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Sinbad   (14 January 2007)         

hi lee and marie can u get in touch with me lost your contact details

cheers sinbad

Tony L  (21 September 2006)         

i missed out this yr. Is Gspot still up and running  if  so is does Helena and Zaki still have it can someone let me know please

Tony L  (21 September 2006)         

i was in the club every night for 5months. For the last 7 yrs i have been going and i always end up in that club. Hoping to go back this year for the summer again.  hello Scottie if your still working and  it's your round when i get back Si

Katie R  (11 September 2006)         

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loved bananas...f**k up cocktails were amazing every nite ...and the continous shots.....we never had that much alcohol fed to us in one bar!!staff were amazing aswell...ian and lisa!!wil definitely be goin bac next yr!!!


Holly R  (04 September 2006)         

hey staff at banana's bar!! just wnted 2 say thanks 4 everything ur all wkd n i will c*m c u wen next in lagana!!

av fun holly xx click to enlarge

James L  (30 August 2006)         

Talk about the best cocktail bar in Zante!!! Thank you so much for such a good week everyone who works there...I hope you will keep serving the "Lindrex Special"! This is a quality bar everyone, where you are fed so much alcohol its unreal! (The killer Lisa mix!) Cheers xxx

Elliot P  (18 August 2006)         

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you know what who ever doesnt like this place is a f**king loser, in a big way. number1 bar in all zante. nuff love to you all, these people got me pissed every night i step inside and they are a wonderful bunch of clown's. lisa love you long time. lee stay strong. ian biggest joka ever and a baller. marie you know i love you as well. kisses all round.

ellis aka the black whale aka c**k head

Craig D  (18 August 2006)         

Bananas Bar was the starting point for all of the nights out i had. there not much to say apart from it is a great place to start your night, reason being its real cheap for the great drinks you get(good measurments too!), and the bar staff  are top.

High recommendation for this place and i would give it a straight 10 / 10!!!

Rose D  (26 July 2006)         

Hello Ian baby! Sorry we didnt get to see eachother much this time round, I will make more of an effort next time I promise.

Take care of yourself and Jodie, I wanna see you still out there when I return!!
Big kisses guys! Mwah!
Rose XXX

Sue B  (25 July 2006)         

Hope your missing me Ian Wink. I was pleasantly suprised by Banana Bar, best place to play pool on the click to enlargeIsland aclick to enlargend cocktails are pretty good. Westy best PR in Laganas!

Amy Q  (23 June 2006)         

hey marie, lucie n lee

missin uz all loads wish i wasnt home, i would do nyfin 2 still be out ther wif u guys. had top time all fanx 2 uz gettin us hammered every nite, cant wait 2 c*m bak n get 1 of ma drinks marie ther brill. lol. hope uz r all gd. bars bak home will nvr be the same again. speak 2 uz after.
luv uz loads
ammz (scotland crew)

Jodie A  (22 June 2006)         

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeHi Guys!!!

Me again - missing you guys loads still - but thought i'd add a few pics!!!
Can't wait to come back and see you again - have my banana orgasm and watch a film!! Woooh!

Hope you're all well and i'll see you in a few weeks!!!!

*Jodie* xx

Matt C  (07 June 2006)         

Hey Its Matt And Jay From Wolvo. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To U All For Givin Me And Jay The Best Time Of Our Lives :D My Phone Is Fixed And I Have About Ten Videos Of Us All. Really Good Memories Of U Lot. Hope To See U All Again Sometime xxx

Lisa F  (26 May 2006)         

Great Cocktails, great staff, only discovered this place on the last night, but will be def going back again. Lee - your cocktails rock! mwah

Michelle B  (18 April 2006)         

hey marie and lee

to everyone whos going to zante this year definatly go to this bar it rocks and you will be smashed in 2 min flat try a headf**ker there gross but they get the job done !!!!!
anyway marie and lee bin trying to get hold of you 4 ages so thought id try this aswell im coming back 4 the summer and would love to work 4 my fav people again if  you could get in touch with me asap and to ian and danny my gorgeous but very annoying baby boys miss you millions and i hope to get 2 terrorize you again this summer
love you all loads and cant wait to see you all again  iv missed u all so much
michelle b xx

Claire H (15 March 2006)

Aiya lee n marie, n all, just thought i'd thank you loads for looking after us in sept, lee me dad ses thanks for the special cocktails, n wot was in them? Hope u all have a wicked summer, I'm hoping to come back out soon as you know i dont stop away for long! Keep doing wot your doing, keeping all entertained n most certainly pissed, n that i hope 2 catch up with ya soon! thanks lee n marie take care, luv claire, (frankies little helper ha ha) xxx

Claire H  (10 March 2006)         

click to enlarge Firstly hello 2 lee,marie n all, i've known these lovely lovely folks 4 a good while n they r fab at looking after ya, drinks n more drinks hee hee, it is the place 2 visit 4 all! as one of the old workers of 4 seasons,i reckon ur looked after best in dis bar, it aint expensive 4 a start! n u couldnt be made more welcome, aahh!  Cheers luv claire from m/bro xx

Elsas D  (28 October 2005)         

hiya marie and lee pleased to see you got bananas open again guess little sis came good and hope you guys had a good end to the season was really sorry that you got closed all I came back for but it was so nice to see you guys again. Got home and got photos of Marie out from last visit he girl you do look so different but you look good. Wished you had opened before we came home but guess I am planning on coming back again next your without the big guy so maybe will see you then take care Carol

Rachel D  (19 October 2005)         


Kim &  (03 October 2005)         

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Hey you guys hope all's well over there now - been home nearly a week now and missin you all loads... Thought I'd add some pictures onto the site. Mer & Lee, see you soon back home, and to Ronnie, Mick, Dean, Fraze, Jackie, Nick & Lil Jodie who are all lucky enough to still be out on holiday - make the most of it coz England's crap!!!

Big shout to all staff from this whole summer, Dan, Shard & Jade especially. Keep in touch & we'll see ya's at the reunion yeah?!?
Hugs & Kisses,
Kim & Luc

Jodie A  (02 October 2005)         

I absolutely LOVED this place!!!

Lee, Marie, Ian, Michelle and everyone who was there - all of you are fantastic and i love you!!
You made my holiday and i can't wait till next year! Looking forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks and we can have another sing-a-long (hopefully i'll have my voice back by then!!)
Thanks so much again for putting the permanent grin on my face, and for not laughing too hard about the "Mini-Guiness" debacle (I'm so blonde sometimes!)
Love you loads and stay in touch!! (
Hugs n kisses always
*Jodie* AKA "The G-Unit"

Zoe   (01 September 2005)         

ooooooooo P.A.R.T.Yyyyyy

u no im ther darlin
wen u bk from zante
hope u ad fun xxx

Russ S  (26 August 2005)         

Tah for the info hun will suprise her 4 her bday, by the way its my bday on the 5th sept email me on an will tell you the details if ya wanna come. either way wen kim comes back we'll go out on the lash again an ave a laff. see ya soon zoe babe xxx

Bennie V  (25 August 2005)         

I also remind a guy who called himself Steve. But he had two names. He was bold, funny face and I think I made a mistake. The female owner was called Marie I guess? Man, I can't waith to go to Laganas again, next year. If some-one read this and knows about Bananas bar, I want to work there next year, for a long time in my summer-holiday. I say Take care now, bye bye than!

kisses Bennie

Bennie V  (24 August 2005)         

Hellow Zoe,

are you the owner of Bananas Bar. Because if you are, then I would like you to give me a contact with Jade. It's verry easy and there's nothing wrong with it. My email is and I wanted to give her hugs for her birthday. So please help me. And next year I'm comming back to Laganas, it's a promise.
Love ya all, kisses Bennie

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