Restaurants in Argassi

Steve W (11 August 2010)

Last opened 2008. This was a very good Chinese restaurant, we ate there many times. Husband, Wife and daughter team - always very polite. ENJOY!!

Gary B  (11 October 2007)        10/10

fantastic dont listen to previous comment was a pleasure to eat ere great food and nothing wrong with service the chicken curry hot was highly recommended will be coming back to this place

Louise H  (12 September 2007)        1/10

This was the worst place we ate in argassi, will defo try a different chinese next time.

The service was awful and the food was not impressive.
Chicken and mushroom soups, spring rolls and won tons, sweet and sour fish and chicken chop suey.
The fish was nowhere near fresh, was grey and old and made us slightly ill!
Will not go here again.
Lou and Lee

Kate T (27 August 2007)

  Food: Excellent.
  Service:   Excellent.
  Price:  Excellent.
Great Place x

David C  (23 October 2006)         

great food excellent service

Laura C  (13 October 2006)         

We ate here once. Food was ok but service very slow.

Nathan   (09 October 2006)         

hey guys hope things are well out there still think about you all will be trying to come out sometime to see you been looking at the photos you look good tasha hope your good and the children anyway hopefully i1ll see you next year love nath

Melanie P  (05 August 2006)         

fantastic! every aspect was superb. lovely restaurant,unbelievable food. top class service. both of us agreed best chinese weve ever had.

Andy &  (20 July 2006)         

Absolutely gorgeous meal, we didn't have the set menu so can't comment on that but the spring rolls were nice and the satay was superb. Staff very polite. Sometimes when  you have chinese abroad it just doesn't meet the mark but this was nicer than some chinese restaurants in London!

Steve E  (31 May 2006)         

 What a fantastic Chinese resturant, was recommended by a friend who lives in Argassi, it was every bit as good as he said, wish I could move it back home

Laura A  (16 May 2006)         

hello hello hellloo!!! Had a fantastic meal! Highly recomend it to everyone!

Really missing you guys
Love Laura and Lynn xxx
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Georgie P  (13 January 2006)         

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there is no chinese in zakynthos that is anywhere as good as this one, i have tried them all...this is the one and the original...they were the first ones in argasi and the best since...hope you all are having a good winter..see you next year...georgie...

David C  (25 October 2005)         

excellent restaurant one of the best in argassi the sweet and sour pork balls were excellent as was the chicken and sweetcorn sour! highly recommened.LaughLaugh

Unknown U  (14 July 2005)         

what goes around comes around !

Nathan Y  (04 July 2005)         

alright guys hope your all ok im fine thinking about coming over to see you all miss you like mad say hi o everyone for me cant wait to come back and try some duck see you later lots of love nath 

Spyro P  (17 June 2005)         

The best chinese in town!10/10!The quality is the best.Hello to my  older sis tasha who works there.Hope you are all fine.Hi to kinezo karen and odyssea.Take care and always be happy.Spyroboy.p.s.Stockholm is saying hej,hello,yassas.

Laura & Al  (13 October 2004)         

Only ate here once as it was quite expensive compared to some of the other oriental style restaurants. We had the special foo yung and chicken chop suey. They were both very good and well above the quality that you get in most of the places back home.

Catherine W  (29 September 2004)         

Went to this restaurant twice while I was in Argassi - found the food lovely. I had the chicken with green peppers and black bean sauce and my boyfriend had the beef and chicken curry. He really loved the curry. Service was very good - not long hanging around. My boyfriend taught it a bit pricey though - we got two starters, two main courses with portions of rice and one chip between us and three soft drinks and it cost 50. Maybe that is not expensive for everyone though but when you are on holidays you might as well spend I suppose.

Nathan   (19 September 2004)         

alright guys its your old pr sorry i didnt see you before i go but i bet you konw why i had to go but hope your all ok miss you all yani beware for when i come back im going to shave that tash off ill miss karen for looking after me and my health agella you are so sweet ill miss you for being like my sister odyasis if thats how you pronouce it look out for next year your gona get it ha ha the chinese guys tell them that i said hi and last but not least tasha thanks for everything i havent got your number i tried to look for it but i cant find it so my e.mail is send me your no and the chinese and ill keep in touch you all have been so touching and im so greatfull for that i will miss you all love nath

Karon-anne S  (24 August 2004)         

Dear Leanne, i'm glad to hear that i misunderstood you. I'm sorry if i soundn't frustrated!!!, but only i know the hard work and effort that we put into our food, presentation and service. The thousands of customers that have passed through here over the years and the fact that we are still surviving after all the Bangledesh have opened up around us are prove of our quality - seeing the odd bad comment just really upsets me, since so many people do take note of them in the Internet and usually bad news passes much faster than good. Thank you for your nice words. Best regards Karon-anne Sharp ps. Yes we are selling up all our businesses with the expection of this one, which will continue to be family run.

Leanne F  (24 August 2004)         

I feel awful now :(
But I still stand by my comment of food being lovely -just not enough of it.
But we do have an "eat all you like" chinese restaurant here at home, so I guess I'm just a bloater when it comes to chinese food.
The not very child friendly comment, was the fact that my 4 year-old could not reach table as chair would not fit under table. -we were all seated on whicker tub chairs.
Must add that this restaurant was in fact immaculate to eat at.
Karon-anne, is this restaurant still open or this the business for sale?
I still think the mouse house was great and the staff were fab.
Karon-anne if you read this please say a big hi to Theo's supermarket and tell him Leanne and Lily say hi, I'm sure he will remember as he always made such a fuss.

Dave E  (10 August 2004)         

Having read other comments on this restaurant, we were very disappointed to find it was nowhere near as good as people made out. The Crispy Duck starter wasnt bad, but have had a lot nicer in many Chinese restaurants. Main course of sweet and sour chicken, special curried fried rice, were not up to much either. The curry was very weak and lumpy. Only had 1 coke and a bacardi and coke. Was stung for approx 40 Euro's. Would never go back even if we returned to Zante.

Liz   (06 August 2004)         

Happy Birthday Nathan babes.Check your email if you aint already.

Victoria   (23 July 2004)         

The food is delicious and its excellent value for money- I would definitely
recommend going there. The service was fantastic, Natasha is lovely and
warrants a big tip every time! Nathan is great, he doesn't hassle you to go in
like the other PR guys down the same street....

Sara D  (16 July 2004)         

This is by far the best chinese in Argassi - well it is the only Chinese restaurant that we found - the rest served 'Indian & Chinese'?!

The service is quick and you get loads of food which was freshly cooked.

Would recommend

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