me a wicked CD.

(i hope that is ok neil - sorry forgot to do it before, but better late than never)

love hayley click to enlarge

Teresa   (11 October 2006)         

...cheers Neil for playin all th songs we asked for wen we wer in murphys altho u wudnt play chasin cars by snow patrol coz its too slow staff here r all gud laugh n friendly even u Tink

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