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Tracy T (25 February 2010)

Hi, My name is Tracy and i worked at the Cats Whiskers for 4 years.   from 1992 - 1996.  I absolutely loved working here, he people, customers and staff were all wonderful and i miss it terribly.  i am coming back to Zante this year 2010, and i am bringing my 6 year old daughter with me, and i am only sorry that i cannot take her to the Cats Whiskers for her meals.

Dimitri D  (26 February 2007)        10/10

Ok Ok Ok
Fine You are probably wondering why the bloomin'eck MY parents closed this reastaurant and I will tell you after saying a congradlations on the wonderful food servise and well I can't judge the prices because I got my meals free. Now let me tell you , this restaurant closed because it had to and theres nothing we can do about it now. But as you may see there is a absolutely wonderful Indian restaurant there now and I hear they have delitious food, well I dont think it is as good as my Mothers cooking was but ohh well...what a shame... anyway I'd like to say the restaurant closed for a good cause after it has served years of excellent food. So we as a Doudeskos family are "sorry" we closed down. If you loved our food thank you for visiting in the first place. Thank you very much for reading this article and please leave a comment or two about the indian restaurant and if it competes with our old restaurant.
Good Bye...

Jodie   (23 September 2002)         

excellent, the boozy beef was nice, i just got back luv jodie xXx

Joanne   (23 September 2002)         

ate here once food was average been to better

Janette H  (21 September 2002)         

Cheap and cheerful, only one gripe, the bread rolls are awful, please lose the bread rolls!! They are huge and stale and just not nice. But the other food was really good, enjoyed a couple of chilli con carne there.

Carly S (01 September 2002)

I need an address or telephone number for the cats whiskers as this is where I want to work next year. Please get in touch!

David S  (17 August 2002)         

This restaurant had some different things on the menu to the other ones around town but wasn't our favourite! Worth a visit though if you are looking for something different...

Jim J  (11 August 2002)         

Only went once towards the end of our holiday on recommendation of people we met who dined there most nights. Found a good varied menu and the food we had was good.

Becky S  (05 August 2002)         

i went there with my family and friends the meal was awful and we had to wait over half an hour until we even got served. i definetly don't rate it!! stay well clear.

Mark J  (29 July 2002)         

Cant understand the 4 out of ten. We really enjoyed it even though it wasn't really "Greek". We said we would only go to a restaurant once so we could try different each night after reading comments on these pages. We ended up there 3 times and enjoyed each one. The swordfish and T Bone were great but the Boozy Beef was out of this world. We also found somewhere that did Sangria, but you had to ask for ice. Thoroughly recommend.

Emma B  (15 July 2002)         

this place is fab! my boyfriend and I are NOT easily pleased but after finding this place on our third night we rarely ate anywhere else in our fortnight in Tsilivi.The specials are good and varied each evening and I think great value.The house red wine is good, too as red wine on a whole in Zante is not too hot.

Robert C  (01 June 2002)         

We had two meals here, T-bone steak and Swordfish both very nice.

Michael D  (12 May 2002)         

Hello, my name is Michael and my dad owns the restaurant ,i can see that many of you don't like the restaurant because you (think the prices aren't good or we don't serve greek food.)This year we have made some changes we have some greek food and i think that the prices have changed a bit.We are sorry that we couldn't cover your needs but the prices go higher we go higher. Thanks for reading this article we hope that you will choose us this summer!!!

Kevin C  (09 October 2001)         

Had the Fillet steak, more like fillet of Gristle and Fat, absolutely foul, the waiter insulted us by saying "Greek Fillet steak different to English", nonesense, we had superb fillet steaks in Popeyes and Majestic. I would'nt take my dog there for a meal.

Sean F  (04 October 2001)         

Thought we'd give it a go despite the mixed reports we read before we arrived. Nothing Greek on the menu so we tried Peppered Steak and it was bloody awful. Don't know where the meat came from but it was like nothing we have ever tried before. Give this place a wide berth and try the excellent Apollon instead.

Simon W  (01 October 2001)         

Try the Jumbo Breakfast. Me thinks definetly the best one in the Town

Loopyloo   (01 October 2001)         

after a fortnight in Tsilivi have to say we loved this place.Great choice on menu ok so its nota all typical greek fare but tried that too elsewhere but kept going back to whiskers.Nice house red wine too!Service was friendly but don't expect them to be all over you as they are too busy for all that!

Michelle   (25 September 2001)         

Really surprised at many of the other comments on this restaurant. We had a really good experience here. Food was excellent (had the Thai chicken curry - not very Greek I know!), service was efficient and the waitresses were very friendly. We were recommended the restaurant by another couple on holiday at the same time and were not disappointed. We would have gone back again, if we'd had any more holiday left!

Mike D  (21 September 2001)         

Before going to Tsilivi I read nearly all the comments about all the restraunts and this one had some poor write ups, but still I thought I would give it ago. What a BIG mistake! Sorry but if I wanted English waitreses with attitude I would have stayed in England, and as for the food not good

Bec H  (04 September 2001)         

Sorry, but it was horrible. Really nasty food. Not cooked properly and just bog standard British fatty cooking. Would never go back not even if somebody paid me.

Anita W  (27 August 2001)         

Not the best meal although OK,the worst thing for me was the ladies toilet considering the staff are mainly british would have thought that it may be cleaner.

Gav S  (24 August 2001)         

Tried it 'cos we fancied a bit of a change from the wonderful Greek food. Generous portions and a reasonable vegetarian selection, but the English waitress was disinterested - no plates for the bread and not a single question as to how the meal was. Stay clear.

Mike C  (30 July 2001)         

The owner is brilliant we have been coming here for five years Breakfast is well worth the money! My kids love it here aswell especially the pizza Only downfall at night the English waitresses had a bit of an attitude problem!!!!!!! We will still be there for our food next year though! July 2001

Hedley P  (27 July 2001)         

Not much of a Greek menu although that did not matter.My youngest son enjoyed his meal but was the only one.The staff were friendly though.

Michael   (23 July 2001)         

WORST MEAL we had at TSILIVI "LAMB CHOPS"-more like "GRISSLE CHOPS" Very poor value for money We sent the Chops back and so did 3 other couples that night "GOT OUR MONEY BACK & LEFT" In our opinion give this place a VERY BIG MISS Michael & Mary (Halifax)

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