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Christine C  (16 September 2011)        9/10

We ate here on our 1st night and a couple of other times and were extremely pleased with our meals.  Really nice food and pleasant unhurried pace.  The staff were lovely and always pleased to help.  Would definitely recommend this retaurant which was far superior to Georgios a bit further down the road.

Sophie C (15 September 2010)

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We went to nemesis on our first night and it definitely got our holiday off to a great start! Although it was really busy the food arrived quickly and was absolutely lovely! We had the baked feta and vine leaves for starters and the chicken zante for main. The staff were amazing and so friendly! No sooner had we finished our first bottle of wine a second one was put on the table in front of us for free! Highly recommended :)

Simone R  (03 August 2010)        10/10

amazing. Dennis on the door is very kind and is not pushy whatsoever like most of the other door men (KOUKOS) :) worth a visit to Nemesis for definate! xx

Mr B  (26 June 2010)        8/10

Definitely worth a visit. Lovely food, and reasonable prices. Dennis on the door is a lovely man, who is always pleased to see you, even if you go in or not. Top man. Top restaurant.

Della C  (24 October 2009)        9/10

One of the few other restaurants we did eat in this year, and it was precisely because the guy (Dennis) on the door was so lovely, not pushy , just wished us a lovely evening when we didn't go in, that we chose to eat in there.  Food very good standard, and not overpriced.  Will Certainley use it again next year. 

Siobhan H  (23 September 2009)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge One of my favourite restaurants in Tsilivi, the food is lovely - I would recommend Beef Stamnes it is the nicest meal I've had in Greece (beef, potato, feta cheese, herbs, tomatos all cooked in a pot and topped with mozarella cheese). The souvlaki is also good and everything is well priced, about 8-10 euros for a main course.

The guy on the door is really funny and will try to tempt you in but not in an annoying way like some other places!!

Ryan A  (23 September 2009)        10/10

In Zante first 2 weeks of September 2009.
great restaurant, great food, good service. Try the Pork Souvlaki!
I have commented on another restaurant about a guy on the door being pushy, in contrast the guy outside Nemises is an absolute legend and always shock my hand whenever we walked passed and even wished me a safe trip home on final night and gave me and my fiance a hug. He would make me laugh every night and would never try and force you to go in.
Think i ate here 3 times during my stay but have also eating in here back in 2007 and its still as good!

Kym A  (09 September 2009)        10/10

  Fantastic food as always, would highly recommend the Lamb Kleftico and Beef Stamna along with the Hoffman Scnitzel.We have visited Nemisis every time we've visited Tsilivi and are never disappointed. Thanks to Dennis and the rest of the staff for the warm and friendly welcome and great service.

Jackie W  (24 August 2009)        8/10

love it! although my little cousin decided to wipe the waiters hand in spag bol!

Mr B  (21 June 2009)        8/10

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A very nice restaurant. The food was excellent, and the service was friendly and efficient. The staff couldn't have done more to look after us. Reasonable prices as well.

We knew Dennis on the door from previous holidays in Laganas, so knew it would be good. Only the best hire Dennis, and Dennis only works for the best.
Worth a try.

Sarah S  (05 September 2008)        10/10

Just reurned froma 2 wk holiday and wished we had found this restaurant earlier in our hols. The food was brilliant, excellent value for money, staff were friendly and very helpful, especially with my husbands dietry needs. defo recommend this place to everyone.

Jean B  (23 August 2008)        10/10

 SERVICE:  Excellent
Just got back from our 3rd visit to Tsilivi, and still Nemesis is our favourite, food great, staff the best so freindly and recognised us from last year. Service fantasic, even under pressure which they were often as one of the busiest and most popular places to eat. Try the Fillet Innvotini its delicious as is the Zante Chicken or Lamb, Chicken and Bacon Souvlaki, we'll be going back to Tsilivi again next year and of course Nemesis.

Andy W  (05 August 2008)        9/10

Yep good food...

Zoe Y  (01 August 2008)        10/10

The food here is fantastic and the waiters are great, we ate here twice and wish we'd tried it earlier.

Maria K (16 July 2008)

Fantastic food! Very friendly staff! My other half rates their pizza as the BEST his ever had. Will definatly be eating here next year.

Lisa L  (20 August 2007)        10/10

Great place, Fab food expecially the chicken suvlaki with bacon, excellent service  and friendly staff

Sam E  (07 August 2007)        10/10

Very suprised at some of the comments on here. We went to tsilivi in may/june this year, and wev booked again for sept this year and all i keep thinking about is going back to nemisis to have chicken zante....the staff were friendly, service was fast and the food was excellent!!

Cally B  (20 June 2007)        10/10

Visited the Nemesis in June this year. The restaurant was very busy but the staff were extremely friendly and efficient.


We ordered a starter (which looked more like a main meal!) and a main meal (which was even bigger!). Not surprisingly, we didn't have room for dessert.


The meal was gorgeous, very generous portion sizes, great taste and piping hot. Thankfully, it wasn't served with chips either! :o)


The house white wine was abit dodgy but what do expect for about 5euros!


I would definitely recommend Nemesis to anyone with a big appetite that's looking for good quality, tasty food at a very good price.


Catherine D  (13 April 2007)        1/10


Bob D  (21 September 2006)         

The smell of garlic wafting down the road was a real temptaion to come here and eat.

The service was fast but there agin so it should be after all it was half empty.
If you do go and try it here dont have the lamb or was it (mutton) its tuffer than my Dr Martins
We didnt eat the main course couldnt dring ourselfs too why does everything have to come with chips and or rice. But on a high note the starter was good.

John R  (26 August 2006)         

We visited here on our first night in Tsilivi and really enjoyed our meal. We made a point of going back a second time before the end of our stay. Again the meal and service was excellent. Quite a large menu to choose from. Very reasonable prices and a really nice atmosphere. We would definetly go back!

Shona M  (15 August 2006)         

We ate here a few times and the food was great. Service could be a little slow on busy nights but who's in a hurry on holiday. The waiter with the black glasses was so nice and nothing was too much trouble,

Carrie C  (09 August 2006)         

we ate here about 5 nights, and couldnt fault it one bit.

the food was excellent, and the staff were great and work very hard.
if u like pasta, try the penne mafiosa its delicious.
what we did find with most restaurants is if u go for meal about 8pm its fine, but wait till 8.30pm and it all starts to build up and u need to wait on your meal, but they are all woth the wait

Louise C  (28 May 2006)         

I walked past here every day last year but never tried it, wow did we miss out!

The staff are lovely, even when I was a bit worse for wear one night (too many pre dinner cocktails!) they were polite friendly and helpful.
The Zante chicken is wonderful, a generous portion and they ever told me how to make it, for when I get home............Guess what is for dinner tonight!
Mt friend is vegetarian, she tried a few different dishes and can strongly recommend all of them!
The wine was gorgeous, tried a couple of different reds, both great!
Gice it a try, its worth it.

Heather W  (20 October 2005)         

by far the best restaurant ,the food was great the service great the restaurant had a lovely feel to it.we ate there most of the time nothing else compared to it,the staff made you feel very welcome

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