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Phill B  (21 June 2012)        1/10

 Oh So SAD

Sorry to see you have finally closed La Bamba, Mikey & Spiros, Cant Believe it Thirteen Years We Have Used Your Bar, Now How Sad to see it Run Down
Mikey Good Luck in Mini Market, Spiros, was good to see you recently, Kosta Take Care Mate, Enjoy Your New Lives All Of You
R.I.P La Bamba

Big P  (26 August 2011)        10/10

 Hi Mikie & Spriros, &  All

Only A Few Weeks Til we come over again 4th October.Cant Wait.
Jeff, Get Those Mythos, Ouzo & Shots Ready
Will be just Denise & Me This time, No Jmaes
Phill & Denise

Big P  (08 June 2011)        10/10

Hi Mike, Spiros, Jeff & All
Long Time No See, Mikos & Spiros, Your faces were a picture;
Toatally changed the Look, But still best bar in Laganas
Dj, Stop Singing when other people are, its about their holiday not you, other than that your good too.
Mike & Spiros, we wont leave it as long again, great to see you, we have been friends now
for twelve years; Your The Best
The Best Bar, The Best Hosts, Best Sounds, THE BEST
Denise, Phill, & Jmaes

Dave P  (02 August 2009)        8/10

Bit quiet but we had a good laugh

Dawn T  (08 October 2008)        10/10


this is a really good place to go nice staff and people
good drinks and good karaoke

Lucy B  (04 September 2008)        10/10

This was a top place, great fun, we loved it.

Aimee J (03 September 2008)

good place to start the night and get cheap drink in.

music for everyone and hot guys in there.

Sarah M  (24 June 2008)        10/10

loved la bamba, will is a ledgend!!! what a nut job & a p**v too, then again the girls in there are gorgeos!!
would recommend this place to everyone!!

Djc (15 December 2007)

Message for Jeff & Ashley  (Staff)

If you read this give Mike a call and get our Number.  Hope your both okay? Ashley - Hospital? 
Give us a call .  Jeannie & David  (memory jog)  years in Laganas & Oct Excel flt back to Stansted.
Merry Christmas to you both NOT FORGETTING- Spiros, Morfa & Boys (Timos & Dimitris)  - Mike & Nancy (now Mrs & Mrs) -  Kostas (are you in States?).
See you all at usual times 08

Courtney O  (23 September 2007)        10/10

The West Ham girlies were loving it!!!

Alan P  (14 September 2007)        10/10

what a truly awesome place , charlie your the best babe x , if you go to laganas look no further for a home from home enviroment !

La B  (08 September 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeAmazing Place

Been An Amazing Summer
Look Forward To Seeing You In 2008
Add The La Bamba Myspace For Pics And Upcoming News

Luke C  (29 July 2007)        10/10

c u on 23 rd of august la bamba ive missed ya. cant wait 2 sing champayne supernova really badly again ow well who cares i love it in there

Shona M (06 July 2007)

anyone that visits this bar should ask for a bubble gum shot... its amazinnnn..... luv it yassssssssssssssssss ha just back goin back in august luvd it that much xxx

Harvey   (24 March 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge

ill be working here this summer pr

always a worker

Aaron J  (22 January 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge  yo yo yo and what can i say ! ! labamba rocks ! the only place to be seen in in laganas , la bamba got it all whatever kinda music u into and obviously has the best looking staff on the strip !!

dont forgrt to check out for more info and pics.... maybe leave a message on the board for all to see! ! !
see ya all in 2007 .. Jackson over and out !

Geoff F  (13 November 2006)         

Harvey will not be working at la bamba next year if i have anything to do with it.............although he will get free drinks again of my choice just so everyone can laugh at him wen hes getting abused

always stich up harvey ..........he will never learn

Chloe S  (17 October 2006)         

click to enlarge hey guys! sh*t to be back! hey ash miss ya like crazy babe dont forget out dance lol! missing everyone! counting down to going back! hope everyone is ok see you soon!! chloe xx

Sara A  (13 October 2006)         

Wicked bar and its karoke was hilarious!! Jeffy the bar man was a fittie and made killer fish bowls!! Cant wait to go back in 07!! xxx

Ashlie L  (13 October 2006)         

hi ya to all the sexy staff i worked with !!!!! miss u all loads see u all soon ok love ya's xxx

Geoff S  (11 October 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlargeobviously the best bar on the strip with the best looking bartenders , the dj was a bit scruffy though and had a funny accent

anyways geoff here, yes thats right the half naked bloke that used to tend the front bar all season....back home in s**tty england now, miss everyone loads big shout out to all my staff over the summer as we went through quite a few
roll on 2007 for more carnage
big love
geoff - front bar 

Cheryl S  (29 September 2006)         

just got back from zante and la bamba was definetley one of the best bars around we had wicked fun in there most nights! a big shout out 2 jeff and andrew ( cone head) ur both gorgeous and u was a great laugh! and mikey u were the best bar owner around! dj darren u were wicked and a great singer! top pub/club all the staff were friendly see you next year! the girls from cornwall xxxxx 

Michelle&paulio   (24 September 2006)         

click to enlarge

prs: Ricky&trev!!!! miss ya loaaaaaaads.....must say half the time didnt have a choice whether or not to go in this bar as we were marched in there most of the time!!

oh rick you made us giggle so some good video footage haha...hope u two are over there next year!

prs were great here...ask em to teach you their hand shake or trev to sing you a song lol! hopefully see you soon guys! mwah luv ya xxx

Laura B  (19 September 2006)         

La Bamba is a must for any kareoke lovers - although I didnt get up and sing myself it is always fun to watch (and laugh!)

Mike, you are by far the best bar owner in Laganas and even though it had been 2yrs since I last saw you you still treat me like one of your family. 
Sorry that my fella was sick on the floor  but that's what happens when you ply us with shots of red vodka! Ha ha at least I cleaned it up!
I will defo be back to visit some time, take care and enjoy the rest of the season
Much love, Laura x x (ex-Libra rep)

S S  (14 September 2006)         

Not my fave bar but they have the best looking boy in lags behind the bar! you know who you are Kinky  x

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