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Maurice F (11 April 2007)

I am trying to contact Tony & May,
Do you have their e mail address or would you please pass them mine
I would appreciate your help
Regards Maurice

Lyn & Alan (06 February 2007)

its such a shame to hear that things are not the same since may and tony left mind you faulty towers isnt faulty towers with out them is it.

Lisa G  (25 November 2006)         

went to zante in august and found a great little restaurant bar  ran by a english couple mal and lee who we found them be really  down to earth and food and service was impeccable, must put a word in for the sunday dinners just like your mam makes try it ,its cheap enough you willn,t regrete it. if you want posh nosh its not for you but if you got kids and looking after the pennys you willn,t find any cheaper and 100% saticifactory TRY IT    

Gary N  (04 September 2006)         

went to fawltys a couple of times in july and have to say the standard is really poor compared to when tony and may ran the place.The place is now run by just the one couple as the others opted out for whatever reason.The best days work they ever done as it's hard to imagine the place will be open for much longer.Don't dislike anyone enough to recommend the place.

Heather C  (10 June 2006)         

 oh no im soo sad to hear they r have retired i loved their cooking i was soo looking forward to meeting them again

Tracy B  (27 May 2006)         

Have just come back from Zante, and am sad to say that Tony and May have retired.

Faulty Towers is still here, and  is now owned by 2 English couples. May has still been working a couple of hours in the evenings, but not sure how long for.
The menus are still the same at the moment. So hopefully should still be worth a visit.
Tracy and Martin Baxendale

Annemarie L  (09 March 2006)         

ok you guys, we are coming to Tsilivi in September and the faulty towers sounds so good we will have to try it................but where the heck is it? We have stayed in Tsilivi before and know where The Family, popeyes, sandra's and filoxenia aparts are if anyone could give us directions from any of these places we would be most gratefull Thanks and happy holidays to you all.

Lyn & Alan  (20 January 2006)         



Becks A  (11 September 2005)         

has anyone got an email address for faulty towers? im looking for a job for next season with my sister and this place is fantastic!!

Tracy B  (04 September 2005)         

This place is fabulous. Good english food, whether a full english breakfast, fish and chips or a full sunday roast. The prices are soo cheap, and the people who run it are fabulous. Really freindly, and have lived on Zante for years and so can tell you the truth on where`s good and where`s not so good.
My advice to you, visit this place at the start of your holiday. So you can go again and again. If you visit it for this first time at the end of your stay, you`ll be gutted.

Emma R  (02 August 2005)         

what a great place. we stopped at the zante star so was in the perfect position for us to make the treck when we were feelings a bit worse for wear in the mornings.

the full breakfasts are spot on, just what you need in the morning and best of all its proper english sausages rather than the "hot dogs" you normally get in greece. also, if you don't like anything they're more than happy to give you something else instead. i didnt like the bacon so they were more than happy to give me a couple of extra sausages with my full breckie.
lovely food, lovely couple, you couldnt ask for more.

Marlene T  (27 July 2005)         

hi you two made it home ok.

 I have put half a stone on & it is all YOUR  fault nothing fits anymore so I hope you get sleepless nights feeling guilty but I very much doubt it. Thanks for a great time

Lyn & Alan  (19 July 2005)         

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     We have just come home from tsilivi 14/07/05 ate at tonys and mays faulty towers and its still just as good as ever excellant food lovely people feel like family now.
well done tony may and kay.
p.s. when will the scones be ready!!!

Liz W  (11 July 2005)         

Hi Tony and May,

We were out to tsilivi last june 2004 must say found you had the best choice of good quality food in the resort.Every portion was huge for me but Alan my hubby managed ok.We stayed at the Zante Maris hotel which had only opened for the season in the april.Food there was no comparison to tony and mays.
 A most helpful pleasant couple you could ever meet,TONY could talk for england ha ha.Thanks for lift to t shirt factory way up the mountain and return back.Who could decry a person like this very helpfull.THIS MR T WHO HAS GIVEN REALLY BAD FEEDBACK OVER FAULTY TOWERS NEEDS TO GET A LIFE.WHAT DOES HE EAT AT HOME CAVIAR EVERY NIGHT OR COMMON EGG AND CHIPS. HE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT FROM THE NORTH WEST AND DOESN'T KNOW HOSPITALITY WHEN IT HITS HIM IN THE FACE.SORRY MATE BUT I FIND YOUR IGNORANCE IS OUT OF ORDER.more like the latter with his manners they are appalling.
 We are coming back this september with our sons so will be down to tony and mays for quite a few meals.Especially SUNDAY LUNCH.
 if you can tell me where the santy maria apts are situated from faulty towers i would be happy,so if you read this may or tony or anyone who knows the apts.get in touch email provided.

Yvonne T  (16 June 2005)         

Tony and May are the most welcoming of hosts to their small establishment - the food is excellent, the servings are generous and the prices are very good.  There are also child sized portions available.  Also very enjoyable background music.

When you need a break from Greek Food, this is simple English Food at its best.  My favourite was the Liver and Bacon with Fried Onions, my husband's choice the Homemade Meat Pies - all of them.  Also the "Sunday" Roasts, available Sundays and Wednesdays, if you have any room left, to be finished off with Apple Pie or Triffle.  Fantastic!!!
With living on the island for many years, their local knowledge far exceeds most reps and they are so helpfull.
Tony, May and Family - thank you so much for all the help you gave Terry while I was in Zante Hospital, for reorganising the tables and chairs so I could eat there, after I was released and for driving us to the airport, when the reps left us to make our own way.
I don't know how to express my gratitude apart from saying THANK YOU and that we will return when I am healed enough, unfortunately it doesn't look like being this year.  Verdict from our local hospital, a very good repair to a bad break, which may take a long time to heal.
Terry and Yvonne Thorpe
Finally back in Essex after our extended stay

Lyn & Alan  (17 April 2005)         

hi tony and may have been trying to get hold of you lost your phone number have just sent short letter

lyn and alan.
the food at faulty towers is excellant and tony, may and kay are fantastic you must go for meal especially the sunday roast.
see you in july!!!!

Lyn G  (05 November 2004)         

hi tony and may its lyn from devon got your email shame we cant reply would love a chat with may could you email me your phone number and i will ring tell may when we do come she can have that elephant lamp, hope your both ok

Lyn G  (20 September 2004)         

hi tony and may its lyn, cant fly out at the moment hospital not happy about my chest. did mick send you a copy of that video i did for him if not email me your address and i will post you a copy, hope you are both fine keep up the good work

Lyn G  (25 August 2004)         

well done tony and may you got 10 out of 10 and deserve it its about time.
would love for you to get in touch tony its lyngeary@blueyonder.co.uk im still waiting for hospital results but as soon as im fit we will be back.
hello to kay too she makes the best bannana icecream dish ever

Helena W  (13 August 2004)         

well what can i say? Most of you have said it all already. Faulty towers is the best. Tony and May work very hard to cook up a great English brecky. They even go to the trouble of having their Bacon and sausages inported from England, so you don't get those aweful frankfhurter things. We will be back between the 9th and 23rd september, so will be definitely paying Tony and may a visit again.

Lyn G  (13 August 2004)         

if you are reading this tony or may i wanted to say a quick hello hope you are both ok hope to get back there soon you desere all the good comments people have made excellant food and service cant understand this mr t dont know why he bothers going to tsilivi if its as bad as he says.
will be in touch soon.
every body who goes to tsilivi must got to faulty towers

Marie G  (10 August 2004)         

Mr T, you should not comment on what you don't try!! if you didn't try it then how do you know what the customers chat about??. I live in Tsilivi and Faulty Towers is one of a few cafe's I visit as I know the food is fresh and good... Have had many a upset tum in the past and now know where I am safe. I run the horse riding in Akrotiri just up the hill from May and Tony's and call in most mornings for my breakfast butty or fab milk shake (just like macDonalds) but better!!!
My message to you is "don't knock it until you actually try it!!.


Liz W  (24 July 2004)         

faulty towers we have just got back from our trip on the 20th july 04.
TONY MAY KAY AND JEAN ARE 1ST CLASS.from the minute you step in the warm welcome awaits you. great sunday roasts and desserts are recommended here.Sorry we never got to see you the nite before leaving but you know whats its like when company gets chatting,it's those men to blame may.cheers for the lift to t shirt factory and hope your tees fit tony and may.HOPING TO RETURN SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER SO WILL SEE YOU BOTH THEN.ANYONE WHO DOESN'T EAT HERE THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING. RECOMMENDED 1ST CLASS SERVICE 1ST CLASS FOOD AND 1ST CLASS PEOPLE WELL NOT SO SURE ABOUT TONY MAYBE 2ND CLASS HA HA

Lyn G  (22 June 2004)         

mr t you dont seem to like much about tsilivi why bother going

Lyn G  (18 June 2004)         

we have just come back from tsilivi again faulty towers still the best for food and real friendly people.
tony and may sorry we could not call in before we went home on thursday we overslept will be in touch soon.
lyn and alan

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