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Melissa Wootten - govier  (10 September 2015)        10/10

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wow its 14 years since I worked in zante as a holiday rep for kosmar,, I used to love neil and Scott and there family's in strings bar - happy memories. They used to look after me, like I was part of there family. Our holiday / season song was - DJ pied piper - Do you really like it, We're lovin' it
Lovin' it, lovin' it, We're lovin' it,Like that

I was telling people in work today some of the stories :-)    happy memories xx

Ned J  (13 June 2007)        10/10

eye eye you cheesy bunch what u up to is kev in zante.has sue completly lost the plot sam and simon still gigin.carnt belive string got shut down.well i can becaused of that s**t pr u hired.was a sexy c**t thow.

   cheers for 2006.and the easy ride    

King A  (21 September 2006)         

hi charlie,

do i know you, i seem to recognise your name and if i remember you were always in strings. have to agree though that you are right about the bar (when it is open). sorry to hear about your experience in miligaros and that the owner was a p**vert.
email me and we will see if we can keep in touch.
acf-cant fool us maid.

Charlie M  (13 September 2006)         

hi everyone

best bar in laganas by a mile, cant wait to come out next year, you lot rock!!!

King A  (08 September 2006)         

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Hi All, Arthur here again,

Just thought I would keep you informed with how things are going at Tart Tours and what the members have been up to since the trip to the homeland.
DJ Johno/Peach/Dave:
Gone Wierd owing money to mates but promising to pay soon. Still seeing 'Wolfie' after they met in Zeros and they are hoping to have a joint tattoo soon. He is sometime spotted in a certain street in Bridgnorth though now and again having a McFlurry.
Proving to be the main stay of the members as usual with his entertaining of women and his love for Strongbow.
Living his Volvo life back in England but waiting to 'kick right off' in the Tower Lounge Blackpool on the 25th November 2006 at the Tart Tours AGM.
Tart Tours-Living life to the max
Ps Tickets for the Tart Tours AGM are available from the tower lounge box office or apply via email.

Princess L  (29 August 2006)         

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Hey guys,
Hope you're enjoying yourselves this year - sounds like everything's going amazingly well.
Congrats Kev on the success of the bar, some of my friends visited in July & Aug and said they loved the place. Shame i couldn't make it over for a holiday but going to Dubai in September so busy saving for that!
Take care,
Katie x x
Here's some pics of the guys from last summer.
(pic1- all the boys, pic2- Ed & Si, pic3- 'king arthur' Ed & 'maid' Kev)

Paul W  (05 August 2006)         

Cheers for the Cracking time gents !!

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Paul P  (29 July 2006)         

hi young kevin its mr paul powell here from rainy bridgnorth wondering where the hell my invitation is to your new party palace you know it makes sense give me a bell bro 01746 767365 and we'll sort summat out 


Michelle H  (21 July 2006)         

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Michelle H  (19 July 2006)         

Hi all @ Strings & Laganas Fancy Dress
Hi to Sue, Kev, Eve, Lou,Sam,Gem x 2 Clare, Ned, Bob,Si, Side Show Bob and Andy Mack (The Kinkyist Head master i've ever known!!)

Thanks to you all for making my week great - sooo relaxed and now back in Bournemouth - and back to work in my little office with no windows!!  I Wish i was back in Greece again with u lot!!!!!!!!!

Its great to see my cousin Kevin and my Auntie Sue doing sooooo well - with Strings bar and the fancy dress shop- Really Proud - and I know my dad Is aswell of his Little Sis!!!

King A  (03 July 2006)         

click to enlargeWE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you will all be aware a competition has been running for the past 2 months and Iam now pleased to announce that a winner has been found. Vicky 'Wolfie' Smith made herself known the a director while out on the town one night and showed that not only had she spotted the Poodle tattoo but she has had her own done in memory of  it. Fair play to her to have her own poodle tattoo on her back all in order to win a pint of the famous nectar (which as yet she has not had). 
As you all will agree she is a deserved winner of the competition and as from now the competition is now closed. However if others are wanting a tattoo in worship of the poodles apparently there is a tattoist in Wolverhampton who specialises in the.
Once again congratulations to Vicky 'Wolfie' Smith and will look forward to presenting her with her pint of 'bow' the next time she is seen.
Regards to all
Tart Tours- Taking you to the heart of the action all of the time.

King A  (09 June 2006)         

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Attention all of Zante a new arrival is about to hit your town!!!!!

Hello all,
Just thought I would let you know that a new arrival in the shape of a rooster is about to hit your shore line ready to kick the party 'right off'!!!
As has been said before about this creature he is very loving and reports suggest that he is a demon in the bedroom just like to other staff of the Williams empire out there. (Yes that includes you Jerome!!!!!) The rooster feeds on burgers but he doesnt like cheese on them.
The picture attached is of the rooster but in his normal clothes and atcually behind the bar of his favourite place The Partridge Arms in Bridgnorth (Mr K R Williams's last public house) where teh rooster was often known to do a shift or two.
Kind regards
Tart Tours- taking you to the heart of the action dressed as a rooster.

Thunder T  (11 May 2006)         

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Attention all home missing workers !!!


On the 25th June this year there will be a very special person visiting Laganas. King Arthur or Grandad as he likes to be called is coming over to help out the workers and any other members of the public that feel that they are missing home and require a hug and a shoulder to cry on.Cry


For a bottle of Mythos he will sit you on his knee, feed you a Werthers Original and a class of milk and tell you and story.


Anybody that is interested in this please contact Kevin Williams for pre bookings or failing that 'Grandad' can be found in Strings Bar from the above mentioned date.


Look forward to seeing you all.


Kind Regards,


Thunder Tart

Tarttours Action, Fraction and a hug off Grandad.

Kevin W  (11 May 2006)         


your very own maid will soon have his days free. baywatch have approached me asking if they can have my name (laganas fancy dress) on their t shirts this year, they have been offered sponsorship by major drinks and tobacco companys back in england but want me ahead of them. times rich list here i come. bananna, i have been asked to attened welcome meetings and host caborets by club 18-30. this will involve si and sam playing music while me and bob kick the party right off  by selling fancy dress to 300 guests at a time. the only downside is we will get to finish at 11pm and get to join in the party and have free drinks all night. any chance we can have the bannanas services for tuesday 27th june as a special guest? if it means bringing gramps along as arthur and poodle as sailor boy so be it. tart by the way guess who walked in to strings last night? ash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
long live the bannana. 

Kevin W  (11 May 2006)         

scott and neil r.i.p

long live the all new strings mega hunks
maid. x

King A  (10 May 2006)         

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Hello All,

On finding this poodle while on holiday in Laganas it entitles the lucky person to a free pint of Strongbow redeemable at Strings bar.
Terms and Conditions
1. Members or freinds and family of Tart Tours directors are unable to enter
2. Only one pint of Strongbow redeemable per person.
3. Tart Tours directors will be the judges and their decision is final.
4. On findding this wild dog please be careful when approaching it as it does bite!!!
Tart Tours-Action all the way

King A  (10 May 2006)         

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Members of Tart Tours and all others,

I just thought I would take this oppurtunity to introduce Bob 'the shark'/'wet fingers'/skivy Davies to you all. Skivy as he likes to be known is a full brother to Jerome (Simon) and like his brother he is a ladies man, as im sure you lucky ladies will find out during the summer of 2006.
The shark can be found in Laganas fancy dress shop selling a full range of costumes that are designed to kick your holiday 'right off'. Anything that you have every dreamed of getting dressed up in no matter how daft, from a Banana to a mobile fone, Skivy will sort you out.
Tart Tours-Action all the way
Ps Good to hear from you Maid, cant wait to get into our room at Victoria and kick it right off.

Kevin W  (10 May 2006)         

hello all

i feel its time my members had a response from your foreign affairs correspondent. looking forward to you attending laganas for the week of 25th june, im already busy planning your weeks schedule of fun in the sun, gramps ive got a dj set lined up for you at zeros and a night dressed as a head master at a tuck shop school disco. thunder i have pencilled you in to help me promote the strings christmas party, this will involve getting dressed as an elf and joining dave johnson aka santa on a horse and cart around the streets of laganas dishing out sweets, flyers and playing christmas songs on a ghetto blaster. there are various ladies lined up for your enjoyment.
long live the bannana
(gone but never forgotten)
ps as your aware i will have the keys for the fancy dress shop, so after midnight anything could happen

Dave J  (09 May 2006)         

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Hello Camel, DJ Johnno here.

Hope things are well, Im booked to come and see you and the rest on the 25th June, make sure you have plenty of Strongbow waiting for me! Tart informs me that it is going to kick right off!!!
T'ra for now.
David Johnson
(Super Stud)

Thunder T  (09 May 2006)         

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Hello All,

Glad to here that you will be providing the party goers of Laganas with their fancy dress this year, hopefully they can experience the laughs we had in them last year.


Bye for now,


Thunder Tart

(Can wait to take on a new character this year)

King A  (09 May 2006)         

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If anybody out there wondered what Ben 'Luvely Hair' Smith looks like here is your chance. I have used this picture as it shows him in his normal pose with women all around him. As you can see Jerome (Simon) will have his work cut out to be the stallion of strings but im sure he will be graceful in defeat.
Tart Tours-Taking you to the heart of the action.

King A  (09 May 2006)         

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Hello all,

Just wanted to add a picture of the rooster and wanted to know if anybody recognised him from last year??? He was seen in Bad Boys many times and Cocktails and Dreams but this year he will be in Strings Bar as it is going to kick 'right off' in there.
As we can see he has a pint of his fuel in his hand and welcomes anybody who wants to buy him a pint of the golden nectar and in doing so he will show them his party piece of lying an egg.
Tart Tours-Live life to the Max

Thunder T  (09 May 2006)         

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Hello Kevin,

Just a quick message to see how you are all doing and to attach this picture of you in your prime!


Is the Maid making a comeback this year??


Speak to you soon mate.



PS Hello Jackie!

King A  (08 May 2006)         

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Hi Guys again, King Arthur here.

Just thought I would take this chance to let the girls who will be visiting the bar in the summer an early chance to see the star attraction Simon Davies (Jerome). And Ben 'Luvely Hair' Smith is as good looking so girls as you can see you are up for a treat.

Good luck everybody for the summer of fun and remember, Long live the banana!!!
Tart Tours-Action at a fraction dressed as a rooster.

King A  (03 May 2006)         

Hello, Arthur here again.

Just wanted to say that im still looking forward to coming over to the isle and seeing the one and only Mr Kevin Williams Esq (aka Fran Cosgrove). I hear that he is now a local celebrity on the isle and the Alan Partridge impression is apparently uncanny. If the main man is reading this can he confirm with other members of Tart Tours when the accomodation for their visit has been booked please.
Also cant wait to here the tones of Robson and Jerome playing live in the bar most nights and seeing Jerome (Simon) work his magic with the women.
Can I just give a shout out to Ben Smith and Bob 'the shark' Davies or as some people know him Bob 'wet fingers' Davies, who have also joined the crew on the island and are working for Strings. May I wish them a good summer on behalf of all at Tart Tours and look forward to being served in the fancy dress shop by the shark.
Long live the Banana!!!!!
King Arthur
Tart Tours- Taking you to the heart of the action at a fraction.

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