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Tracey B  (09 March 2011)        9/10

 I realize a couple of years have elapsed since the previous lady only gave the Passage to Asia 1/10 but we visited in July 2010 during our third visit to Tsilivi and found the food and the service fantastic.  My 9 year old son insists that this is still the best curry he has tasted and can clearly remember exactly what he ordered off the menu - right down to the vegetable rice!  May be the chef has changed in the last couple of years but please, please don't be put off by the negative comments - if you are in Tsilivi and fancy a very, very good curry then visit Passage to Asia - you will not be disappointed.  This was one of the best places we ate, although you would be hard pushed to find a bad meal at any of the resteraunts in Tsilivi.

Dianne F  (02 June 2007)        1/10

Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Food was not even hot. The starters were average, but the main courses left a lot to be disired.
Boiled prawns  =   Tin of peas with a few prawns floating in it!!!
Chow Mein  = Plain noodles with a small amount of veg!!!
Chicken curry = not bad but loaded with green peppers and a VERY thin sauce.
I am not going to go on about this place but I would definatley give it a miss. The food does not match what you pay!!!!!!!!
Plenty of better places to eat that are cheaper and much better.
I am not usually this negative about a restaurant, but this really brought out the worst in me!!!

Chis   (22 October 2006)         

My family and I came to this restaurant last year and we really enjoyed it everything was great from the range of food to the price, but this year is seemed to have gone a little downhill since our previous visit the food was nowhere near as nice and they had introduced indian food this time around and it was terrible, the chinese side of things was ok, but thats as good as it gets, if i were you i would go elsewhere as there are loads of great places around

Mike   (01 September 2006)         

Not sure why so many people didn't like this restaurant but we liked it, the buffet had plenty of choices and the chicken masala and jalfrazie curry was excellent. The kids enjoyed the chinese ribs and sweet & sour chicken, we all went back for more.

Julie L  (28 May 2006)         

I enjoyed the buffet could have something to do that everything they had on was stuff I liked. Only fault was that the food could of been warmer

Garry C  (11 November 2005)         

This restaurant used to serve very nice food about five years or so ago but we called in this year and tried the buffet and it was horrible.The so called spare ribs were disgusting and stunk to high heaven.The rest of the food wasn't any better.Give this place a wide berth there are lots of better eating places in tsilivi than this and cheaper too.You have been warned!!!!!!

Charlotte C  (25 October 2005)         

We weren't impressed with the Chinese buffet, it was lukewarm and very bland, also the area where you got your buffet from smelled of wet dogs and was a bit dark and dingy.  Was also quite expensive for the food on offer and the quality.  The staff were friendly though.

Stu W  (19 September 2005)         

We got a leaflet which said "All you can eat buffet".  Went in there thinking it would be ok.  Half the buffet food there was disgusting and you just couldn't eat it!! Pissed For example I had a chicken wing which tasted rancid and a spring roll which was the worst i've ever tasted.  Most of the main courses were p*ss poor too.  Just wasn't sure how long they had been lying around for.

I certainly didn't eat all I could.  How I wasn't ill the next day is beyond me.  This was the worst meal I have ever brought in my life.
Couldn't believe it when they added a service charge on top of the bill either as the staff didn't bring any food out as it was a buffet!!!
If you want the worst meal in your life which will probably make you ill the next day then I highly recommend this place, otherwise don't touch it with a barge pole!!
Honestly stick with the greek food, its much better and cheaper too.  Have a chinese when you get back to good old blighty, this place has put me off chinese food altogether!!

Lisa   (20 August 2005)         

we went here with a family we met at our apartments, we got an indian and they got chineese. the indian meal was better than i was expecting and was good value for money, also the staff were friendly.

we only ate here once a swe dont like chineese food and didnt fancy an indian again but the family we met ate here a few times and enjoyed it everytime.

Rachel B  (10 August 2005)         

Ate here once and had the buffet which resulted in a bad stomach the following day!  Can't say for definite that it was the food here that caused it but the buffet food was lukewarm and didn't even look all that appetising.

Rob A  (09 June 2005)         

After being inticed to the resturant we chose to have the buffet style meal which was far from impressive.  It was eat as much as you like, but you would't want to eat very much of it as it looked like it had been sat there for a long time and lacked taste.Pissed

Helena W  (25 September 2004)         

had yet another couple of great meals here over the last 2 weeks. tried both indian and chinese and couldn't fault either. Nor could we fault the service and value for money. Even the kids were adventurous and sampled the dishes, to which were both impressed.

Helena W  (13 August 2004)         

we went to this restaurant 3 times last year and the food was lovely. I went there on the night of my birthday and was given a free bottle of champagne. The good thing about this restaurant was the fact that it did both chinese and indian dishes, so if you are in a group and some don't like indian, you can have the chinese. Even the kids enjoyed it and it didn't affect any of our tummy's.

Elli K  (13 August 2004)         

My meal was nice but we had to wait a hour for our meal it cam in small portions and it was very expencive i dont think i would go there again f i went to that resort!

Allan   (13 August 2004)         

After waiting an hour for are food the waiter came over to tell us one of our meals were unavailable. finally 10 minutes later are food came which was good but expensive and small portions.

Vicky W  (03 March 2004)         

We thought this is one of the best restaurants in Tsilivi. The food was out of this world, and the service was great too. We visited here a number of times whilst in Tsilivi, Including on my mothers birthday, all the staff came out with a free bottle of champagne and sang 'happy birthday' to my mum, which I thought was a lovely gesture!! I hope that when i finally return to Tsilivi (dnt know when yet) that this resturant will still be here with all the same staff as last Oct!! 10/10 X

Andy T  (20 October 2003)         

If you fancy an Indian this is well worth a visit. Whilst the food is not necessarily cheap, it is well cooked and served. The only negative criticism is that the plates were delivered cold. Eight out of Ten

Steve C  (24 August 2003)         

Didn't go there but whats the point of going to Greece to eat Indian Food!!

Andy T  (11 August 2003)         

over priced for what it was, set meal costing 68 Euros and worth about 20!! Give it a wide berth!!

Peter N  (02 August 2003)         

Passage to Asia is ok The waiters were polite, the sweet and sour was nice and the price not too bad...Do not confuse "Passage to Asia" with "Passage to India" which is truely awful

Richard C  (28 June 2003)         

A decent curry, good starters, nice!

Cathy B  (09 October 2002)         

As an experience curry fanatic,if you want a real curry don't bother! An uncle bens stir in the pot are better!!! and I don't even really like them. Didn't try the chineese, they charge you for the kinves and forks aswell which I found rather annoying.

Joanne   (23 September 2002)         

very good meal but pricy

Jim J  (11 August 2002)         

It was ok but more interest in clearing tables for next sitting when busy. Most expensive place we ate in.

Craig K  (25 July 2002)         

Average quality food but good service. Preferred the coursair chinese restaurnt though.

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