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Les (21 July 2008)

The Big Plate was closed & up for sale in june 

Some of the staff are now in Premier, give it a try

Louise H  (12 September 2007)        10/10

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Long time since but visited Big Plate in June.

Went during our holiday and loved it that much we went for our last meal there.
The guys are so friendly and theyre dancing is fantastic!
Recommended to everybody!!!!!!!
Mixed starter was yummy
country lamb, moussaka, devil steak, stuffed steak
will be visiting again in October wooooooohoooooooo
Thanks Big Plate
Lou and Lee

Amy M  (10 August 2007)        10/10

My friends and i ate here on our first night! The staff were friendly, the food was delish and service was prompt the Moussaka was mouth watering i recommend everyone to go here

Angelina   (18 July 2007)        10/10

Hey everybody at the Big Plate, especially Angelo.

It's Angelina from Sweden.. You know my boyfriend, right, Alex who got a tattoo because of you haha!!
We really had a great time in Argassi, and Big Plate is definitly the best restaurant there! Great staff, delicious food, good entertainment and just a very nice atmosphere!
Guess what, I'm comming back in August but this time without Alex unfortunately.. But anyways, hope to see y'all then!

Wendy A  (08 July 2007)        10/10

We had our best night in Argassi at 'The Big Plate'. It was the Greek night. There were eleven of us and we all had a different meal and we all enjoyed the food. It was great. The staff entertained us from 19.30 to 12.00 non stop. Dancing on the streets, plate smashing and if anyone reading this was there last week, I was the one in the white dress being thrown around and spun around by Yannis. At the end of the night, a greek man with a violin came round every table and sang to us all. We had a fabulous night. One we won't forget. Angelo, Yannis and the rest of the boys, keep up the good work. And Angelo, RUDOLPH sends his best wishes.

Ashley P  (27 June 2007)        10/10

my comment from last year... the piks have gone!!! noooooooooo  who did that?!?!?!

Wendy B  (10 June 2007)        10/10

how anyone can say the guys at the big plate are ignorant,they are the nicest greek family i have ever met,and angelo the one that stands outside is a total gentleman,the food is great and the whole family are very friendly i would highly recommend this restuaramt to of the best in zante

Ashley P  (11 May 2007)        10/10

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ok well im sad that u didnt open b4 i went home! but ill defo be back!! yanis.. my darling yannis!  im sorry about everything, but ul always b special 2 me! ya ma greek god!! ;))  thank u for coming to se me at 1am even though u had work at 730 am!!! it ment alot! xxxx 

lots of love spaghetti!! x
2posts down is my last blogg last year! x

Emma X  (05 May 2007)        10/10

i absolutly adored this place....i went in september and we went there nearly every night. they treat you really well and they have a laugh with you !   i love the people that work there...angelo , yanni , angelos brothers and sisters, mum & dad...the lot  we allways got our food quick and we got our order quick and i have no idea why people rate this at 4/10....its an amaizing place and i deffinetly recoment it ! ...hi to all out there ! xx

Ashley P  (09 October 2006)         

ok  not only were we treated like family but they are all friendally. lovely and just the best ppl we met in zante! let alone argassi!!

 to top it off i was made to cry bcause i just couldnt face saying good bye!! also one of the waiters came running over to me and threw his arms around me to say goodbye wich made me cry eevn more!!!
<<yannis  the guilty one who made me cry!!! my greek god.. ill be back to see you!!
 we will be going back in may!!! xx lots of love ashley and wayne!

Amanda B  (22 September 2006)         

loved it here, lovely food, gorgeous men, had a kiss every night from the man outside, what more could i ask!!!!!

Jennifer W  (20 September 2006)         

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Loved the food at the big plate everything was always cooked to perfection and we never had a bad meal there even tho we went there almost every night for 2 weeks!!! thanks to all the staff for making us feel so welcome, we even had our own table toward the end!!! big big hi to Angelos for getting us in there in the first place.

excellent service guys, keep up the good work hope to see you all next year!
lots of love from Ireland
Jenn & Aideen xx

Sue L  (19 September 2006)         

Well done to everyone at the Big Plate particulary Yannis you made us feel as welcome as you did last year when you were working in the Premier no wonder Dennis has put you in the Big Plate you obviousley no how to treat your customers and the food was great. See you again same time next year

David R  (30 August 2006)         

excellent, but had to wait ages for food, was very busy though. best peppered fillet on the island.

Carole P  (24 July 2006)         

Disregard any negative comments below - Angelo is one of the loveliest people we met on the island, far from a 'slime ball'. He was not pushy at all and he and all of his staff did their best to make each night we visited just great. The food is amazing, we highly recommend the shrimp saganaki starter and the stifado. The lovely young wine waiter was extremely polite and Yannis was also great. If we ever return to Zante, we'll have to pay Big Plate a visit.

**Highly Recommended**click to enlarge
My camera isn't great but we got a photo on the last night of the staff minus the wine waiter who ran away at the sight of a camera!

Andy &  (20 July 2006)         

Food was ok, plate smashing added bit of extra entertainment. Ladeez, watch out for the slime ball outside!

Stacey E  (08 July 2006)         

What a great place to eat,the food is lovely and angelo is fab what a lovely pleasant polite man,seeyou next stacey ipswich 

Yvonne R  (06 July 2006)         

We ate here a couple of times during our stay and can say it is one of the better restaurants in argassi, the staff are very friendly and the plate smashing adds a bit of entertainment when your having a meal, would definatly recomment.

Lisa I  (19 October 2005)         

Angel on the door was not pushy at all and he raved about the food, which he should do too as it was the best I had in Argassi.  Chicken Gyros.... just try it and you will love it. 

Sharon O  (12 October 2005)         

Good food and definitely was a big plate!

Catherine A  (11 October 2005)         

We have just come back from Argassi 26th Sept-10th Oct.  We ate at the Big Plate and found it really nice, Hubby really enjoyed his chicken and potatoes best meal all holiday he said.  The kids enjoyed it to.

Mr Nice Guy  or (the Gentle Giant as my two kids called him)outside was lovvvvvvly and such a gentleman too never pressured us and everytime after we had eaten there he greeted us as old friends.

Andrea P  (04 October 2005)         

Loved this restuarant ate here twice, the potato skins were gorgeous, food really nice, staff were friendly and efficent. 

Steve H  (24 September 2005)         


Sharon, D  (22 August 2005)         

ate here twice both times were lovely made to feel very welcome services great. the hawian chicken was to die for as was the lamb  kleftico

Joanne T  (12 August 2005)         

Unfortunately i never ate in the Big Plate (long story) but reading peoples comments about Angelos make me very sad!! On my very first night in Argassi,Angelos made us feel very welcome in Argassi and i felt in the two weeks we spent there he looked out for us and was a complete and total gentleman!!! He was never pushy or rude with us and we walked by him every day maybe twice a day. He is a complete darling!!!

Angelos if you read this i'll be over next summer so i'll definitely be eating in the Big Plate. I may even want a job there!! Ha ha!!! If you dont remember me (pale girl with curly blonde hair) i'll kill you!! Oh and also Ireland top for you is on the way soon!!!!

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