Restaurants in Kalamaki

Tracy C           

Your greeted along the road by this bloke who is almost dragging you in to the restaurant. You just couldnt get away - no wonder it was so busy. Initially the service was good but once you had finished your main course it was almost as if you did not exist - took half an hour to get the bill and then another 20 minutes to try and pay it.  Would mind but the food was disappointing. Wont go there again.


Oh Poo!! i have just ritten tonnes and then pressed sumthin and now it has all deleted!

So ... disappointed with this restaurant!! My pizza came and it was all burnt !! I didnt want to give it back though because i dont like fuss !! Even though it tasted like Charcoal! The restaurant looks lovely from the outside but the food is the important thing and that lets it all down!!

Christine F           

Our third time in Kalamaki, the visit to Pandesia was a total disaster. The food was horrible, one of our party was poisoned by a portion of reheated rabbit stew, the tsatsiki contained no garlic, the onion soup contained no onions. We are never going back there.


pandesia is by far the best restaurant in kalamaki the staff was so friendly we went their 5 times and was always greeted with a smilexxxx

Paul M           

the low rating puzzels me though we only ate here once this year it was very good and allways buisy when we passed by at night. not badly priced and typically greek friendly hopitallity made us feel very wellcome. would definately eat there next time we go back to zante.


By far the best place we ate in Kalamaki.  The staff were fantastic!  The food was amazing.  We loved! Well done! I'd definately recomend. 

Paul M           

ate here twice in2004 and twice in 2005 will update 2006 gut had no complainy before food was great and the staff very helpful . try the greek dishes such as stifado and kleftica or moussaka then judge it. you go nto greece to eat their food and its good.

David L           

We only ate here once as we foulnd it on our last night It was by far the nicest meal we had and the cheapest. Staff we very welcoming aswell to wife and the children, nothing was to much trouble.

Jo X           

How could this place only have 4/10!!!??? It was fantastic i went there once and didnt go any where else after Staff were so friendly and kind!! Cant wait to go back

Jana T           

Reasonably priced but food isnt the best you can get. Especially if you are looking for vegetarian food there are better places than the Pandesia.

Marion R           

We ate here one evening as had noticed its pleasant 'off the road' situation in passing..and the fact that it always seemed to be doing good business.I tried an asparagus with cheese starter as something different and my huband had large garlic prawns "au naturel' complete with heads on.Then I tried a t-bone steak which was nicely cooked and presented.The gardens are well kept and the manager/owner personally greeted each new customer,whether child or adult, as they came in.

Adele L           


We really liked this restaurant so much we visited twice the food was lovely the staff were very friendly even brought t-shirts out for the kids so to all those that didnt enjoy their visit sorry but i definatly dont think its down to the restaurant we loved it !!!

Sammy J           


I just wanted to say this restaurant is so good, we have been to kalamaki 4 times and we know someone who works in pandesia hes so kind!! We went here and we got so much food free it was brill

Anyway, does anyone know anybody called Londis???? He worked in Merlis and he knows one of the guys from pandesia, i really want 2 find out where he is and what hes doing, if anybody can help PLEASE email me


Kate F           

This is our favourite restaurant in Kalamaki, always our first and last of our visit and usually a few times in between!  You will not beat it for value for money and the food is excellent.  Was nice to see and talk to the staff again, keep up the good work everyone, hope to see you very soon!

Sian M           



Ashleigh P           

Food was horrendous - Chicken breast was mushy lasagne was the worst I have ever eaten!

Was cheap but a real case of you get what you pay for!

Catherine W           

Decided to try this one after the hype by the English bloke at the gate.  All very nice apart from the vegetables which were the worst of all our meals in Kalamaki.  Needless to say this didn't warrant a return visit, especially when you can get near on perfection at many other places in the town.


The food was really nice, all 5 of us had great dishes, they even had to put them selves out of the way to fit 7 of us, im only 13 and thought it was GREAT!!!

Lindsey P           

Sorry But it was our worst meal, all 7 of us, my chicken was over cooked & badly  burnt, kids meals well meatballs looked black didnt make them eat it, the fish dish was very tough, more fat on the chips than left in the frier! Now since there are many restrants in Zante to try,  we didnt return, but apparantly it wasnt all bad so it might just be bad luck, up to you    

Holli W           

click to enlarge

all the guys at Pandesia  they were klass as

Sammy C           

hello to nikos its samantha, anna, paul and adam, we miss you lots we love the food, i will always remember the bread you gave us with the herbs and tomatos on, gorgeous  hope to see you again soon. nikos, where is my landis. how is he, please tell him i miss him lots and lots and want to see him soon, hes great .

Luv ya lots
 Sammy, Adam, Anna & Paul

Tony N           

went here twice in two weeks,very nice
the bread rolls at the start were so soft and fluffy just right to get you up for a large meal
and such a lovely building

Holli W           

We ate in Pandesia every night of our 2 week holiday ! we loved the food and the staff were great - nick, alexi,spiros,pablo,dennis and every1 else we loved this place and would definately go again

Ken B           

 We ate here once, on our first night on the island. It was recommended to us by our hotel. Apart from the initial welcome we received, which I guess was only to get us into the place, the service was nothing to write home about. The food was fair however nothing special, my brother in law and I had the mixed grill which I felt was greesy, the rest of the group had various dishes ranging from chicken to pasta. Overall the food wasn't bad and it certainly wasn't the worse place we had eaten during our stay. The prices are about the same as you will find about the resort so you look for the service and the atmosphere to give the place an edge. This place didn't have it, not overly friendly although the staff are efficient. My hotel had an arrangement with the Pandesia where guests of the hotel received 10% discount but this wasn't incentive enough for me to go back.

 Much better at Artemis just across the road. P.S. Say Hi to Spiros for me, He will give you a fantastic welcome and ensure your visit is enjoyable.

Patricia S           

Great meal, great price. staff great. one place to go.

Jo G           

We also absolutely loved this place! We had a mix grill for 8,50 euro's which is dirt cheap and it was massive. Came with all the trimmings and you were stuffed afterwards, they also did a mean cheesey garlic bread! The Drinks were normal priced but the food was lovely. We only went twice as we were only there for 1 week, but when we go back we will definatly be dropping by again. You have to go if you get a chance!!!!!

Kate F           

Absolutely loved this place!  Came last September and couldnt wait to get back.  Was there only last week.  The prices are a steal and the Spaghetti Caruso is to die for!!  Have never had a bad meal in this restaurant, always found the staff polite, looking forward to going again as soon as I can!  Would not recommend the caraf of wine (white or red), stick to bottled.  Apart from that cannot fault it.

Mark T           

I can't believe some of the comments on here... It was my first visit to Zante this year and had one of the best holidays ever - have already booked to go back in September 05! My friends & I ate here twice and had two of the best meals of the holiday. The staff made us feel really welcome and couldn't do enough to help us. All of the meals arrive piping hot and without delay.
The portions were HUGE and we could never have thought about ordering a dessert. The restaurant itself was well presented on both visits with a great holiday atmosphere!!!
Everybody is entitled to their own opinion of what a good restaurant is so please make sure to visit to make up your own mind :-) I will definately be going back next September!!

Vicki L           

I am shocked by some of these comments!! But I do agree with Bev, I went to this restaurant twice this year and we felt it was one of the best. The service was excellent, Denice and Dennis are great as is her sister Zoe, this is a great family run business and we felt we were treated like family!! The food is fantastic and as for the price - it is great value for money. We will definatley be back next for the more of the same!!

Bev C           

I have just been reading some of the comments on the Pandesia and i think we must have gone some where different because the food, atmosphere and service was fantastic. We stayed in Laganas in sept this year, it was our third visit to zante and our first visit to this restaurant and i would definately recommend it. The atmosphere was traditionally greek, the service was friendly and efficient and most important the food was gorgeous......who knows maybe the chef had a good month in sept but I know I will be returning next year!

Lynne C           

This was one of our favourites,but I can say after one meal here this October it will not be on my list of places to visit again, the food was greasy, luke warm, and had several other things in it that shouldn't have been there! The litre of wine that was on the house could not make up for our disappointment. Better luck next year.

Jo S           

We ate here once - everything smelt the same no matter what you ordered, it might have all come from one big stew pot! Waiter's were blunt to the point of rudeness - would never recommend anyone eating here!!

Suzanne P           

This restaurant caught our eye every evening we walked along the strip in Kalamaki. On the evening we ate there we had a good meal, however, the atmosphere at this restaurant was very formal and not particularly child friendly. There were a lot of greeks eating while we were there and for this reason we thought it must be a good restaurant, but we were wrong. Very average overall. Would not go back - try Paolo's or Artemis instead.

Tom T           

enough said really !!!!

D E           

Very nice food, very well waited, clean and civil........I mean what more do you want ???????? plate smashing ????? :))


We only ate there only once and that was enough!!!!!!!!!!! This place must be the worst place in Kalamaki to eat. I can't believe there people saying that actually enjoyed. We met lots of people whilst in Kalamaki this year and they all had the same opinion as us about this place and that was 'What a load of ****'

Sandra P           

Again not very consistent. First meal was very good, the second visit it was very busy and the service and food quality suffered. One of the waiters especially is very abrupt, and makes you feel you are wasting his time.

Sheena R           

We tried the Pandesia as it was recommended at our hotel.Both food and service were disappointing. It was the night of Euro final but in view of that we ate early. I had pork with garlic and mushroom sauce, there was plenty of pork & mushrooms but no garlic or sauce. The staff were very indifferent, never ate there again but stuck with Mikaelos, Bon amici and the Dias all fantastic!

Andrew C           

This restaurant served the best kleftiko that I have had yet. Not as patient as other ones if you have little ones; our meal was spoilt a bit by one of the waiters chastising another who got the orders a bit wrong (so what? relax?), in full view of all the diners. Apart from that, was quite good.

Lynsey B           

We were pleasantly surprised,last year we didn't enjoy our meal that much, but decided to give them another chance this year. We are glad we did.
The soup is wonderful, and the stuffed pepper starter is gorgeous.
The portions are ample if not, a bit too much. We are just sorry we didn't have another week or two to go back again.

Sammy L           

HI NIKOS!! luv anna paul sammy & adam, the food was great we had the most coz were special :)

Kat W


Kat W           

Thought the food was average, but the service by the waiters was excellent.
In particular one waiter that i got very close to ill never forget,best restaurant eva and if ur out there ****** :-)
Definitly reccommend it! Ill b bk there in the summer :-)

Robert K           

stumbled even!!

Robert K           

We stubbled accross this lovely place totally by accident, and unless you have access to a website like this I imagine many people pass this place by without going in. It is a wonderful place to enjoy your holiday meal alfresco. The quality of the food is something you don't often find in a resort taloired to the tourist. Try the Moussaka and the seafood here is great too!I certainly agree I do would take my hat off to them for having a classy and quality restaurant.

Mandy P           


Wendy P           

Couldn't fault this place. We ate here a total of 3 times, and we aren't often repeat vistors on holiday as we like to try as much as we can! It look unabtrusive and eating there was a very pleasant experience indeed. The food was mouth watering, we had mainly Greek dishes and they were cooked to perfection on every occasion. My friends and I stuffed our faces with lamb kleftico (it was that big!!) it was the best i have had!!!!

Paul & Sam           

Found nearly all the restaurants in Kalamaki enjoyable, but this one stood out for its excellent food and service and traditional atmosphere. The house wine went down a treat too!

Liz J           

Have just returned from a 2 week break in Kalamaki. We didn't find this place until the last few days in our visit as it is in the opposite direction to where we would normally look for somewhere to eat. Walk towards Laganas away from the noisier part and you will pass the Olive Tree on your left and a few more metre on your right is this place. It automatically attracted us because it looked so different, no bright neon lights on music/TV blasting out, just a quiet tranquil al fresco restaurant. The food was beautiful, we all tried different dishes and not one failed to please. It tasted fresh and authentic - it has keot us the Greek food well and doesn't pander to the Brits abroad which we like. The service was good, and the prices were excellent, it wasn't one of the most expensive meals I had in kalamaki but it was the best and that sums this place up, good prices, good service and great food. Would highly recommend.


Food fantastic, service great, location perfect - out of the way enough to enjoy a great meal. I would say the freshest food I had all holiday - nothing looked as if it had jumped from the freezer, into the frier and onto my plate!! Lamd here is beautiful, as are most of the dishes. Would have come here more than we did but wanted to try a few other places out as well. Have to say this place is well worth the short walk!!

Sally G           

I would certainly disagree that they do the same food everywhere else.. I have just returned from Kalamaki and ate here a few times because I found the food so good. This was the only place where deep fried prawns were whole prawns (in their shell) fried in sauce with feta cheese, rather than prawns in breadcrumbs chucked in the deep fat frier!!! The lamb here is to die for. I thought the place looked good and the outside eating in the evening was refreshing!! We didn't have a problem with the service, although we used to go around 9-9.30 and it was always relatively quiet and most people were finishing up then!! This was my favourite restaurant in Kalamaki.

Sarah M           

i agree the lamb a la zante was nice. they do the same food as everywhere else, just with frozen veg and spuds in sauce. service was soooooooo slow, went there twice and was the same on both times. dont bother going.

Geoff S           

Sorry Mr Knott, I must disagree about the steak. I ordered a fillet med rare and it was perfect all the way through. The staff were up for a laugh and were as attentive as you wanted them to be. Just be aware if you want salad with your meal, ask for it and dont be deterred. I was originally advised I HAD to have pots and frozen veg. When I was about to leave the attitude changed . So much so that we went back with friends on our last night which was equally good (26 Jul) Certainly one of the highpoints of our eating out.

Brian T           

We came here because we had read how good it was, and our rep recommended it also.
I have to say we were more than a little disappointed!
We arrived fairly early, when there was plenty of space, but the waiters did not seen too keen to make up a table for 6. They were courteous but distant and seemed very keen to take our orders and serve us quickly.
I noticed others arriving were getting a different welcome(!?)
I ordered a lamb Zakynthian and it was delicious. Others had chicken, but we also ordered a pizza for 2 (dad & picky teenage daughter!), which was so small that dad was left with hardly anything to eat!
We finished our main course and left to have desserts somewhere else.

Paul K           

Don't eat a steak...they have no idea how to cook it anything other than well done. If you want a good steak try the Amarylis....they listen! The Greek style dishes are great though, my wife had lamb and it was to die for!

Dave H           

this is the best value and quality taverna in town.spagetti caruso is the best pasta dish i have had ever.if i had a hat i would take it to you.staff very friendly(as you expect in greece)the boss man scuttles around looking like he's ready for a nervous breakdown.but,this place is so chance of a table between 8.30 and 9.30,try 10.00,no go, its the best!!!!!

Emma M           

Have to agree the food here is great. Lamb just melts in the mouth and there was still bags left when I had finish, and same for my friends, and boy can they eat!! Service was fast and attentive without being too much, the owner is on had to great and see you off. Price for such a great 2 course dinner plus drinks was little less than superb. Surroundings are chic, peaceful and extremley enjoyable. Slightly further away down, head towards Laganas on Laganas road, its practically the only resturant that doesn't bear a huge neon sign, but worth the walk on the way there, and you need it after to walk off the stuffed belly you will have at the end.

F G           

This place served the best food I had all week in Kalamaki!! Proper Greek food, plus the Greeks ate there so that's a good recommendatuon within itself. The starters were lovely, prawns still in their shell! I had the Lamb Keltfiko and it was lovely, I didn't find another place that made it this good. My boyfriend had the seafood pasta and said it was beautiful. The price was reasonable, far better than an expensive meal at Mermaids the previous night!!!!!! Service was excellent, if you are going to Greece to get a taste of greek food then I recommend here 100%!!!!! Fantastic!!

Bill M           

we would recommend the pandesia-great food, great service and reasonably priced for such a nice setting-a smart restaurant & would definitely try again in the future.

Ailwyn & Helen           

On our first time to Kalamaki in May 03 we were bombarded with places to eat... We chose the Pandesia on more than one occasion. The place is extremely clean and the food was great (especially the carbonara and chicken in curry sauce with yoghurt). The waiters spoke good english, were very attentive and the all-round service was excellent.

Definately be back in Sept 03, no complaints here!!!

Julie W           

Looks good from the outside, but as we all know look can be deceiving. The starters were very nice, the main course was awful, i had the spagetti carbonara, it shoulf of been pasta with ham, there was so much ham (smoked) that there was no other taste at all, my hubby who eats most things did not enjoy his either. Wont be going back there again.

David G           

Over priced with pretty adequate food. Much better food around. Try Lambros.

Phil, C           

Nice restaurant with a good choice of menu. Service was slow (we were there for about two hours) but what's the rush when you're on holiday. It was put down to new waiters who couldn't speak English. Recommend you give it a try at least once.

Marja S           

See the message below. Maria/Miep and Marja from Holland

Marja S

My mother and I have in two weeks visit Pandesia for 12 times. The food is very nice and good there,it is a lovely place to be. We will thanks Dennis,Pablo,Spiros en Adonis for their service at us,also Helen en Denice,very friendly people,we had a wonderful time with you every evening. One day we get drink from the house,because we must wait longer for our food,and Dennis say sorry,that night it was very busy,full house. The last evening we make picture from all the guys,and say with pain in our heart goodbye. We recommend this place for sure. Maria/Miep and Marja The two Moppies thats how Adonis name us.

Paul D           

This should be called the PANTSDESIA. The food was awful. The soup was like water and we sent the main course back after one mouthful. The childrens meatballs were covered in a hot chili sauce which was too spicy for a 6yr old to eat, the four cheese pizza was covered in blue cheese whcih was really overpowering and the crust was very dry and salty, and the steak was so chewy. They asked us to go into the back to settle the bill where they started arguing with us as to why we had sent their food back. They said there was nothing wrong with the food and that we had to pay for it all. They said we were 'stupid English people' who didn't know good food. Anyway all the satff came out of the kitchen and some of the waiters and started pushing us around including my son and partner.In the end we paid 8 each for a bowl of soup and a drink!!I would avoid this restaurant like the plague. Most of the people eating their were german and i think this suited the owner as he said we were just 'stupid English people.' AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Lindsey R           

Looks very nice from outside and menu not too expensive. Meal was okay. Outside eating nice but lots of creepy crawlies, some resembling huge cockroaches!


This one was OK. Nice setting, food reasonable.

Derek T           

We visited Pandesia 3 times during our holiday, Best food we found in Kalamaki, staff helpful, kids also enjoyed themselves at Pandesia.

Hayley B           

I'm sorry to say that I thought the food at this restaurant was awful! We ate there once during our stay in Kalamaki and never went back! We had dinner about 10.30 at night and hardly anyone was in the restaurant but they took ages to bring us our food! We decided not to go back there again!!

Dawn L           

Restaurant absolutely brilliant, the waiters are good fun and make you feel really at home, we went to Zante for 14 days and ate at the Pandesia 12 times.

Linzi C           

We went here 3times, we liked it so much. Thewaiters are good fun and the service was excellent with free melon and shots after every meal

Dale D           

Position of resturant - good, waiters brilliant - food good

Paul C           

situated in an ideal place, set back from the main road in a beautiful garden. The food was excellent and hot!!!. Not too pricey, the waiters are very friendly. Definately worth a visit.

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