Restaurants in Kalamaki

Kirsty M  (21 October 2005)         

Hi all your nfood is great

Margaret B  (19 August 2003)         

Afrodite is another family run restaurant. Nikos is the handsome waiter and his brother is the chef. You will probably notice the children serving are the Chef's son and daughter. Very nice place, nice reasonably priced food. Very nice people. If you go late you will notice that a lot of local Greek people eat there until very, very late!! If the food is good for the Greeks then it's certainly good enough for you!. Try it and see.

Phil, C  (16 August 2002)         

We only ate there once for lunch (burgers, sandwiches etc.) but the food was excellent, as was the service and like the rest of Kalamaki good value.

Kat   (29 June 2002)         

This place ain't so bad, people. When we ate there, the owner's kids served us, and they were brill. The little girl was a miniature mama, setting tables, taking orders for drinks and glaring at her brother disdainfully when he broke into song or started to dance. The boy was a right little charmer, offering free ice creams to babes, and little posies of balsam to the ladies (balsam is a herb which belongs to the basil family, but doesn't smell so strong and tastes slightly minty. It's used in the cheese pies and stuffed vine leaves). As the restaurant is slightly apart from other buildings, there's a bit of wildlife zipping through the place, mainly mosquitos, but we had a visiting lizard scuttle through to the delight of everyone except a German girl who had hysterics and stood on her chair. This place wasn't my favorite but it wasn't awful in any way.

Tina B  (20 May 2002)         


Kevin B  (10 May 2002)         

the food was not edible it was really that bad,we have been going to Kalamaki for 5 years and this place has gone downhill since we started visiting the island

Andrew D  (30 September 2001)         

we went three times - twice at lunchtime and once in the evening. It is, like others, relaxed and not the place for a rushed meal! Chef's salad good value, as are most of the meat dishes. Amstel and Mythos good value at 500 drachma.

Laurie A  (10 August 2001)         

Went for a lunch time greek salad and cool bottle of white wine. 4 other couples in the restaurant. 25 minutes later our wine gone, us fed up, our salad arrived. What is this place like if it's busy?? Not particulary recommended -never looked busy at night time either.

Mike T  (30 July 2001)         

Food was great but the service was slow, as the restarant was full with only two people serving.

Derrick H  (09 July 2001)         


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